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429 Red Corridor

 Turning to look at Li Jiu and Ma Wei, Chen Ge ordered, "Don't just stand there, come and help."

The black phone's mission requirement was for him to enter the central hub before midnight. Without a map, Chen Ge had no idea where the corridor heading to the central hub was, so the fact that he had stumbled across a hidden pathway greatly interested him. The three pushed the closet aside, and behind it was a secret passage that was only wide enough for a single person. There was wind howling on the other end, and the air smelled of decay and rot.

Chen Ge reached out to touch the edge of the passage. It was wet and slippery, and there was something that looked like moss growing on the walls. However, the 'moss' was not green in color but dark brown. In fact, when it caught the light of the flashlight, it would glow red.

"Give me the flashlight." Chen Ge accepted the flashlight from Li Jiu and shone it down the passage. The passage was narrow and had many turns, so he had no idea where it led.

"Why would there be a secret passage in the room where the cadaver pool is? This looks like it has been dug years ago, what was the purpose?" Chen Ge looked at the two men, and they both shook their heads.

"Shall we go in to take a look?" Chen Ge was talking to himself, but when the two heard that, their expressions dropped. Probably worried that they would be forced by Chen Ge to scout ahead, Li Jiu said in a soft reminder, "We'd better not wander about. Even the security said this place is haunted. Brother Wei and I have personally experienced that this place is not safe-perhaps the legends are really true."

Chen Ge also did not want to crawl into the tunnel. The space was too small, and it limited his power. Furthermore, if he ran into monsters from both ends when he was inside the tunnel, it would be very dangerous. When he was hesitating, the white cat called, and it slowly crawled into the tunnel.

The thing that attracted the white cat is inside this passage? Chen Ge grabbed the hammer and leaned his upper body into the passage. There's a draft, so the chance of asphyxiation is low.

Hearing the cat, Li Jiu and Ma Wei realized that the scary-looking man brought a cat with him. Their eyes wandered between Chen Ge and the white cat, and their impression of Chen Ge changed slightly.

"You two stay here. I'll be back after I go and take a look." Chen Ge was worried that his retreat would be blocked, so he had the two workers help him guard the entrance. "That person over there, give me your phone. If there's an accident, at least we can call each other."

Chen Ge was pointing at Li Jiu, but the man was confused. Normally, people asked for phone number if they wanted to keep constant contact, right? Why did this man ask for his phone directly?

However, since he was too afraid to refuse, Li Jiu passed his phone to Chen Ge. "Don't worry, if we can leave this place alive, I'll definitely return you your phone."

Hearing that promise, Li Jiu became even more nervous. After some brief conversation, Chen Ge found out the two's names. If something happened, he would use Li Jiu's phone to call Ma Wei.

"If you run into danger, you can call me as well. If you cannot hold them off, just run after you've called me." Chen Ge put Li Jiu's phone into the pocket of his jacket and followed the white cat into the tunnel. It did not feel like anything when he first entered the tunnel, but after he turned the first corner, Chen Ge realized that the air had become murkier, and the moss on the wall had increased.

The white cat has swallowed the blood that the society found behind the door. Now that it's running ahead, the thing attracting it might be related to the society.

The passage narrowed and the deepest part of the tunnel was completely covered by the moss-like plant. Chen Ge used the hammerhead to scrape away some of the 'moss', and he realized that this thing was no different from a human. After the surface fell away, a red liquid would seep out from it. Chen Ge leaned in to sniff and found that the liquid was quite fragrant and did not have the smell of blood.

Something like this can grow underground?

After the liquid leaked out, the 'moss' that was scraped away regrew at a speed that was unimaginable. It seemed like the liquid had some regenerative power. Chen Ge continued to move forward. The tunnel had become so small that he needed to bend over to move forward. The 'moss' continued to grow, and it felt slick stepping on it.

Where will this passage lead to?

The air became misty, but the color of the 'moss' turned brighter, from brownish yellow to a faded red. After a few more corners, Chen Ge's breath caught in his lungs, he had trouble breathing. He called after the white cat and slowed down. He moved several meters, and the 'moss' on the wall had completely turned blood red.

Chen Ge looked around, and he was suddenly reminded of what Lee Zheng said. There were three types of corridors inside the underground morgue-the one with white paint, unpainted, and red paint. The blood red corridor was the creepiest and most mysterious. One had to be absolutely silent inside it, or something bad might happen.

Is this the red corridor that he mentioned?

The deeper he moved, the redder the 'moss' on the walls and the narrower the space. Chen Ge practically leaned against the 'moss' as he nudged further. He held the hammer in one hand, and as he turned a corner, the sharp part of the hammer scratched the wall.

Initially, Chen Ge was not paying attention, but when the 'moss' fell off, with the aid of the Yin Yang Vision, he could see something hidden behind the 'moss'. He stepped back and slowly squatted down. He looked at the opening that the hammer had just made, and his pupils narrowed.

There was a human face under the 'moss'-the face of a woman. Her skin was bleeding, and the most curious thing was that the blood from her face had a light fragrance to it.

This whole passage is built from human bodies?

Chen Ge froze, and he looked around. He wondered how many human faces were hidden under this 'moss'.

This is insane.

The white cat continued to run ahead. Chen Ge looked at the woman's face and hesitated. In the end, he chose to not abandon the white cat and continued to follow it.


At the entrance, Li Jiu and Ma Wei looked at each other.

"We're going to stay here to wait for him to come out?" Li Jiu lowered his voice to the smallest. He was afraid that Chen Ge might overhear him.

"What else can we do? I have a feeling he might be testing us. The moment we run, he might come out and kill us," Ma Yin warned. The two of them could not understand why they would run into a young man holding a hammer in an underground morgue in the middle of the night.

"I still think we should leave. That man could be the 'ghost' that the guards talked about." The more he thought about it, the more scared Li Jiu became. His face was white. "When we saw him, he didn't even carry a light. This place is so dark, so how did he manage to look in the dark?"

Ma Wei conceded to Li Jiu's point. "That's right, something is definitely different about his eyes. Whenever our eyes met, my heart would race with panic."