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436 Doctor Gaos World

 Before the cadavers reached them, Chen Ge closed the door. Once the blood door closed, the blood fog stuck to Chen Ge, forming a very thin membrane.

The world here seems to be different from the Third Sick Hall and Coffin Village.

Chen Ge touched the thin membrane on his skin. It felt like his whole person had been enveloped. It brought difficulty to his breathing, and he felt very uncomfortable.

This did not happen when I was at Coffin Village and the Third Sick Hall.

He was feeling panicked. He took out the comic and realized that there was a thin blood membrane covering it as well. Walking to the corner, Chen Ge called Yan Danian and Ol' Zhou, but neither replied. Chen Ge opened his backpack and activated the recorder. However, no matter how hard he pressed, the recorder would not operate normally. Even the sound of static could not be heard.

Is the blood membrane preventing the connection between me and the Specters?

Gripping the hammer, Chen Ge resisted the urge to lash out.

I've seen the female ghost control the blood mist behind the door at Coffin Village, and Men Nan also disappeared into the blood fog in the Third Sick Hall, so the door-pusher can control the blood mist.

The blood membrane covered me once I entered the door. Is this a trap laid out by Doctor Gao, or has he not left Jiujiang and used some kind of Specter to trick the police? Is he currently hiding here and controlling the blood mist?"

Doctor Gao was the enemy that Chen Ge was the most unwilling to face-this was true from multiple aspects.

The longer we stay here, the thicker the membrane will get. This is troublesome.

Losing the Specters, Chen Ge could only rely on the hammer and the white cat, so things were not looking good for him. Slightly unsettled, Chen Ge squatted down to look at his shadow. He reached out to touch it, and the shadow was not affected by the blood membrane.

She's still here.

Feeling reassured, he tried to call Zhang Ya, and someone seemed to reply. However, the distance between them was very far. Even when he used Ghost Ear, he could not hear it clearly.

"What is this place? I can't even breathe." Ma Wei and Li Jiu were also covered by the membrane, but weirdly enough, they could not see it. However, they kept scratching their neck like there was an invisible noose there.

"Don't panic. Keep calm no matter what happens." Chen Ge then pushed on the handle and opened the door again. One minute had passed, and it was a preposterous and scary world beyond the door. The twisted road looked like a small intestine, and the walls were protruding outward like some kind of organ. Everything was covered with a thin layer of membrane. On the ceiling, there was a messy layer of blood vessels. Blood could be seen running through them. This place looked like it was a weird living organism.

Is this how Doctor Gao views the world? Just how twisted does a person have to be to imagine the world in this manner? What is on Doctor Gao's mind?

The door at Coffin Village had been pushed open by the female ghost. In her eyes, all the villagers were malformed freaks, and the greatest desire within her then was to escape and not be discovered. Therefore, the world behind her door was had a thick fog and a visibility of about one to two meters. The villagers looked as she imagined them to be, human-shaped monsters.

In the same vein, in the door behind the Third Sick Hall, the patients were like zombies, the broken hands that symbolized fear hid under the bed, and thin monsters that symbolized desire roamed the place. They were how Men Nan viewed the world-these complicated emotions became monsters in the boys' eyes.

The underground morgue was the third door that Chen Ge had entered. It was also the scariest and the one that confused Chen Ge the most.

The door will not lie; this is how Doctor Gao really thinks. Chen Ge turned back to look. Even after the world changed into an organ, this room with his wife's pictures hasn't changed. This should be the last oasis in his heart.

Grabbing the hammer, Chen Ge thought about it before removing the pictures from the wall carefully and placing them in his backpack. When he pulled open the zipper, Chen Ge was surprised to find a detached head inside his backpack. He had almost forgotten about this. The head was hiding at the bottom of the bag, and it looked like it was shivering.

Chen Ge touched its face before pulling it out. This is weird. The thing is not covered by the blood membrane. Is it because it belongs to the underground morgue?

The sudden appearance of a human head almost caused Li Jiu and Ma Wei to faint. After they made sure it was just a plastic model, they sighed in relief. However, what happened next made them worried again.

Chen Ge placed the head on the double bed and raised the hammer and stood before the head. "Tell me how to remove this membrane. Tell me everything you know!"

The room became very quiet. Other than Chen Ge, no one dared say anything. The expression on the face changed. Chen Ge heard a very faded plea. It's speaking?

Ghost Ear came into use. Chen Ge put down the hammer and placed the head beside his ear and asked the same question. A voice from an indeterminate direction came into Chen Ge's ear, and it sounded like it was crying. The voice only lasted for a brief minute. Chen Ge had to pay close attention before he realized that it was saying one word on repeat-"Approval."

Placing the head back down, Chen Ge ruminated on the meaning of the word. Could it mean that I need to gain the approval of this world to remove the blood membrane? I am the chairperson's nemesis, so that is almost impossible.

Chen Ge shoved the head back into his backpack and made his first step into the world beyond the door. His shoes stepped on the ground, and it felt like he was stepping on flesh. It was very soft, slippery, and somewhat sticky. It was not a great experience. If a normal person entered a corridor like this, they would probably be scarred for life.

"Don't force yourselves, but it's best if you follow me." Chen Ge took the second step. Blood flowed across the vessel that was above his head, and the road underneath his feet would occasionally shiver.

The layout is similar to that of the real world, but the walls, ceiling, and everything in sight have been changed into flesh and blood.

Chen Ge took a deep breath. He placed the cat on the backpack and walked down the corridor.