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388 The Three Actors

 The man that Liu Xianxian had a crush on was very alert. Thankfully, this was not the first time Chen Ge had needed to tail someone, and it was due to his experience that he was not exposed. His apartment is in Fang Hwa? This place is not that far from Jiujiang Medical University, and the bus comes pretty often. In that case, why did he ask for a staff residence at the school?

Chen Ge did not dare get too close. He watched as the man entered the third building. It's the third building again. This cannot be a coincidence.

After enough time had passed, Chen Ge also entered the building. He was familiar with the building's layout. He pretended to be a tenant and very naturally head for the safety door. He was halfway through and realized that there was no one waiting for the elevator.

The man didn't take the elevator? Chen Ge held his breath as he entered the safety passage. There were no footsteps echoing down the stairs either. Right then, there was the sound of door opening on the first floor.

He's living on the first floor itself. Chen Ge stood in the half-open door and leaned out to look down the corridor.

Room 3004.

He remembered the room number before slinking over it to stick his ear to the door.

The man's voice on the phone filtered out from inside the room. "Brother-in-law? The school has not been safe recently. Things keep happening at night. Do you mind if I stay at your place for a while? Don't worry, I will not mess up the place. I will not touch a thing of yours or sister's. I know how important this place is to you. I know, I understand. I promise to not enter your study! Will not touch anything!"

After the call ended, the man's tone changed immediately. "Do you really think I want to be here? Such a pretender. Do you think I really want your charity‽"

Outside the room, one could hear the man rummaging through the room. He appeared mature and confident, but a completely different soul was occupying his body. After a bit more grumbling, the man continued to ransack the room. The sound of doors and drawers being pulled open echoed endlessly.

"That room has been rearranged, so the layout is different from before. No one should be able to tell the difference. I need to check it again." The man moved inside the room, and he had no idea his monologue was audible to Chen Ge.

One of the rooms has been rearranged? Why would he conduct an investigation at a time like this?

The man's actions were weird. Chen Ge initially thought that he was a weirdo and did not relate him to the murder, but with every sentence that escaped the man's lips, his suspicion of the man continued to grow.

After a few more minutes, the man seemed to have gotten all the necessary tools and entered the room. Due to the distance, Chen Ge could not hear anything. He remembered the room number and exited the building to walk to the window. He squatted down and crawled to the window of room 3004. Chen Ge glanced into the room. The man had a toolbox in his hands, and the look on his face as he stared at the bed in the room was quite scary.

"When I first stepped into this room, I felt it was cold. Even after so many years, I still cannot forget about it." When the man focused on the bed, Chen Ge clicked open the camera on his phone and silently recorded the layout of the room. The room had many partitions, making it feel smaller and more cramped than it was.

There is no table or bookshelf, and the mattress is also different from the one in Ma Yin's video, but the location of the bed hasn't changed. Peeking through this window allows me to have a clear view of stuff under the bed.

The furniture inside the room had been changed, and the interior had been transformed due to the partitions. On first glance, it was indeed different from the room in Ma Yin's video. However, he missed a very important element-the window.

The man had not seen Ma Yin's video. He only knew that Ma Yin had captured a video from inside the room, but he had no idea about its exact content. Based on the layout of the room and the man's words, Chen Ge was fifty percent certain that this man, who Liu Xianxian had a crush on, was related to Ma Yin's sister's disappearance. His hand went to the hammer inside the backpack, and he was itching for action.

No, the sun is still out. It's too inconvenient to do things like that in broad daylight.

It was almost the beginning of the working day. There were many people in the residential area. If Chen Ge injured the man, he would definitely scream. If a crowd gathered, Chen Ge would really have no way to explain himself.

He works at Jiujiang Medical University, and so many things happened at the campus last night. He must have a lot of things to do, so he wouldn't dare stay too long at home. He'll be leaving soon. I'll take my chances then.

Chen Ge took out the comic to attempt to negotiate with the ghosts inside it. However, probably it was daytime, only one of them answered his call.

So heartless?

In the end, it was Yan Danian who helped Chen Ge convince the other three ghosts. Chen Ge could sense a trace of liveliness in Yan Danian that was absent before this.

After summoning the gambler, Ol' Zhou, and the English teacher, Chen Ge told them his plan. He needed them to 'accidentally' steal the key. The three ghosts were doing this for the first time, and it was a challenge for them too.

Several minutes later, as Chen Ge expected, the man exited Room 3004. He put on the confident smile. His clothes had no wrinkles, and his shoes were shined.

It's time to move.

Perhaps because the light in the room was stronger, the three ghosts could only stay in physical form for twenty or thirty seconds, so Chen Ge only had one chance. When the man was about several meters away from the safety door, Chen Ge put all three of them out at the same time.

The very moment he did that, before he even realized what was happening, Ol' Zhou already landed a punch on Bai Qiulin's face. "You dare to cheat with my wife! You f*cker!"

Then, he started tussling with Bai Qiulin. Their fight was dragged out of the safety passage and knocked into the man.

"Stop fighting!" Duan Yue screamed as she ran out to try to stop the fight. Everything happened so suddenly that even Chen Ge himself was stunned, much less the man. The three tossed and turned, and the man was pushed against the wall. The argument was so intense that he did not dare interrupt them. At a time like this, he just wanted to escape.

After about fifteen seconds, Bai Qiulin swung Ol' Zhou's hands away, and he ran into the safety door.

"I will definitely kill you today!"

Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue chased after him. The three completed the mission in about twenty-three seconds.

Holding the key in his hand, Chen Ge felt the event was quite surreal.

"My God, what just happened?"