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393 Just the Talent I Need

 Seeing how quiet Chen Ge was, Xu Wan thought that he was not feeling well, so she added as consolation, "You have been taking care of everything on your own, and you don't tell us anything. Don't forget, we're your employees, and we'll stick with you."

Xiao Gu also walked over to say, "Yes, boss. Even though I don't know much and haven't been to a good school or anything, if you need any help, I'll do it without any question."

"Why are you two suddenly becoming so sentimental?" Chen Ge recovered, and his expression softened. "The profits of our Haunted House are slowly rising, and our reputation is slowly growing beyond the confine of Jiujiang. Perhaps, in the near future, we will have foreigners among our visitors. The future is filled with hope, so just focus on your work, and there's no need to worry about anything else."

After letting Xu Wan and Xiao Gu go home, Chen Ge walked into the Haunted House. He walked around the underground scenarios. All the ghosts were where they should have been-there had been no incidents.

"Everyone is doing their job, but this is not a permanent solution." Chen Ge walked into Mu Yang High School. "To able to control all the ghosts inside the Haunted House, the Specter will have to be powerful. Zhang Ya and Xu Yin fit this criteria, but neither of them know anything about management. If they were given this post, war would surely happen."

Xu Yin had not really gotten out from his emotional turmoil. Even with Chen Ge's order, he would probably think that as long as the person did not die, everything else would be fine. With regards to Zhang Ya... even Chen Ge was afraid of that. If she was given the managerial job, it would be a miracle to see the visitors walk out from the Haunted House with their lives intact.

Stopping at the entrance to the sealed classroom, Chen Ge looked at the mannequins, and a suitable candidate appeared in his mind. "When I was doing the Trial Mission for Mu Yang High School, other than the students, there was a large older gentleman inside the sealed classroom. He was standing on the podium, and he even smiled at me.

"Before it was Mu Yang High School, the place was an orphanage. So, that old man should be Mu Yang High School's first principal. He gave so many children a home when he was alive and even used his money to build Mu Yang High School, so he should be a good man."

Chen Ge's eyes scanned the mannequins and the classroom, and they were all shaking. Chen Ge did not know what he had done wrong, but the occupants in the classroom looked like they had been grabbed by fear.

"The old principal is kind and is familiar with the twenty-four mannequins. Most importantly, he has managed a school before, so he should have plenty of managerial experience." Chen Ge held his chin. "Isn't this the type of talent I'm looking back? Looks like I will have to return to Mu Yang High School. No matter what, I have to hire that old principal."

There were probably other secrets surrounding that old man, but with Xu Yin and Yan Danian helping him, Chen Ge was not worried. He had a faded smile on his face, and he turned to look at the mannequins. "It won't be long before you all get a warm reunion with your principal."

Hearing that, the mannequins appeared to be even more scared.

Then, Chen Ge inspected Third Sick Hall and Coffin Village. When he entered, all the ghosts avoided him. After making sure that there were no problems, Chen Ge walked out from the underground parking lot. He looked at the wooden planks and thought, When I have time, I should set up a steel door-that way, the visitors won't be able to escape whenever they feel like it.

Returning to staff breakroom, Chen Ge placed Xiaoxiao on the bed. Xiaoxiao's power seemed to drain her a lot. Following the hospital visit, Xiaoxiao had not tried to communicate with Chen Ge-it was like she was just a normal doll.

Calming and cleansing souls. Xiaoxiao's power might be incredibly useful in the future. Chen Ge lay down beside Xiaoxiao, and after a while, the white cat jumped down from the table to squeeze between them. It seemed to realize how fragile Xiaoxiao was. It used its tail to curl around Xiaoxiao and allowed her to lean against its body.

When the white cat first arrived at my Haunted House, it was very feral. It's probably because of Xiaoxiao that the cat was tamed. Thinking of it that way, Xiaoxiao is quite amazing.

Before this, Chen Ge had only considered Xiaoxiao as a pillow or a lucky charm. If not for the rise in affection level, he would not have noticed Xiaoxiao's special power. Taking out the black phone, Chen Ge glanced at Xiaoxiao's profile page. Other than the special power, Xiaoxiao had nothing else.

In the future, when I go hunting with Xu Yin, I should ask him to leave some food left for Xiaoxiao and the Pen Spirit. Perhaps they might bring me more surprise.

Looking through the phone, Chen Ge realized that he had gathered enough screams for two more spin at the Wheel of Misfortune. Chen Ge was tempted to use both spins. Perhaps this was the gambler's mentality-the next round would be the lucky one.

Calm down, I mustn't rush ahead. If I gain two more Specters, my title will upgrade. Now I already run into ghosts everywhere I go. If I level up further, those things will probably actively seek me out.

Chen Ge put the phone away to remove the thought from his mind. Winning Zhang Ya's love letter was a three in one thousand chance. Then does that mean there's a ghost stronger and rarer than Zhang Ya in the wheel? Like one with one in one thousand odds?

Chen Ge realized that he was going down a dangerous path, and he quickly stopped himself. He stretched lazily. He had not slept in over twenty-four hours, and his body had reached its limit.

Glancing at the time, it was only 8 pm. He set an alarm for 11:55 pm and prepared to go to sleep.

Tonight, I need to pay the toilet another visit. Hopefully, everything will be fine.


The alarm rang, and Chen Ge woke up to a room of darkness. Night had fallen. Putting on his jacket, he walked to the toilet with the backpack.

Three more minutes.

Chen Ge pressed the play button on the recorder and held the hammer in his hands.

Time ticked by, and when midnight arrived, the drawing of a ghost appeared on the door. Blood curled around its body, and the eyes slowly opened. The one minute passed really fast. The ghost's last eye still did not open, but compared to before, the eye that was poked blind seemed to have healed slightly.

It's recovering?

The drawing slowly disappeared, and the toilet returned to normal.

The drawing was left behind by the ghost stories society's chairperson. The best solution that I can think of is to demolish the society and leave no prisoners.

Chen Ge returned to staff breakroom to prepare to go back to sleep, but as he scrolled through the black phone, he accidentally discovered a blood red mission amid his refreshed daily missions.

He stopped and stared at the phone for a long time.

A Nightmare daily mission has returned after so long. Is my luck finally changing?