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440 Five Types

 The membrane was still there, so Chen Ge could not summon his employees. He had left his hammer near the closet when he got changed, so he could not grab it at short notice. Wearing the coat and thick mask, Chen Ge mixed into the group of students. He stopped everything he was doing.

His legs surrounded by blood vessels, his eyes red, Mr. Liu walked around his students. With a heavy mist of blood around him, Mr. Liu was under something's control and had lost his rationality. He could not make his own choice, and whenever he tried to think for himself, his brain felt like it was about to explode.

His hands pulling out his hair, Mr. Liu punched his own body, and the organs embedded in the walls pulsed following his changing emotions. The heavy breathing returned to the corridor. The monster slowly returned. It was so tall, and its skin was near transparent. It wore the blood vessels like a second skin.

The corridor shook slightly, and Mr. Liu slowly calmed down. He glanced outside, and without hesitation, he grabbed one of the students and dragged them to the door. The blood dripped silently. Through the door's window, Chen Ge saw a mouth open in the middle of the monster's stomach, and Mr. Liu pushed the student into it.

The monster was enjoying this process, and when he was done, his body grew bigger. After the student disappeared, the monster did not leave. The empty face looked through the window like it was not satisfied and wanted more.

Mr. Liu slammed the door shut, not stepping out of the classroom. After clearing away the student, he returned to the table. He removed the cadaver, put the coat on it, and then moved the student next to Chen Ge onto the table.

Everything was the same as when Chen Ge first stepped into the room, but now, he had replaced one of the students. The blood vessels around Mr. Liu's legs slowly retreated, and the red in his eyes dissipated. When the wall stopped pulsing, Mr. Liu's eyes regained their clarity.

He held his chest and collapsed on the ground, gasping for air like a drowning victim who had just been saved. Chen Ge rushed over to help Mr. Liu. His face was blanched, and his body seemed to have become slightly more transparent.

"Are you okay?"

"It's just an old ailment." Liu Zhengyi stood up. He seemed to have forgotten everything and treated Chen Ge as his student. "Okay, let's continue the class."

He repeated the lesson to a room of cadavers. He lectured passionately, basically to himself. Chen Ge tried to ask whether he needed help.

Mr. Liu's answer was the same. However, this time, when Chen Ge tried to follow Mr. Liu's instructions to conduct the autopsy, the blood membrane did not thin. This blood world was really unique. It was like a living organism with its own consciousness that allowed it to correct the loopholes.

If I stay here too long, I might be discovered. Chen Ge felt pressured. He needed to solve the blood membrane problem before he was discovered. Putting the scalpel down, Chen Ge called out, "Sir, I need to use the toilet."

"Come back quick." Mr. Liu was communicating with his students, so he did not pay Chen Ge much attention. When Chen Ge walked past him, he suddenly remembered something. He looked at Chen Ge with curiosity. "Student, did you tell me something earlier? I feel like I've promised you something."

"Sir, remember this face. I believe we'll meet again soon." Chen Ge wore the coat, picked up the white cat from his backpack, and left immediately. There was no blood in the corridor. If not for the fact that he had seen it with his own eyes, Chen Ge would not have believed that a 'murder' had taken place there several minutes earlier.

Liu Zhengyi has accidentally revealed some important information to me. There are five types of 'people' in the underground morgue-the headmaster, teachers, students, security, and general staff.

The blood world has changed Liu Zhengyi's worldview. In his mind, everything here has been normalized, but what do these five types represent in real life?

Liu Zhengyi himself is a teacher; they have their memory and professional skills. Most importantly, they retain their human image and even their personality in life.

Students should be the cadavers. They do not resist or speak; they should be the most common in this world.

I've seen the security. They look like a composite of many body parts. They have fully accepted this world and help to maintain order.

The general staff should be the victims of the ghost stories society. If their spirits linger in the real world after their death, Doctor Gao most likely drags them into this world to serve it.

Lastly, the headmaster must be Doctor Gao. He represents the consciousness of this world.

Five types of people made up this twisted world. It was impossible for Chen Ge to face them alone. This three-star scenario sure is something else.

Different from the cautious Chen Ge, the usually cowardly white cat charged ahead with a glow in its eyes. Feels like this cat has grown bigger.

Arming himself with the hammer, Chen Ge followed closely behind the white cat. They exited the middle section and reached the largest part of the morgue, the outer perimeter.

"Stop running!" Chen Ge grabbed the white cat and placed it on his backpack. He stopped at the corner of the corridor and peered down. At the junction between the outer perimeter and the middle section was a sealed door. There was the number eight written on the door.

Morgue No. 8, which is not in the school records, exists in the world behind the door? Looks like this place did exist once in real life but was hidden for some reason.

Chen Ge pulled on the chains that had blood stains on them. He looked at the lock for a long time.

This lock is different from the one that I've seen before. Hacking through it will be difficult.

Smashing through the lock would create too much of a commotion, so even though Chen Ge was curious about what was behind it, with the blood membrane still around him, that was not a good idea.

Once I can communicate with my people, I can come back with the employees. Judging by the fact that they went through to trouble of hiding these things, they should be valuable to me.

Remembering the location of Morgue No. 8, Chen Ge did not stay any longer and continued to proceed down the corridor.