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414 I Want to Help You

 From the footage, Chen Ge could clearly see that Zhang Li and the woman next to him stayed away from the students from Western Jiujiang Medical University. They did not seem to not share a good relationship. Zhang Li did not have any close interaction with the woman; they did not look like lovers, more like siblings. "Could this girl be Zhang Shihan?"

Lee Zheng had once mentioned this girl to Chen Ge as well. She had been in an altercation with Ma Yin's sister before her appearance, and that was why she was also on the suspect list. In the video, they looked like normal visitors. They would run when something scary happened and they would scream at the expected spots. However, as time went by, Chen Ge noticed something strange.

Zhang Shihan initially walked in front of Zhang Li. She was a forensic science student, so it was expected she had a stronger heart than Zhang Li, the security guard. However, at the last scene of Minghun when Xu Wan appeared, Zhang Shihan almost collapsed to the ground. When her body fell backward, it was Zhang Li who held her from falling. From the expression, it was also noticeable that when Zhang Shihan was almost dazed from terror, Zhang Li was still very calm.

"How come a forensic doctor who faces dead bodies daily is more scared than a normal security guard?" Then when Zhang Shihan and Zhang Li entered the Murder by Midnight scenario, when they were chased by Xiao Gu, Zhang Shihan showed nervousness and terror, but Zhang Li was very calm. "It feels like this security guard has been through something big."

The two visitors left the Haunted House after Murder by Midnight. Chen Ge pulled out the surveillance by the door. Zhang Shihan and Zhang Li stood by the corner of the resting tent. Even though Zhang Shihan's face was white, she was excited. Her hands waved animatedly while she told Zhang Li something. Zhang Li also showed a rare smile; it was as if whenever his sister was happy, he too would be happy.

It sounded like Zhang Shihan wanted to try out the two-star scenario. She pulled Zhang Li along to the back of the line, but Zhang Li resisted. No matter what, he refused to move. "Why wouldn't Zhang Li visit the two-star scenario? Could he tell that there are real ghosts inside the two-star scenarios?"

The pair of siblings stayed inside the tent for a long time before they moved onto other attractions. "Zhang Shihan is acting normally, but this Zhang Li sure is suspicious."

Chen Ge thought about it. He shoved the pass into his pocket and left the Haunted House with his backpack. "Before Lee Zheng calls, I need to collect as much information on the underground morgue as I can."

When he arrived at Western Jiujiang Medical University, Chen Ge ran to the security stop. He glanced into the place, but Zhang Li was not there. "I'm sorry, but I'm looking for Zhang Li. I work at New Century Park. When he visited us this morning, he left his stuff there."

"You personally came to return the item?" The one who spoke was a rotund guard. He looked friendly, and his stomach was huge; his guard outfit could barely fit his large body.

"It's what we should do." Chen Ge glanced at the fat guard's security pass; his name was Wang Erbao. "Do you mind telling me where he stays? I wish to hand him his stuff personally to make sure there is no mistake."

"With his strange personality, Ol' Zhang cannot mix with the rest of us. He moved out on his own. You can find him at Hai Ming Apartments."

"Hai Ming Apartments?" Chen Ge was startled. That was where Men Nan's side persona had once stayed.

"It's normal if you have not heard of it. The building is old and dirty. Other than the low rent, there's nothing good about it."

"What room is he staying in?"

"Room 403." Then, Wang Erbao added with concern, "Ol' Zhang is a weird character. If he is rude toward you, please don't take offense, he was just born that way."

"Okay, thank you." Chen Ge called a cab to rush to Hai Ming Apartments. Inside the car, Chen Ge was considering one question-was it a coincidence that Zhang Li was staying at Hai Ming Apartments, or was there a deeper reason?

"Men Nan said that he saw the rental message on the school forum. Could that person who spread the news be Zhang Li? If it's him, why would he do that?" Chen Ge arrived at Hai Ming Apartments with the question unsolved.

Knocking on the door to Room 403, Chen Ge waited for a long time before a suppressed voice said, "Who are you looking for?"

The door did not open, and there were no footsteps. The owner seemed to have moved to stand beside the door carefully and glance at the guest outside before he answered the knocks.

Is he afraid of something?

Chen Ge tried to make himself sound friendly. "I'm from New Century Park. Your security pass was left inside the park. I asked about you from your colleague before I found this place."

There was no reply. Several seconds later, the door opened. "Give me the pass."

The door was only opened a sliver, and Zhang Li's body was hiding behind the door. Chen Ge was even more suspicious upon seeing how cautious the man was.

"Fine, but you at least need to let see what you look like, right? I don't want to get scolded for giving the pass to the wrong person." Chen Ge took out the pass to show the man behind the door. The man hesitated before he opened the door.

Tall and thin, with sunken eyes, Zhang Li was wearing a pair of sports shoes. He wore a pair of normal gray jacket, and his pockets were full. He looked like he was about to go out. "Now can you give me the pass?"

"Not yet." Chen Ge looked at Zhang Li's expression. The man should have recognized him by now. Anymore deception would have been pointless. "Other than to return the pass, I still have a few questions to ask you."

Zhang Li's face fell, and without warning, he closed the door. Chen Ge reacted fast to block him. "I don't have bad intentions; these few questions are crucial to you and me!"

Zhang Li glared at Chen Ge and warned, "Let go!"

"I know there is a problem in your heart. Think about it. Perhaps I can help you."

"I told you to let go!" Zhang Li raised his voice, and his face twisted. "I don't need your help, let go!"

Seeing the insistence on Zhang Li's face, Chen Ge did not force the man. He dropped his backpack to the ground and pulled out the half-meter-long hammer. When the hammer showed itself, the stench of blood flooded the corridor, and one could even hear the sound of wailing souls.

"It is my intention to help you, but whether you want my help or not, that is not my concern."

Staring at the weapon in Chen Ge's arms, Zhang Li's eyelids twitched. After a long time, with a straight face, he forced out, "Come in."