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385 No Tears Left to Cry!

 With his hand on the hammer, Chen Ge walked up to the statue. He looked at the statue's eyes and asked his first question.

"You can verify the validity of my every sentence, yes?" Chen Ge's question was not that difficult because he did not plan to make an enemy of the statue. He waited for half a minute, but the statue did not react.

"What's going on? Why didn't he cry?" Chen Ge turned to look at Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian. When the two girls saw him turn around, they shivered involuntarily.

"That's impossible! We've tried it earlier; the statue is real." They were underground, and the only source of lightning they had with them came from the phone. Ma Yin wanted to take a closer look at the statue, so she raised the phone that she had in her hand. However, just as the light hit the statue, she immediately put her hand down like she had realized something.

She urgently apologized to Chen Ge. "I understand your rules. I didn't see your face, and I don't know what you look like. I didn't see anything! We will not speak a word of what happened here to anyone!"

Her gaze focused on that creepy-looking murder weapon, and Ma Yin wished to throw her phone away. Now that she had been taken hostage, she was worried that they would be silenced for knowing too much.

Inside the basement at 2 am, first they ran into ghost, and then they were chased by monsters that looked like bald fishes and finally this murderer. A series of mental collapses had hollowed out Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian's minds. Their minds were completely blank-they just wanted to return to the surface as soon as possible.

"Afraid that you might get killed?" Chen Ge said to himself. "I cannot say your worry is not unfounded."

Hearing that, the two girls almost cried. "It's alright, I won't blame this on the two of you."

Chen Ge turned back to the statue. With his Yin Yang Vision, he could see the blood stain around the statue's eyes. "Was my question to difficult?"

When he was studying the statue, Liu Xianxian, who stood behind Ma Yin, slowly calmed down. Listening to Chen Ge's voice, she felt it sounded very familiar, similar to someone in her memory. "Impossible, why would he be here at 2 am? I should be mistaken."

Chen Ge ignored the two girls and walked around the statue, dragging the hammer. "A stench is coming out from inside the statue, I do wish to break it open to take a look."

He moved to stand before the statue again. "This time, I'll try a simpler question. I hope you'll give it much consideration before giving the answer."

Chen Ge pressed the play button on the recorder and picked up the hammer. "Do you think I can smash you into pieces in under a minute? If you don't, then I would love to give it a try."

White noise came out from Chen Ge's backpack, and several seconds later, two lines of blood escaped the statue's eyes.

"Looks like the legend is real." Chen Ge laughed satisfactorily. Listening to his laugh, the two girls behind him shivered. They looked at the statue in the dark corner, and for some reason, they felt pity for it.

The Pen Spirit can predict the future, but it is only fifty percent accurate. This statue can verify the authenticity of every word. If I combine their powers, doesn't that mean I will have a one hundred percent accurate prediction every time?

Chen Ge started to have ideas for this statue.

I don't think it's possible for me to carry this thing out alone. Asking two girls to help me is quite unreasonable. I suppose there's nothing I can do for now.

The blood tears slid down the statue's face, making it look quite pitiful. It only stopped crying when Chen Ge turned off the recorder.

I suppose I won't walk away empty-handed tonight. Chen Ge turned to ask the girls, "Is there a limitation to number of questions I can ask in that legend?"

"Amount of question?" Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian thought that Chen Ge was going to leave already, but who would have thought he would ask something like that? "I don't think so."

"No limitation?" Chen Ge felt rejuvenated. The statue had been placed in the storeroom for such a long time, so he must be familiar with this place. Chen Ge put the hammer away and very gently helped wipe the tears on the statue's face away.

"Okay, now I will ask you the second question." Chen Ge looked at the statue's ugly face. "The monsters that hid in this room earlier came from the underground morgue, yes?"

Several seconds later, blood red tears came from the statue's eyes.

"Very good, third question, there are people or monsters scarier than me in the underground morgue, yes?" The blood tear did not stop. The scene made the two girls close their eyes.

"Fourth question: someone is secretly helping the monsters in the morgue, yes?" The statue's tears had dried, but his survival instinct forced him to push out some tears.

"Looks like my previous speculation was not wrong. This underground morgue is complicated." Chen Ge realized that the statue was reaching its limits, so he asked the last question. "This is the last and most important question, so you'd better consider it carefully. The chairperson of the ghost stories society is Captain Yan from the police department, yes?"

The term 'ghost stories society' seemed to have a special meaning to the statue. When it heard these four words, the stench disappeared instantly like the soul on the statue had escaped.

"You cannot say? Could the society be the one who placed the statue here? Is the underground morgue also related to the society?" Chen Ge leaned close to the statue. His finger brushed across the statue's eyes, and there was one last blood tear drop that was oozing out.

"Looks like Captain Yan is really unrelated to the society." Chen Ge touched the statue's head, "Thank you for your help, but I have to remind you, none of the members of the society are sane; it's dangerous if you follow them. Why not go toward the light? I'll protect you in the future."

The statue did not show any response, and Chen Ge did not force it. He pushed the statue and placed it horizontally on the ground. He looked from underneath the base-the statue was hollow.

"The Pen Spirit can predict the future because it is possessed by a spirit. This statue has a similar ability, so it is probably related to a ghost as well." Chen Ge reached his hand into the statue. "The space is very big. I thought the statue would be hiding a body, but I'm mistaken. But something must be different about this statue since it can be possessed by a spirit. There might not be a body inside it now, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't hiding a body before this."

Chen Ge talked to himself, not caring about how the others with him felt. Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian were greatly panicked. They thought the man was finding a suitable spot to abandon their bodies.

"Anyway, the result is not bad for tonight. Let's leave for now." Chen Ge stood up and picked the statue back up. "The statue says that there is something scarier than me in the underground morgue. Based on my current ability, it is probably not enough to deal with that three-star trial mission."