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434 The Door Is Open

 Seeing the row of pictures on the wall, Chen Ge had a feeling that he could not describe. Without knowing when he made the first step, he walked into the room and stopped before the few pictures. The truth that he had been looking for was before his eyes, but Chen Ge felt lost.

So, it is you.

He stared at the wedding photo silently, the young Doctor Gao looking back at him. The man in the picture had a bright and happy smile, but Chen Ge had never seen that smile on Doctor Gao's face before.

Is it because the things on his back are too heavy?

More than one hundred human lives formed a web to secure Doctor Gao tightly, and they were like needles pierced into his soul, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Three of them eventually turn into one-is this why the society is so obsessed with the number three?

Many clues lined up in his mind, but the first thing that popped up in Chen Ge's mind first was surprising. At the home of the girl who suffered from heavy depression, Doctor Gao had once said, "You have not gone through what they have, so you have no idea how hard it is. The fact that they have been able to survive is also a form of strength."

Thinking back, it felt like Doctor Gao was telling himself that. As the best psychologist in Jiujiang, he had to have known that he was already sick. However, he chose a different treatment method, not to compromise but to resist with the most drastic measure.

Walking to the bed, Chen Ge opened the bedside table's drawer. It was filled with syringes and pills of unknown usage. Many medicine bottles had warned about overdosing on their labels.

The packages were already opened, and this place is filled with dead bodies-the only living person is Doctor Gao-so this medicine should be for him.

When Xiaoxiao's grandfather was dying, Doctor Gao had also been present, and he had revealed the fact that he had considered suicide. Sitting on the double bed, Chen Ge placed his hands on top of one another, thinking back to everything that Doctor Gao had said.

That day in the room, after Doctor Gao said that his wife had gotten into a car accident, he added,that he loved his wife and then... Chen Ge stood up and looked at the door. Then Doctor Gao pushed the door open and walked out.

The white cat wandered outside the door and refused to enter the room. The thing that attracted it seemed to be at the threshold between the two rooms and the thing connecting them was a normal looking wooden door.

Could it be that Doctor Gao pushed a blood door open at the lowest point of his life?

This place that was hidden at the deepest part of the underground morgue was filled with medical equipment and many other weird things. Doctor Gao seemed like he was attempting to bring someone back from the dead. However, he had failed. Crushed by despair, he planned to end everything, but something happened that changed his mind. "Standing inside the deepest pool of despair, there's a great chance he opened a door that led to the blood red world."

Chen Ge looked at the wedding dress. The woman in the picture appeared in Ma Yin's video, but in the picture, she looked lively and had a unique presence about her.

The dead has returned-that's something that is only possible due to the things behind the door.

Chen Ge understood what was attracting the white cat. The blood that it had swallowed came from behind the door, so it was those things that were attracting it.

The blood door appeared at midnight, and the black phone's mission required me to enter the central hub before midnight. Does this mean that the real mission location is really behind the door?

Just the morgue in the real world had given Chen Ge plenty of pressure, much less the world behind the door.

The world behind the door is much more dangerous than the outside world. Since the black phone did not state that I have to enter the door, I might as well hide in this room until dawn.

He knew that the completion rate would not be high that way, but compared to solving secrets and finding the truth, Chen Ge valued his life more. He sat at the table and flipped open the notebook. He used his phone to snap pictures of all the important stuff. The ghost society had created multiple ghost stories, and all the scares were jotted down in the notebooks. A whole table of notes and data, this was a treasure trove for Chen Ge.

If I can recover all these ghost stories, it'll greatly improve the content of my Haunted House; it could lay the foundation for a terror theme park.

Chen Ge sat on the chair and started studying. Time ticked by, and the white cat called nervously. It wandered between the two rooms like the thing it had been waiting for was about to appear.

At 11:55 pm, the table shook. There were still five minutes to midnight, and the central hub had started to change. The walls trembled, and blood leaked from the walls. Li Jiu and Ma Wei tumbled into the room. They did not dare to speak loudly, so they crowded Chen Ge to give him the updates.

"Brother, things are not looking good! The 'moss' outside is leaking blood; you need to go and take a look!"

"Leaking blood?" Chen Ge glanced at the time and followed the two out. The moss that grew on the ceiling, floor, and walls started to drip. Red liquid leaked out from the walls, and the scariest thing was following behind it.

After the 'moss' fell off, it revealed the dead bodies that it had been hiding!

The victims' faces showed themselves. The room that was built from dead bodies finally revealed its true form at midnight. Li Jiu and Ma Wei were flabbergasted. They had no idea behind the thick 'moss' was a wall made from pure cadavers.

Their lips fell open, but no words came out. Cold air rushed into their throat, freezing their lungs.

"Move back." With his Yin Yang Vision and Ghost Ear, Chen Ge's senses were sharper than normal people. When Li Jiu and Ma Wei were in shock, he had realized that something was wrong. There were things coming from the other end of the corridors, and there were many of them!

Shouldn't be from the secret tunnels.

The walls, ceiling, everywhere they looked-there were dead bodies everywhere.

Red liquid seeped from their bodies, and Chen Ge could clearly see the thread of blood snaking through the dead bodies like viper, tying them together.

As midnight approach, more blood threads leaked out from the bodies-the number had reached an impossible stage.