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437 Do You Need Help?

 The walls twitched like they were alive. A light mist seeped out from them to surround Chen Ge's body, thickening the membrane on his skin. The world behind the door seemed to mimic how reality was when the door was first opened. The layout there was completely identical to the underground morgue. The central hub was used to collect organs and fat. In reality, it was sealed due to various reasons and had been transformed into a unique lab by Doctor Gao using the cadavers as building blocks.

"Once you get used to it, it's nothing scary," Chen Ge said that for the benefit of Ma Wei and Li Jiu. They made a few attempts but failed to leave the room. When Chen Ge looked at them, they shook their heads vehemently. "This is indeed too much for normal people."

Chen Ge pointed at the room behind them and walked ahead on his own. The strange world, corridors made from flesh, blood mist everywhere-this place was like a nightmare that one could not wake up from.

The lamp in the ceiling became a human eyeball and did not release any light. Stay there long enough, and one would assume that they were originally from this place and were part of this world. The sides of the corridor had doors that were covered in blood vessels. Chen Ge opened a few of them, and they were filled with machines that he could not identify. Most of them were made from flesh, but some of them were normal machines covered with flesh and blood.

Such a crazy world.

After he turned the corner, Chen Ge saw a living person. Standing about five meters in front of him was a little girl in a white dress, squatting next to the wall. She had a red apple in her hands, but her eyes were focused on the organs that were dancing inside the wall. It was unclear what she was thinking about.

The girl surprised Chen Ge. Be it the pure white dress or the innocent-looking face, the girl formed a great contrast to this fleshy world. Why would a girl like that appear in such a world?

Chen Ge walked out from the corner and slowly moved forward. When the girl heard his footsteps, she was spooked like a deer caught in headlights. She turned in a fluster and ran away. The apple that she held fell to the floor. Chen Ge looked at the apple that rolled to his feet, and he bent down to pick it up.

The apple looked delicious, but it felt weird in his palm. It was slippery and soft. Chen Ge also swore that he could feel it pulsing.

Is this a real apple?

When Chen Ge picked up the apple, the girl was worried. She wanted to take it back from Chen Ge, but she was too afraid.

Something's not right.

Chen Ge placed the apple back down and moved back several steps. Seeing this, the girl immediately ran away and hugged the apple against her chest. Her face was the size of a palm. Combined with that expression of panic and relief, she looked so cute.

"Don't worry, I don't mean to harm you. I'm just lost." Chen Ge maintained his distance from the girl. In reality, he was also guarding against the girl. After all, she was a resident here.

The girl was still anxious like a girl who had wandered a bit too far from home to play and was now approached by a stranger. She was trying to find a way to escape. Chen Ge could see that he was making the girl panic. He did not force his way forward. None of the Specters could be used, and if he pushed the girl too far, it was hard to tell who would lose.

Taking another step back, Chen Ge placed the hammer back inside his backpack. "I just want to ask you some questions."

The handle was exposed at a spot where Chen Ge could grab it easily. If there was danger, he could pull it out in a second. The girl looked at Chen Ge but refused to get close to him. Holding the fleshy wall, she walked away from Chen Ge cautiously before turning and running away.

Chen Ge did not give chase. After the girl left, he was shocked to realize that his breathing had gotten smoother, and the blood membrane covering him had gotten thinner.

I have not done anything but help the girl pick up her apple. Will helping them gain me this world's approval?

Due to the lacking clues, Chen Ge could not be certain. He proceeded in the direction that the girl had run off in.

The child doesn't look like a dead body. She is agile and has vibrant facial expressions.

Chen Ge relaxed with the girl's appearance.

This world might be scary, but the residents here have maintained their humanity. I saw desire and fear in the girl's eyes-only humans can possess such complicated emotions.

Each world behind the door was different. Chen Ge was most afraid a massacre-filled world where the residents would kill without reason.

Looks like there's still hope.

The world behind the door reflected the heart of the door-pusher. The world was made of flesh and blood, but the residents had the appearance of living individuals. This contrast left a deep impression on Chen Ge. Exploring the world was actually no different from understanding the door-pusher. This was a valuable chance to get to know the person.

Chen Ge followed the girl to the end of the corridor. He pushed the door open and exited the central hub to enter the middle section. The blood mist was heavier there, and the walls were uneven, looking more like human organs.

There were three rooms in the middle section and each room had a cadaver pool. There was even a plaque on the door. 'To thank the selfless contribution of the cadavers, we should give them the utmost respect. I, as a medical student, make this solemn promise to treat every class seriously and will not take any pictures for entertainment purposes.'

The words on the plaque are not yet dry. They look new. Chen Ge glanced through the glass on the door. The pool was filled with a red-brownish liquid, but there was no cadaver in it.

The most urgent thing is to find the 'people' living here. That way, I can destroy this blood membrane and unlock my employees.

Chen Ge did not enter the room. He was about to leave the middle section when he heard a man's voice. It seemed to come from one of the autopsy rooms on the left.

"Life's meaning is not to do with anything material but what you've done. When you stand before the autopsy table, everything you see is just skin, fat, blood vessels, muscles, organs, and bones-do you understand?"

Chen Ge walked up to the room. The door was half-open, so he peaked into the room.

There was a male lecturer standing before the table. He was wearing a white coat, and his voice was stable and powerful. He was lecturing eight students in the room.