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377 Big Sisters Video

 Liu Xianxian was despondent because her date did not show, so she did not notice Chen Ge, who was trailing her.

She's going back to the dormitory. What should I do? Wait outside the dormitory?

Chen Ge looked around the female dormitory. Even though there were good hiding spots, if he was discovered there, he would definitely be handed over to the police. He looked on as Liu Xianxian entered the dormitory and disappeared up the stairs.

I cannot follow her any longer, but if I leave just like that, the Trial Mission will definitely fail.

Caught in a conundrum, he headed in the direction of the abandoned education block.

Based on the phone spirit's description, Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian leave the bedroom at 1 am every night; it shouldn't be any different tonight. I only need to find a place to wait for them to show up. The abandoned building won't have any people coming at night, and the guards don't normally patrol there.

Chen Ge very easily found the abandoned education block. He climbed to the second floor and kept his eyes on the road. I feel like such a Peeping Tom, but no one will probably suspect there's someone inside this abandoned building.

Leaning against the wall, Chen Ge took out his phone to play. I should have brought the white cat with me. Guarding this place alone is quite boring.

He googled his own Haunted House online, reading through the latest comments and articles before logging into the video sharing app. He was surprised at how busy his inbox was. He clicked it open and was shocked to see so many of them urging him to update the comic. Of ten comments, about half of them had to do with the horror comic. Uncle Yan, you're going to be huge!

After Chen Ge posted Yan Danian's comic on the website, he had stopped following it. He was surprised to find the comic had more than 10,000 comments. Many commenters thought that Chen Ge was the artist and praised him for his talent. Beyond the streams and videos, he was such a good comic artist. They praised him for being a genius.

Thankfully, I didn't upload everything at once last time. Chen Ge clicked through his phone. He had saved Yan Danian's comic into a collection called Ghost Tenants, and he had only uploaded the first part. He opened the inbox and glanced through it, but he could not find any comic website or publisher contacting him.

Looks like the influence is not big enough, but Uncle Yan should be happy knowing so many people like his work.

Chen Ge was reminded of Uncle Yan's disappointed face. He was so sad that even ghosts did not have the heart to bully him. He took out the comic from his pocket and called Uncle Yan's name softly.

Perhaps because Chen Ge had been calling Yan Danian when he was in throes of danger, it had completely ruined the man's hope for life. Chen Ge called the man about ten times, but the middle-aged man that faced the wall refused to turn around.

"Uncle Yan, look at the number of people who enjoyed your work! 10,000 comments, all asking for updates! They're all your fans!" Chen Ge swiped the comments before the comic page, and for the first time, the expression on Yan Danian's face shifted. He was shocked. He did not even imagine there would come a day when his work would get so popular.

"Uncle Yan, don't get too ahead of yourself. This is just a beginning. In the future, you'll gather more fans, and countless publishers will come to you. Your comic might even have the chance to be adapted into a cartoon or movie."

Chen Ge did not know how the business worked, but he tried his best to create a hopeful blueprint for Yan Danian to lay the groundwork for what he was going to say next. "It was the correct choice to follow me. I've told you before, I'll help you fulfil your dream."

In the corridor on the abandoned education block, Chen Ge held the phone and talked about dreams and the future to a comic. As his only listener, Yan Danian believed Chen Ge. He sat in the corner of the comic with his fists gripped tight like he was holding the hope of the future in them.

With Yan Danian watching, Chen Ge uploaded the second part for Ghost Tenants and added at the bottom-Joint production of Western Jiujiang's House of Horrors.

Seeing the comments that rolled in, Yan Danian was even more excited than Chen Ge.

Based on this development, Uncle Yan's third power should be unlocked soon.

Yan Danian was categorized by the black phone as a Lesser Red Specter, but his first two power were support-based, so Chen Ge was anticipating his third power. He arranged the comic pages that the Ghost Tenants would use in the future, and without him realizing it, it was 1 am, and the campus was very silent.

"Are Liu Xianxian and Ma Yin not planning to come out today? Were they influenced by Gao Ru Xue's incident?" Chen Ge was rather bored waiting alone inside the building. He looked down the dark corridor and hoped that some ghost would come down it to quench his boredom.

At 1:48 am, there was finally some movement from the female dormitory. The old dormitory's front door was slowly pushed open, and the two girls walked out.

"Finally, you've arrived." Chen Ge collected everything into his backpack and went downstairs.


Ma Yin gently slid the dormitory's door shut. They looked around and made sure no one was watching before running past the surveillance camera. The two sneaked into the nearby lane and headed for the abandoned education block.

"We only have the north-eastern side of the warehouse that we haven't searched. We'll definitely find that statue tonight." Ma Yin looked at how sad Liu Xianxian was, but she did not know how to console her. "Then we'll find all our answers."

With puffy eyes, Liu Xianxian looked at the phone in her hands and sighed with uncertainty. "But we've been looking for so many days already. I'm beginning to think that the statue isn't even real."

"It has to be real. In the video that my big sister left before she disappeared, there was a description on that statue." Ma Yin took out her phone and clicked open one of the videos. The video was only thirteen seconds long, but the shot image was quite scary.

The video had probably been shot in secret. The angle was weird; the camera seemed to have been placed under the bed, and the screen was aimed at the room outside.

There was a swinging rope in the middle of the room like someone was planning to hang themselves. There was blood on the floor, and a bloodied bedsheet dangled by the edge of the bed.

There was no dead body captured on the screen, but there was the edge of a bloodied bedsheet squeezed through the dresser door. Facing the bed was a western sculpture, and there were plenty of unfinished sculptures on the table.

The video soon reached its end. The screen shook slightly, and at the last second, the camera turned to the window. At the windowsill, there was a woman with unnatural skin color poking out half of her head, looking into the room.

The screen went dark, and the video ended.