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392 Its Him?

 Releasing his grasp on the old man's hand, Chen Ge straightened out the bedsheet for him and walked out of the room. Doctor Gao and Ol' Wei were waiting outside. When they saw Chen Ge, they walked forward. "Is the old gentleman asleep?"

"Yes." Chen Ge looked at the two, and his gaze lingered longer on Doctor Gao. "Why are the two of you here?"

"It's still about that memory loss." Ol' Wei sounded frustrated. "Ever since our return from the village, I've been receiving therapy from Doctor Gao to try to bring the memory back."

"Doctor Gao is helping you with the memory loss?"

"He's the best psychiatrist at Jiujiang, and he's familiar with criminal psychology. We've worked with him several times already." Ol' Wei seemed familiar with Doctor Gao. "However, before this, I was bringing others to come see him. Who knew the day would come when I'm the one who needs treatment?"

Chen Ge's expression did not change. He was thinking about something else. The night before last at Xi Xia Hu, when Lee Zheng entered the surveillance room, he had also acted like he was familiar with Doctor Gao. The doctor's ability to mix well with the police should have been due to more than his personal charm-it probably had to do with the fact that he had helped the law enforcement with cases before.

"Ol' Wei's problem is more serious, so he needs medication during his sessions. Even though I have the right to prescribe, the normal drugs that I have wouldn't have much of an effect on Ol' Wei," Doctor Gao said before leaving with Ol' Wei.

Watching them walk away, Chen Ge leaned against the wall, and his gaze became complicated.

Just in the room earlier, he pushed open the 'door' after mentioning he loves his wife. Hopefully, I'm overthinking.

He sat at the door for about ten minutes before the doctor and nurses returned to check up on the old man. The old man's condition did not improve, but he looked much better, and he was quietly asleep. Chen Ge picked up Xiaoxiao and stood beside the bed.

"Mr. Chen, if you have time, please come visit the patient more often in the future. Whenever you arrive, the patient's condition stabilizes."

"No problem," Chen Ge promised.

"I thank you on the gentleman's behalf. Honestly, I've worked here for ten years already, and this is the first time that I've seen someone help a stranger to such an extent without the promise of inheritance." The doctor smiled at Chen Ge. "It's rare to find people like you in today's society."

Chen Ge walked out from the room with the doctor. Then he was reminded of something. "Doctor, did Western Jiujiang's New Century Park send over several patients a few days ago? I hear they were scared until they fainted inside a Haunted House?"

"Yes, that is true. Why are you asking about that?" The doctor was surprised.

"Which sickbay are they in? I wish to visit them."

"Okay." The doctor hesitated. "They are on the fourth floor. Our president is familiar with the director of the park, so he specially set up a room to place the visitors who fainted. After that, he even set up a special emergency care unit to respond to the accidents that might occur at that theme park."

The doctor led Chen Ge to the fourth floor, and he grumbled softly, "I don't understand these people. If they are so easily scared, why did they insist on visiting a Haunted House?"

"What if it's not that they're too cowardly but it's the Haunted House that's too scary?" Chen Ge smiled and did not elaborate.

When they reached the fourth floor, Chen Ge glanced at the surveillance camera. There was a camera in the corridor that would capture the whole corridor.

"It's room 437. Please don't enter the room. The few patients are still quite weak, and they need the rest." The doctor left after reminding Chen Ge. Chen Ge walked past the room. He did not dare look through the window for fear of scaring the patients inside.

There were videos from the Coffin Village scenario on the laptop in Room 3004. The only visitors who have visited that scenario are these few. Meaning, while they were hospitalized, someone came to steal the video footage from them.

Looking at the camera, Chen Ge called Lee Zheng.

"Chen Ge, why did you call?"

"Have you found the statue's owner?"

"The man that you pointed out for me is definitely suspicious." Lee Zheng was still thankful toward Chen Ge. After all, the man had given him a hint that restarted the progress of his investigation.

"Don't let him run away, but there's another favor that I need to ask of you." Chen Ge mentioned that he needed Lee Zheng to use his name to get the footage from a surveillance camera in a hospital. Of course, Chen Ge did that in a roundabout way. Lee Zheng denied it initially, but when he heard it was related to the murder, and thinking about Chen Ge's track record, he agreed.

With the accompaniment of a member of staff, they entered the security room. Chen Ge checked the footage for when Sister Mao's group was sent to the hospital. They arrived at the hospital around noon and were given rest until 3 to 4 pm when the visitors woke up one by one.

However, their mental state was still very unstable. The staff could not imagine what they had been through to be in a state like this. At 5 pm, the second batch of doctors arrived. The staff explained that this batch of doctors were there to help with psychological counseling.

Chen Ge nodded slightly. He kept his gaze on the video, his eyes following a man on screen. As he expected, that afternoon, Doctor Gao had been to the sickbay!

Exiting the security room, Chen Ge had a feeling that was hard to describe. Things shouldn't be that simple. I cannot come to any conclusions rashly. I should at least wait for the result to come from Inspector Lee first.

Reminded of that, Chen Ge called Inspector Lee again to ask about the blood result. Inspector Lee's answer surprised him. The technicians had found two samples on the nail. One of them came from a victim of the eye-gouging case, and the other was not available to the law enforcement, meaning that the other person had no crime record.

Chen Ge chatted with Inspector Lee for a few more minutes. He had Inspector Lee keep the blood samples and results before hanging up. When he left the hospital, it was already dark. Chen Ge bought some food from roadside stalls before calling a taxi to get back to New Century Park.

The park was already close. Xiao Gu and Xu Wan waited for him at the door with their make-up off.

"No accidents today, I hope." Chen Ge looked at the Haunted House and could not help but worry.

"We've paid back all the unused tickets, and since the park has encountered this issue before, the visitors are quite understanding." Xu Yin studied Chen Ge. "I'm actually more worried about you. You look like you need a good rest."

"I'm fine." Hearing that everything had been handled perfectly, Chen Ge sighed. However, this also made him realize a weakness to his Haunted House.

Xu Wan and Gu Feiyu could handle the one-star scenarios, but normal people could not handle three and two-star scenarios. Therefore, he was required to stay at the Haunted House when it was in operation.

Looks like my Haunted House needs a managerial-type ghost who can help me watch over the business when I'm not around.