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399 Im a Saint!

 The woman's head was caved inward, her body was mangled, and her face was misshapen; one could barely make out the shape of a human. Even for Chen Ge, who had grown up with the props inside a Haunted House, he found this hard to stomach.

Isn't this a bit too much?

The woman had suffered a horrible death, and Chen Ge resisted the urge to escape, standing where he was.

"Help me, I'm right here..." The woman waved her hand even though she was standing before Chen Ge. It was as if she was afraid that he could not see her.

The face neared, and Chen Ge's hair stood on end. He immediately answered, "You've been telling me you're here. Is it because, when you called for help before, those who passed by ignored you?"

When he said that, the woman slowed down, and her mangled lips pressed together. When Chen Ge saw the opportunity, he adopted the same tone that he used to converse with Xu Yin and Zhang Ya. "Don't worry, I'm not like those people."

Although he had no employees with him, Chen Ge was weirdly calm. He felt like he was slowly returning to his normal state.

"I can imagine the pain that you must have been through-every plea for help was a grasp for the very last hope; however, reality has injured you time and again." There was pity in Chen Ge's gaze, and he raised his head to look into the woman's eyes. "I know you have been waiting for someone to lend you a hand, and perhaps if someone had stepped forward, you'd have the hope to face life. I understand what you're doing, and I know what you're feeling. I don't ask that you trust me fully, but I ask that you give yourself a chance and me a chance."

Chen Ge reached out his hand. "They didn't help you, but I will. They ignored you, but I won't. They won't save you, but I will!"

With a small step forward, he said, "This tunnel is dark and hiding many sorrowful histories, so how about I bring you out with me?"

When Chen Ge stepped forward, the woman subconsciously took a step back. A huge part of her head was missing, and only three quarters of her face remained. Her face forced out a weird expression. It was difficult to tell what she was trying to express. Perhaps she was also surprised by Chen Ge's reaction; she had not come across someone like him, and she did not know how to react.

Staring at the woman's face, Chen Ge asked in a serious tone, "How do you want me to help you?"

The woman's waving hand gradually stopped. Using her almost falling head to look at Chen Ge, after a long time, she said, "I'm here. There's an opening in my head, and blood drenched my eyes. I cannot see anything, help me."

Blood oozed out of the giant cut on the woman's head-it was gory to say the least. Chen Ge pulled a part of his shirt out, and with the woman watching curiously, he raised his hands. "I'll help you stop the blood loss first, then I'll bring you out with me."

The woman's pupils danced inside the protruding sockets, and she said, "My arms and shoulders were shattered on impact, help me."

The woman seemed to be repeating what she had said at her moment of death. It sounded sad and heavy with despair.

"Left arm or right arm?" Chen Ge stared at her. The woman did not seem to have considered that question before. He moved slowly forward. "Then you can lean against me."

Whenever Chen Ge spoke, the woman was stunned. This was the first time that she had heard this kind of heartwarming offer. The woman stood in the tunnel for a long time before the blood in her eyes slowly dispersed.

However, that only lasted for several seconds before she seemed to remember something very painful and resentment as well as venom leaked out of her eyes again. "The car ran over my legs, and I cannot move."

"It's fine." Chen Ge stared at the woman with sincerity, "Don't be scared, I'll carry you."

"Carry me?" The woman's eyes were filled with shocked. She did not expect Chen Ge to do this too. The resentment in her eyes slowly decreased, and she was fiddling with a decision in her mind. Chen Ge did not know if he should make use of this opportunity to run. He was familiar with the power of a Red Specter and knew that he would not have been able to escape.

While the woman was hesitating, Chen Ge turned around and slowly squatted down. "Come, I'll carry you out of this tunnel."

Seeing Chen Ge's back, the woman was flustered. This was the first time that she had come across someone so kind.

"Carry me?"


Chen Ge's forehead and collar were drenched in cold sweat, and his fingers were trembling. However, he had great mental pressure resistance, and his voice was as calm as ever. "This tunnel is filled with painful memories. Staying here is a form of torture for you as well."

Chen Ge suddenly felt a heavy mist of blood coming from his back. He turned to look, and the woman with twisted limbs and broken face was pressed against his face. The woman's eyes were knitted with resentment, venom, and a trace of uncertainty. She was probably also wondering if she should kill Chen Ge. The pressure on his back increased, and Chen Ge's body slowly became numb. His neck felt like it was roped by vines, and he knew that the woman still had not given up the idea of killing him.

"I know that you might not trust me and think I'm doing all this to lie to you, but that is not the truth. I've helped many souls in your condition, and that is probably why you can feel this trace of kindness from me." Chen Ge sighed-he sounded tired. "I don't ask for much for doing all this. I just want to help those in need."

With a self-deprecating laugh, Chen Ge shook his head lightly, and helplessness filled his voice. "In my daily life, people often make fun of me for being so stupid to forgive my enemy and opponent. Why wouldn't I believe in the darker side of reality and insist on seeing the good in people and in my heart? Perhaps I'm that type of idiot."

The voice sounded sad, but in it, there was also a forgiveness that overcame all the misunderstandings. The resentment in the woman's eyes drastically reduced. With her hands on Chen Ge's shoulders, she tried to view this man from a different angle.

"Don't move and don't let go. Trust me, just this time, let me carry you out."

Chen Ge moved one step deeper into the tunnel and called his name. However, the light did not reappear. After confirming the mission had been completed, he turned around and carried the woman out the tunnel.

"I came here at night for no other reason than wanting to help you, so please, let's leave this tunnel together."