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395 Please Reconsider

 The white cat blinked several times at Chen Ge and allowed the man to carry it in his arms. It did not seem to understand what was really happening. This time, Chen Ge did not even bring his backpack. He left the Haunted House with just some spare change.

"When I was small, my parents refused to let me go to the eastern part of Jiujiang alone. Thinking back, there should be something very dangerous hiding there. My parents knew about their presence, so these things might know stuff about my parents as well.

"The people who know you best are not your friends but your enemies. Perhaps I can get more clues about my parents from these presences." Chen Ge looked at the hint on the black phone. "Walking through the tunnel will allow me to witness the secret that I have forgotten. This Nightmare Mission might be able to give me a critical hint."

Every Nightmare Mission was very important to Chen Ge, not only because Nightmare Missions could improve his physical body, but most importantly, the Nightmare Missions seemed to be related to his parents' disappearance. Chen Ge left New Century Park, carrying the cat. He waited by the roadside for a long time before a taxi stopped for him.

"Boss, bring me to White Dragon Cave Tunnel please." Chen Ge pulled the door open and climbed in.

"White Dragon Cave?" The driver turned to look at Chen Ge with a shocked expression. "Why are you going to that place so late at night?"

"I'm collaborating with a friend to shoot something there." Chen Ge placed the white cat on his legs and took out his phone. "Please go, I'm in a hurry."

"You need to reconsider this. That place is not safe. A few years ago, one of my colleagues ran into an accident there." The driver still did not start the car. Based on his tone, it sounded like he was unwilling to go there.

"What are you talking about? It's fine. Just drive me to somewhere close then. I'll walk there myself." Chen Ge did not want to push the driver. It was because he had considered this that he left early.

"Why are you so stubborn? It is not the first or second time that accidents have been reported at White Dragon Cave. Just look for it online and think this over." The driver finally moved the car forward. "When the tunnel was still operating, us taxi drivers didn't dare go to that place at night. We would rather take the long way. We were not trying to cheat the passengers; that place is simply too cursed."

Chen Ge thought the driver was quite a friendly man, so he started to chat with him. "Can you tell me more about what happened to your colleague? I'm more curious about that."

"The man was the stingy type, the one who would trick foreigners. On the day of his accident, after he dropped his passenger off, he took the White Dragon Cave tunnel because he wanted to save time. It was around 2:30 am then.

"At the time, he was still talking on the walkie-talkie. While he was chatting with us, there was suddenly a female voice coming from his end. We thought that he had just taken on a passenger, so we did not think much of it.

"But then we noticed that something was off. The man did not seem to realize that there was another person in his car and kept gloating about how much he had made that day from tricking his passengers. I was listening at the time. I used the walkie-talkie to remind him of this, but there was no reply for a very long time.

"The next day, when I reported to the company in the afternoon, we received the news that all of the drivers have to attend a safety class, and after some asking around, we realized that the man had died in a car accident inside that tunnel.

"At the time, his car had been the only one inside the tunnel, and his car was found to have no issues. However, weirdly enough, the accident happened. He was stuck inside the twisted driver's seat for a whole night, and in the end, they had to use a saw to cut his body out.

"According to investigation, the reason for his accident was fatigue, but the few of us who communicated with him knew very well that before his accident, he sounded very excited; he was not at all tired."

After hearing the driver's story, Chen Ge voiced his thought. "You mentioned all of you heard a female voice on the walkie-talkie, so technically speaking, that woman should be the murderer."

"That's right. Another person got into his car, but he did not realize it. If that is not cursed, what is?" The driver gripped the steering wheel. "I'm not trying to scare you; I'm giving you sincere advice. When you are close to the tunnel, if someone weird calls your name, do not get close to it."

The taxi moved slowly, and on the journey, Chen Ge chatted a lot with the driver. The buildings by the roadside became fewer, and the light disappeared. The place looked abandoned.

"Are we not there yet?" Chen Ge opened the map on his phone. It said that they were close to the destination.

"White Dragon Cave has been sealed for some years now, so we need to take a detour if we want to get there." The taxi continued to drive down the road. Ten minutes later, the driver slowed down.

"We're here?"

"No, look at that thing on the road, what is it?" The driver did not dare to stop, but he pointed ahead. With his Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge saw something that looked like a man lying in the middle of the road about seventy meters in front of them.

"Is that a man?"

The driver moved the steering wheel, and when the taxi was about thirty meters away, the thing that lay in the middle of the road suddenly crawled away. It was fast, and it disappeared after charging into the bushes like it had never been there.

"What the hell was that‽" The driver was obviously spooked.

"I don't know." Chen Ge was not lying. The thing looked similar to a person and was wearing a tattered shirt, but the face was blurry.

"You still want to continue?" The driver was afraid. "Shall we just turn back?"

"How far is it from White Dragon Cave?" Chen Ge had never had a habit of forcing people. "If it's close, then I'll just walk there from here."

"You sure are brave." The driver cracked his frozen knuckles. He continued to drive for another few more minutes before parking the car before a junction. "See that road blocked by tree branches? Just keep walking down that road."

"Thank you." Chen Ge paid the fare and got out.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Not many cars will pass this place at night. After I leave, you'll probably need to spend a whole night here." The driver looked at the road ahead, and he subconsciously lowered his voice like he was afraid that he might wake something up.

"Don't worry." Chen Ge felt like the man was quite nice, so after exchanging numbers with the man, he hugged the white cat and left. Climbing over the branches, Chen Ge walked down the road alone. The surroundings were very quiet, like there was no living creature in the woods.

"Something is not right." Chen Ge completely ignored the resentment in the white cat's eyes and proceeded toward the end of the road.

There were residual dust and pebbles on the ground, and everywhere he turned, there were broken tree branches. The rusted safety rails by the road were twisted from the multiple car collisions. This road seemed to have seen many accidents in the past.