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431 Too Difficult for Them

 This was a corridor made from dead bodies and covered in red moss. Chen Ge remembered the reminder-he had to maintain complete silence inside the red corridor. It was Lee Zheng who had told him that, but he did not tell Chen Ge why. He had only said that was what the school staff had told him. Will the noise wake the bodies in the wall?

Seeing the faces in the wall, Chen Ge softened his movement-his every step was the epitome of caution. With the white cat leading the way, he was not that worried. However, after he took a few steps, Chen Ge suddenly heard sound coming from behind him-it sounded like people running in the corridor.

The two workers are afraid of me; they wouldn't have come into the corridor if not necessary. This mean they were in danger, probably ran into some monsters.

With the increased movement, Chen Ge could feel the whole corridor shaking. As the footsteps echoed down the passage, the 'moss' started to leak red liquid. Much of the 'moss' from above his head, next to his body, and under his feet started to peel to reveal the many faces. They were so well-preserved that one could easily mistake them for being alive.

Their lashes quivered. When the red liquid slid past their faces, their skin seemed to be revitalized, and their eyelids twitched like they would open in the next second. Chen Ge did not dare stay in the corridor any longer. The area was too cramped, and if the bodies in the wall woke up, he had a feeling he would be buried alive.

Buried alive by the bodies and stay here forever, becoming one of them?

Chen Ge took in a cold breath, and he had a vague idea why there were so many dead bodies there. He moved faster to catch up to the white cat.

The corridor was very long, and the surroundings were all blood red. 'Moss' was still falling, and the bodies that formed the foundation of the wall vibrated slightly. Some of the bodies seemed to hear the noise, and they tried to extricate themselves from the rest. The whole corridor was shaking, and cracks appeared on the wall. Eventually, arms fell out from the ceiling!

The scene would make anyone's skin crawl. Even Chen Ge's heart was racing, much less a normal person. Holding his hands above his head, Chen Ge practically crawled forward. The arms that fell from the ceiling felt like they were grabbing after him. The sound behind him was nearing, and the bodies in the wall slowly awakened. Chen Ge could sense their movement.

This three-star scenario is more dangerous than I thought.

If the corridor collapsed then, even if he summoned all of his employees, it would have been useless. Only Zhang Ya would be able to use her long hair to force an opening for Chen Ge. The ghosts were only one of the standards to gauge the danger level of a scenario; some of the scenarios were naturally dangerous. For example, this underground morgue, due to it being built underground, was hard to be taken down.

The white cat's call came from ahead of him. After consuming the society's blood, the white cat had become smarter. It too could sense the changes in the corridor, and it called urgently for Chen Ge to come out. Since the bodies were awakening, Chen Ge threw caution to the wind and started running.

Some parts of the corridor were completely blocked by the red 'moss', and Chen Ge could only use his body to force his way through. If not for the fact that Chen Ge knew where the white cat was, he probably would not have charged forward so heedlessly.

The 'moss' peeled off, and the fragrant liquid stuck to his body. In this creepy environment, Chen Ge felt like his body was enveloped by a warm mist, like he was sitting beside a heater in the winter, and his body temperature was slowly rising. If not for the impending danger, he might even have thought about staying there a bit longer.

The footsteps behind him approached. Chen Ge did not have time to care about other people. He drilled forward, and after who knew how long, the pressure around his body suddenly gave, and his sight brightened. "Finally got out from there!"

His jacket was soaked and was radiating a light fragrance. The hammer in his hand also smelled less bloody, but it looked scarier. The other side of the corridor was most likely the central hub of the underground morgue. This place was no different from inside the corridor. Everywhere he turned, everything was covered by a thick layer of blood red 'moss'.

This place is technically a room quarantined by using dead bodies.

The echoes of the footsteps inside the corridor did not influence the central hub much. Chen Ge waited for some time beside the exit, waiting for the two workers. He also wanted to know what was happening outside.

It was Li Jiu who poked his head through first. The man was obviously in shock. When he saw Chen Ge, his lips fell open like he was about to say something. Chen Ge expected such a response, so he quickly rushed forward to cover the man's lips and then whispered into his ear, "Keep quiet."

Two seconds later, Li Jiu understood the message and nodded quickly. Then, Ma Wei struggled out of the tunnel. Similarly, Chen Ge covered his lips before he could say anything. After the two calmed down, Chen Ge said, "This place is buried with endless bodies. If you don't want to wake them up, be quiet."

"Brother, the cadavers in the glass tubes outside have all come out. When we went past them, we saw them coming this way." Li Jiu sounded worried, and his face was covered with sweat.

"When you went past them?" Chen Ge narrowed his eyes, and his detached tone scared Ma Wei and Li Jiu. "Were you two planning to escape?"

"No, really not, we just planned to go look around," Li Jiu stuttered.

"Don't worry, it's understandable if you tried to run. I'm more curious, am I that scary? You'd rather go find dead bodies than listen to my advice." Chen Ge used the hammer to peel the 'moss' on the red corridor away. The bodies did not follow them.

Ma Wei and Li Jiu did not know how to answer, so they kept their heads lowered and kept quiet, afraid that they might say something wrong. Actually, it was not their fault for being afraid. If a murder was committed there, the murderer could even skip the process of dealing with the carcass.

"Never mind. It's fate that we manage to meet down here. If you two listen to my orders closely, I won't make things too difficult for you." Chen Ge sounded warm in his previous sentence. "But I shall warn you first, if you create problems for me..."

He picked up the hammer to allow Ma Wei and Li Jiu to see the blood stains clearer. "Please reconsider, this is human blood on the hammer."

Li Jiu and Ma Wei nodded in quick succession without a second thought.