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394 Nightmare Mission

 The reward from Nightmare Missions would improve his physical conditions directly. The previous rewards from Nightmare Missions included the Mortician's Make-up, Yin Yang Vision, and the Dollmaker's Talent. Unfortunately, the three Nightmare Missions were technically part of the beginner's stage. After clearing them, the chance of getting a Nightmare Mission in the daily missions became randomized. Chen Ge would check the daily missions every night, and this was the first time that he had come across a Nightmare Mission since completing the first three.

The black phone said that Nightmare Missions are extremely rare, so I shouldn't missed out on it.

Standing in the corridor, Chen Ge looked at the mission detail.

"Nightmare Missing: They said, at the end of the tunnel, another you is buried.

"Warning! Nightmare missions are extremely dangerous. Please choose carefully!"

Before accepting the mission, the hint was just a single sentence. Chen Ge read it several times, but the meaning did not become clearer to him.

Tunnel? The first previous Nightmare Missions were conducted inside the Haunted House, but it feels like I'll need to go outside for this third mission.

The first three Nightmare Missions were technically arranged by the black phone, meaning that, starting from this mission, the real Nightmare Missions began.

I have the help of Xu Yin and many other employees. If the Nightmare Mission's difficulty is similar to before, then I have nothing to worry about.

That was correct, but reading the blood red words on his phone, Chen Ge could not help but worry. When he first got the black phone, the few Nightmare Missions had almost killed him, so one could not blame him for being careful.

After thinking about it, Chen Ge still chose to accept it. The reward of a Nightmare Mission was something that other missions could not give him. Ghost helpers were important, but Chen Ge knew that he had to improve his own physical condition too. After accepting the Nightmare Mission, the complete mission message appeared. Chen Ge only read few sentences before his expression started to change.

"Congratulation Specter's Favored, your luck is unbelievable!

"The game is called Tunnel. After crossing the tunnel, you'll see the secret that has been forgotten.

"Mission requirement: At 2:44 am, enter a tunnel that is at least forty-four meters long. Walk forty-four steps and call your own name forty-four times. After that, mission will be completed.

"Warning: This mission is unique. If you do not complete the mission within a certain time, the mission will never reappear.

"Warning: For the duration of this mission, you will not be allowed to take any ghosts or items away from the Castle of Nightmares, or else you'll never get the mission reward!"

Chen Ge's eyes focused on the last part of the message. I cannot take any ghosts and items with me? This I'll need to consider.

Without that last limitation, the mission would not have been that difficult for Chen Ge. Too caught up in the limitation of the mission, Chen Ge did not pay attention to how the black phone referred to his Haunted House. He thought about it and finally decided to give it a try.

With no risk, there's no reward. The reward of Nightmare Mission is too important. As I come into contact with more ghosts, my body temperature keeps decreasing; the granny at Coffin Village has reminded me of that. Perhaps I should be paying more attention to my body.

Nightmare Missions rarely came, and Chen Ge did not want to give it up.

Since I cannot bring any ghosts and items, I cannot count on neither Xu Yin and Yan Danian.

Chen Ge looked around, and only the white cat fit the mission requirement.

I have a feeling it won't be of much use, but at least it can accompany me.

After selecting the white cat, Chen Ge turned to look at his shadow.

Zhang Ya is still sleeping in my shadow. If the black phone counts her, then the mission will definitely know.

Chen Ge had no way to telling whether the black phone considered Zhang Ya as breaking the rules or not, but it was also because Zhang Ya was hibernating in his shadow that Chen Ge felt okay to accept this mission.

I need to give it a try; the reward is too important for me.

Chen Ge took out his phone to look for nearby tunnels on the internet. The Nightmare Mission would start at 2:44 am, so he had to find a tunnel that fit the criteria but was not far away.

Jiujiang has many tunnels but few that fit the requirements.

Chen Ge looked on the internet for a long time, and he discovered something very weird. Of the entire Jiujiang, there was only one tunnel that fit the requirement demanded by the black phone. It was the White Dragon Cave Tunnel on the eastern side of Jiujiang. The other tunnels were either too far away or too short.

The eastern side of Jiujiang...

Due to his childhood experience, Chen Ge did not like that part of Jiujiang, and his parents had warned him from going to that area alone when he was young.

White Dragon Cave Tunnel, that sounds familiar like I have heard of it from the news before.

Chen Ge did not look so good. He searched the tunnel online, and several news articles instantly appeared. Ever since construction for the tunnel began fifteen years ago, there had been endless accidents, and many of them had a mysterious or supernatural element. More than one driver said that when they passed by late at night, a woman would wave at them by the side of the road.

If they did not stop, the woman would chase after them. The woman would be slow, but the distance between them would close until the woman was running beside them. If they stopped, it was even worse. The woman would sit at the back, and the car would get into an accident inside the tunnel.

The waving woman was just one of the many urban legends about the place. Some drivers said that they would see a car cutting past them, and when they turned to look, the car would be driverless. When they exited the tunnel, the car would already have disappeared.

There were many similar incidents and many accidents, so the tunnel had been closed five years ago. Even so, that did not stop the legend from continuing. When people passed the tunnel at night, they could hear people crying for help, and some saw a woman standing inside the tunnel, waving at them, asking them to enter the tunnel.

Chen Ge read all the articles, be it news or stories. This place is more dangerous than I thought!

Holding the phone, Chen Ge started to hesitate. The reward would be beneficial for him, but equally, he would only be able to rely on himself to complete the mission.

The black phone has always been fair; the effort and reward are equal.

Chen Ge soon came to a decision. He grabbed the white cat that was hiding under the pillow and placed it on his shoulder.

"Tonight, we're going to somewhere exciting."