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386 Boss Chen?

 The three-star Trial Mission at Jiujiang Medical University would be a hard place to navigate without a map, so Chen Ge knew that he had to be careful. "I'll need to leave the statue here for now. Perhaps I should try to communicate with the school first. After all, if I need to complete the underground morgue mission, the school will be involved somehow."

The underground morgue was the last side mission that led to the four-star School of the Afterlife, so Chen Ge could not afford to be too cautious. A three-star trial mission is already so scary-a four-star mission would have been unimaginable, much less the five-star mission.

The black phone had its own system of categorizing the scary scenarios, but Chen Ge still had not grasped the standard of measurement yet.

His mind filled with thoughts of other things, he walked back to the two girls, holding the hammer. Without his Yin Yang Vision, he would not have been able to see the girls in the dark.

"Come on, I'll walk you out." Chen Ge seemed to change into a different person as his tone softened. "In the future, try not to wander off into strange places. If I didn't arrive in time, who knows what would have happened."

The two girls had pained expressions on their faces. The man had almost killed the statue from their campus ghost story, and he had the audacity to say the place was dangerous.

"Don't be afraid. I was acting so harshly earlier because this place is too creepy. If you'd shown any trace of fear or retreat, you'd be targeted by the monsters." Chen Ge held the hammer in one hand. "Actually, in real life, I'm a gentle and kind person."

"Gentle and kind?"

"Yes, of course." Chen Ge's voice was now filled with warmth. Unlike earlier, there was a sense of familiarity that arose in the hearts of Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian. It felt like they had heard this voice somewhere before.

"Come on, it's time to leave." Chen Ge walked ahead. When he passed the computer and photocopier, he gave them another try. After making sure that the computer could not be activated, he gave up.

The three exited the storeroom, and when they closed the wooden door, Chen Ge heard coming from down the corridor, something that sounded like a bubble bursting, like many things were bouncing on the ground.

"What is that sound?" Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian heard that as well.

"Doesn't this corridor lead to the underground morgue?" Even with the Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge could not see what was happening.

"Don't know, but it should extend to the underground basement of the western part of campus. That section was sealed up several years ago." Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian's eyes twitched violently like something seriously bad was about to happen.

At the end of the corridor, the sound of bouncing became more rapid, and it was mixed with the weird sound of a beast breathing. There was no ventilation underground, but they could feel the presence of a draft, covering their nostrils with the smell of formalin.

"Run, it's not safe to stay here!" Chen Ge grabbed the hammer and yelled at the girls, "Run!"

Before Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian realized what had happened, Chen Ge had already turned around and charged forward.

"Is something chasing after us?" Liu Xianxian's ankle was sprained. She wanted to move fast, but her body did not allow it.

"Come, I'll carry you." Ma Yin's own physique had not recovered. After picking up Liu Xianxian, she slowed down. The sound of bouncing came close, causing their hair to stand on end. They did not dare imagine the thing that made that sound.

"What should we do?" Her legs slowed down, and Ma Yin felt like collapsing.

"Put her down!" Chen Ge's voice came from the front. Ma Yin wanted to say no, but before she could say anything, she saw Chen Ge pull Liu Xianxian off her back and onto his own. Then he continued running. "Follow me!"

Ma Yin felt rejuvenated by hope seeing this, and she tried her best to keep up to Chen Ge. Chen Ge had an average build, and he did not look that muscular, but his explosive power and persistence was not worse than a trained athlete. They rushed forward.

When they ran out of the underground second floor, Ma Yin felt like fainting already, but Chen Ge showed no sign of slowing down. "Keep it up, this place is very dangerous!"

Chen Ge rarely put himself in a dangerous situation that he could not handle. When the underground morgue gave out that sound, the recorder activated on its own, and Xu Yin kept giving him a warning. To be able to make Xu Yin do that, the enemy had to be at least a Red Specter, which was why Chen Ge chose to run immediately.

The end of the corridor was a three-star scenario, and Chen Ge had never underestimated three-star scenarios. The Third Sick Hall aside, whether it be the well ghost in Coffin Village or Zhang Ya at Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, they were the most powerful existences among Red Specters-one Xu Yin would not be able to rival their power.

When they arrived at first underground floor, Ma Yin did not have much energy left in her. It was Chen Ge who dragged both of them out from the underground. After leaving the stairs, Chen Ge kicked the front door open and dropped Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian on the grass. He was also exhausted.

Of the three, only Liu Xianxian was not that tired. She looked at Chen Ge's face in the dark, and that sense of familiarity heightened. She gathered her courage and took out her phone to shine on Chen Ge.

"Boss Chen‽" She gasped. Even though she had suspected that earlier, it was still quite unbelievable.

"After you that surprised? I thought you realized that earlier," Chen Ge said and provided the reason that he had thought of earlier. "When you came to my Haunted House this morning, I noticed that the two of you were hiding some secrets. I was worried about you two, so I've been following you."

Ma Yin had other questions, but she was interrupted by Chen Ge. "Don't need to thank me. You're my guests, and since I noticed it, I couldn't just let it be."

He silently moved the hammer inside the backpack. "I don't have anything to ask for. The reason I'm doing is so that I can sleep at night. If you really feel like repaying me, then bring more friends to come visit my Haunted House."

Chen Ge's image increased tremendously in the girls' hearts. Even though Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian still had many questions, there was one thing they could not deny-it was Chen Ge who had saved them that night.

"Thank you."

"Quickly return to your bedroom. It won't be good if you're discovered wandering around the campus at 3 or 4 am." Chen Ge glanced at his own shadow. "We can continue this discussion in the morning."

Chen Ge sent the two girls away, and he prepared to return to New Century Park. He turned around to glance one last time at the old education block. He wanted to say something like When Zhang Ya wakes up, I'll return, but to his surprise, the door that he had kicked earlier had been opened again.

Something came out? Why didn't I notice it?

Chen Ge looked around him before turning to look in the direction that the two girls had left. His pupils narrowed, and he saw a third woman following behind the two girls.

Then the three of them entered the female dormitory together.