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390 Xiaoxiaos Special Power

 The cursor clicked on the other files on the desktop. Most of them were in English, and Chen Ge could barely understand it. He opened the comic to summon the English teacher, but ghosts seemed to receive plenty of damage when they appeared in places where sunlight could hit them directly. Chen Ge looked at how fragile Duan Yue was and did not force her. Without any other solution, Chen Ge took out his phone to snap all the information. Chen Ge exited the camera app and called Inspector Lee.

"Uncle San Bao, I have a favor to ask."

"Is it about the blood test result on the nail? I'll go help you rush it in the afternoon." Inspector Lee sounded like he was outside and not at the police station.

"No, I want you to help me investigate the owner of Room 3004 at Fang Hwa Apartments."

"Why do you want to do that?"

"It's related to the culprit. I feel like I'm close to catching the man!"

"Okay, I will try my best."

After hanging up, Chen Ge thought back to everything that he had touched in the room. He cleaned up his fingerprints and left Room 3004. He called a taxi to get back to New Century Park-a new day had begun.

The one-star mission triggered by the Special Visitor, Liu Xianxian, had not been completed. Technically speaking, Chen Ge had already followed the black phone's requirement to find Liu Xianxian, but he did not receive the message that the mission had been completed. I probably need to help her solve the issue in her heart.

The mission would not be that difficult. The man that she loved might be a murderer, so if Chen Ge could prove that, Liu Xianxian should know what to do. After all, one of the man's victims was her best friend's older sister.

With his employees getting more familiar with the work, Chen Ge became freer. Since he had nothing to do, he called Lee Zheng during his lunch break to ask for an update on the case. In reality, he was more concerned about that statue. He wanted to sneak that statue to his Haunted House.

Lee Zheng was at the new campus, interviewing people. No one had any recollection of that statue. It felt as if the statue had walked to the underground storeroom itself. The case ended up in a standstill. Chen Ge gave Lee Zheng a hint, asking him to pay close attention to the man Liu Xianxian had a crush on.

There was no accident that business day. One thing worth noting was that some people had started to challenge the three-star scenario. This group had probably heard about how Coffin Village had caused five people to faint, so they very naturally avoided that scenario and targeted the Third Sick Hall.

They were so confident before they entered, but they all surrendered before they were even halfway through. However, this did raise an alarm in Chen Ge. As more visitors started to challenge the three-star scenarios, eventually, the scenario would be cleared.

I should pace myself. The most crucial thing is to deal with the ghost stories society and complete Third Sick Hall's hidden mission.

Sitting inside the room, Chen Ge took out his comic. He had Yan Danian and the other ghosts try to communicate the phone spirit. He allowed them to use any method to convince the phone spirit that it was such a wonderful and blissful thing to work for Chen Ge's Haunted House.

Time slowly passed. Chen Ge's phone suddenly rang at 4 pm. He thought that it was Inspector Lee calling him with an update, but when he glanced at the caller ID, it was an unfamiliar number.

"Why would a stranger call me?" Chen Ge accepted the call and placed the phone beside his ear.

"I'm sorry, but is this Mr. Chen?"

"Yes, it's me." It was the first time Chen Ge had heard the voice on the other side of the phone, and it was laced with sadness.

"Are you the one who helped solve the case at Ping An Apartments?"


"Do you have time now? The old gentleman's condition is deteriorating. I'm afraid he won't be able to stay with us any longer." Hearing that, Chen Ge was stunned. "Hello? Are you there? Can you please come over? The old gentleman stated his wish to see you in person."

"I'll be there in a minute." Chen Ge took out his phone to call Xu Wan and Gu Feiyu, who were working. He told them that they should close up after the current visitors left. They were not going to accept any more visitors.

He ran into the staff breakroom, holding the phone. Pushing the door open, he saw Xiaoxiao hugging the white cat's tail. They looked at one another like they were in some sort of fight. In the end, it was the white cat who surrendered. It allowed Xiaoxiao to hug its tail as much as she wanted. It revealed a haughty expression like it did not want to lower itself to a girl's standard.

Xiaoxiao snuggled herself face into the white cat's body. Smothered by the puffy white fur, she felt it was quite interesting.

"Xiaoxiao..." Chen Ge stood at the door and silently shoved the phone into his pocket. He walked to the bed and picked Xiaoxiao up. "Let's go pay your grandpa a visit."

This time, Chen Ge did not place her inside his pocket but held her in his cupped palm. Xiaoxiao seemed to sense something as she looked at Chen Ge with a strange expression. Closing the door, Chen Ge charged out of the Haunted House.

"Uncle Xu, we're closing early today. Please help me console the visitors. When Xu Wan comes out, please remind her to close the gate before she leaves." Chen Ge ran toward the park exit.

"You're closing at 4 pm? Where are you going‽" Uncle Xu was completely caught by surprise. The visitors standing in lines were nervous, too, especially the few who were at the front of the line.

"Boss, how can you do business like this‽ The closing hour is 7 pm, but it's only 4 pm now!"

"I didn't have the chance to line up last time! This time, it's finally my turn. Can't we discuss this?"

"This is so rude!"

The visitors berated him. Chen Ge was surrounded in the middle, and in his arms, Xiaoxiao were shivering with fear. Chen Ge used his hand to caress Xiaoxiao's head, and he turned to tell the visitors, "This is my Haunted House's responsibility. If you have bought the ticket but haven't entered the scenario, then I'll compensate double the price."

Chen Ge turned to glance at Uncle Xu. "Uncle Xu, please help me record who needs compensation, I'll pay later."

"You can leave if you have an emergency, but we still have Xu Wan and Gu Feiyu. Couldn't we just let them carry on until you return?" Uncle Xu was confused. "Initially, only you and Xu Wan managed the place, and everything was fine, right?"

"It's different. Safety first. I don't want to risk it." Chen Ge's tone brooked no argument. "Just do what I ask."

Chen Ge did not hesitate and carried Xiaoxiao as he squeezed through the crowd. Perhaps because there were so many people, Xiaoxiao curled up in Chen Ge's embrace like she was afraid.

"It'll be fine, I'm here."

Chen Ge touched Xiaoxiao's face and called for a taxi to get to the hospital.

Chen Ge arrived at 4:30 pm. He called the doctor and rushed up the stairs.

When he pushed open the door to the second-floor corridor, two familiar faces walked toward him-Doctor Gao and Ol' Wei.