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374 The Girl Who Doesnt Know Fear

 Chen Ge's Haunted House had become quite famous in Jiujiang, and a bunch of videos about it could be found online. In fact, some of the visitors had photoshopped Chen Ge holding the hammer as an emoji, so from how he saw it, it was quite normal for him to be recognized. "Which scenario are you guys going to challenge?"

"We've cleared all the one-star scenarios, so we plan to challenge Mu Yang High School today." It was a girl who spoke. She looked normal but very tall. She had a nasally voice, and based on the lines on her palm, she seemed to be a basketball player.

"Two-star scenarios are much scarier than one-star scenarios. I hope you're prepared." Chen Ge waved at them. "Come this way, please sign the disclaimer first."

Chen Ge handed the forms to the group. He stood to the side, thinking they were normal visitors. However, when he saw the name of one of the girls, he realized that he was wrong.

Liu Xianxian? Isn't that Gao Ru Xue's roommate? Chen Ge looked at the other disclaimers and saw the name written by the tall girl-Ma Yin. The chance of having two names repeated was rare. What were they doing at the Haunted House?

Chen Ge had just received the hint from the black phone when Liu Xianxian and Ma Yin entered the Haunted House, so Chen Ge paid full attention. He sidled to the group of young people and asked casually, "Are you students from Jiujiang's Medical University?"

Once he said that, all five of them raised their heads. They looked nervous like they had been targeted by a bad person.

"How did you know that?" Liu Xianxian was closest to Chen Ge. She wore a faded perfume.

"I not only know you're students from Jiujiang's Medical University, I know you are facing some inner problems, so you come to the Haunted House to release stress," Chen Ge said randomly, but it sounded quite reasonable to the group of youngsters. "Three guys and two girls coming to visit together, but the two girls stick close together, not glancing once at the guys. I believe your hearts are already taken and are troubled over this thing in your heart."

Chen Ge's word hit Liu Xianxian's heart. Her lips fell open with surprise. "The online comments say you're proficient at psychology. I didn't believe it at first, but it looks like I was wrong."

When Liu Xianxian agreed to Chen Ge's hypothesis, the three boys looked rather disappointed. Probably due to curiosity, Liu Xianxian asked Chen Ge, "Boss, do you think I should be together with that man or not?"

Chen Ge hesitated and remembered the information that was revealed when he conversed with the phone spirit. After some time, he shook his head and said, "I can only guess what you're thinking from your emotions and actions; I've not met the man you like before, so I cannot give you an answer. But if you believe me, why don't you bring me to go meet that person? I definitely will give you a satisfactory reply."

"Really?" Liu Xianxian was desperate to know whether the man really liked her or not, so she was considering Chen Ge's offer.

"Liu Xian, the boss is just joking with you. Do you really believe him?" Ma Yin put her hand on Liu Xianxian's shoulder-the two seemed close.

"I'm not kidding. Jiujiang's Medical University's students are my local customers, and that's why I'm trying to help. Do you see me offering to help other visitors?" Chen Ge felt like, between Liu Xianxian and Ma Yin, one of them was possibly the special visitor, and that was why he said those things.

Seeing the wavering conviction in her roommate, Ma Yin sighed. "Well, as long as you're happy."

"There's nothing to lose from trying it out." Liu Xianxian exchanged phone numbers with Chen Ge. "Boss, my friend is a straight shooter-that's how she is. Don't mind her."

Chen Ge pocketed his phone and glanced at Ma Yin. "Straight shooter? From how I see it, the trouble in your roommate's heart might not be smaller than yours."

"Do you really think you're a psychologist? What kind of trouble am I facing?" Ma Yin rolled her eyes and took her arm back from Liu Xianxian's shoulders.

Chen Ge looked into Ma Yin's eyes, and after five seconds, he told her, "Big sister?"

It was quiet inside the Haunted House, so even though Chen Ge was not loud, everyone present could hear what he said. Ma Yin, who had remained calm until then, widened her eyes after she heard those two words. Her heart skipped a beat, and her body froze.

"Ma Yin!" Liu Xianxian shook Ma Yin's shoulders. Several breaths later, Ma Yin seemed to wake up from her dream, and she shook Liu Xianxian's arm away. "What's wrong with you? Ma Yin!"

Suddenly realizing something, Ma Yin calmed down immediately. She ignored Chen Ge and pushed the disclaimer on the table forward. "It's nothing. I was indeed thinking about my big sister earlier. I was just surprised boss managed the guess, gave me quite a shock."

"Then, shall we leave? You look so pale."

"You're making too big a deal out of this." Ma Yin smiled apologetically at Chen Ge. "We've signed the disclaimer. Let's begin the experience."

"I just made some random guess, don't think too much of it." Chen Ge picked up the disclaimers and led the way forward. "Mu Yang High School is underground, come with me."

Pulling up the wooden board, Chen Ge watched the batch of visitors enter the scenario. "Have fun."

Closing the boards, the smile on Chen Ge's face slowly disappeared. "Ma Yin's reaction was too weird when she heard the words big sister. Could she be my third special visitor?"

Liu Xianxian was a possible candidate as well, but in comparison, Ma Yin gave Chen Ge a stranger feeling. Entering the surveillance room, Chen Ge followed the students' progress in Mu Yang High School, focusing on Ma Yin and Liu Xianxian. The five were quite brave, and they knew the layout well-they had probably read the guide before they arrived.

As they went down the corridor, the five soon arrived at the sealed classroom. When they passed by, the mannequins in the room turned in unison. The three boys and Ma Yin were spooked, but Liu Xianxian was laughing. "Why is she laughing? Is this funny?"

Inside the creepy environment, being stared at by a group of mannequins, a normal person should have felt scared. Chen Ge had his hand under his chin. Initially, he thought Ma Yin was the special visitor, but seeing how Liu Xianxian acted inside the Haunted House, his opinion changed.

"Is it because it's not scary enough?"

Chen Ge opened the list of background music and entered Black Friday and Wedding Dress into the playlist.

The five stopped outside the sealed classroom. None of the boys dared go in. In the end, Liu Xianxian told them something, and all five of them entered the classroom together.