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369 Im Also a Member of the Society

 There's a long nail in the rag doll's sleeve, so she should be the one who did this.

The last eyeball was not dyed red, and the ghost stories society's ritual had been interrupted. It could not be considered successful, but it did not fail completely either. The blood vessels entered the Specter's body, making it more authentic, like it could jump out of the door at any moment.

After thirty seconds, there was a weird sound coming from inside the door. It sounded like a ball bouncing on the ground.

"A human skull?"

Chen Ge summoned Xu Yin and guarded the door with the hammer. If he had not just boarded up the cubicle, he could have been fighting the thing then. The sound came closer until it rammed into the door, causing the cubicle to shake slightly.

When the monster knocked into the door, nine eyes of the Specter painted on the door opened wide. A boy's scream escaped the door, and the bouncing ball quickly retreated. The sound disappeared, and the one minute ended. The Specter did not escape from the door. It appeared like it was forever stuck inside the door due to the one eye that had been poked blind. The blood door returned to normal like nothing ever happened.

The monster behind the door screamed loudly when it touched the door. The voice was filled with pain and terror. Looks like this Specter painted by the society is not to be messed with.

The drawing disappeared alongside the blood, but the memory was still fresh in Chen Ge's mind.

The Specter has the eyes of five sinners and carries tons of torture devices. It looks scary and can force dark spirits away. How come it feel like a door guardian? Normal families will put up pictures of door guardians during New Year to protect the family. Is this the same purpose for the ghost stories society?

At Coffin Village, Wu Fei had once said that the door at Chen Ge's Haunted House was probably unoccupied. At the time, No. 10's reaction had been huge, like an unoccupied 'door' was extremely rare.

A weird painting to control a 'door'? That's too unrealistic, but the key to becoming the owner of a door should be inside the door.

Now that he thought about it, Chen Ge suspected that the painting was a way to protect the door. The door was the connection between the two worlds. To explore the world behind the door, first one had to guarantee the door's safety. That way, one could retreat instantly in case of danger.

To protect the door from outsiders, that should be one of the purposes of this painting. I'll need time to discover its other uses.

To ensure that the painting would not influence the daily operation of the Haunted House, Chen Ge used Xu Yin and Yan Danian to try it out. Neither of them reacted in any special way.

I still worry about this, I should come back at midnight tomorrow.

Chen Ge's initial attitude toward the door was to avoid it and seal it up, but after Zhang Ya charged into the door at the Third Sick Hall, his attitude toward the door had slowly changed.

If there's a chance, I should go look behind this door.

Chen Ge then recalled Xu Yin and turned to look at his shadow.

When Zhang Ya awakens, I should try to take a spin behind the door.

It was already midnight, but Chen Ge did not feel tired at all. He tried to sleep but could not. His mind was still on that phone spirit. He felt like it would be immensely helpful to have that spirit as a Haunted House employee. Letting it die alongside the society was such a waste.

Normal people tried their best to avoid Specters and ghosts, but Chen Ge was the complete opposite.

The phone spirit belongs to the ghost stories society, and technically speaking, I'm also a member. Even though they didn't admit it, that's not important.

Chen Ge suddenly realized this as the society was almost crumbling. The society had more than one door and had been hiding in the shadows of the city for so many years, so they should have collected many goodies. Taking this one step further, even if they did not leave behind anything physical, just the information they had on ghosts would be extremely beneficial to Chen Ge.

This is such a wealth of treasure!

The society, including its chairperson, would all be captured soon. As the sub member of the society, Chen Ge felt like it was time for him to step up. Carrying his bag, Chen Ge dragged the hammer back to Mu Yang High School. He entered the female dormitory and found the Pen Spirit.

"Don't worry, I'm here. No one can hurt you."

After consoling the Pen Spirit, Chen Ge used her power to determine Han Bao'er's location. The successful rate of Pen Spirit's prediction was fifty percent, and the prediction could not be beyond her power. These conditions made her ability rather weak.

However, that day, perhaps instigated by outside influence, after Chen Ge asked the question, she wrote down a very detailed address on the paper.

"Xi Xia Hu's third building 23rd floor? The killer herself is a tenant at Xi Xia Hu?"

This was an important detail, and Chen Ge memorized the address on the paper. He took out his phone to call Captain Yan, but after a moment's hesitation, he put the phone away.

Locking the Haunted House, Chen Ge left New Century Park.

If she has a Red Specter, then we'll retreat and ask the police for help; if she only has normal ghosts, we'll capture her alive and suck all the ghosts she has into the comic to be trained.

Chen Ge was hiding in the dark and had the element of surprise thanks to the Pen Spirit. Combined that with Xu Yin and Yan Danian, he had every advantage. The taxi arrived at Xi Xia Hu; the roadblock was still ongoing. To prevent the hammer in his bag from being confiscated, Chen Ge got out early.

The killer can be handed over to the police, but I need that phone spirit.

Chen Ge returned to the surveillance room. Captain Yan and his men had already left. Weirdly enough, Captain Yan did not ask about Chen Ge's location. It was unclear whether he was too busy or it had already become a habit.

After a long search, Chen Ge finally found Lee Zheng. He told him about the Pen Spirit's prediction and attached that with a long list of speculation. Lee Zheng listened to him with a frown. Chen Ge's analysis was completely unreliable. If this had been someone else, he would have asked them to leave.

However, Lee Zheng did not disregard Chen Ge's input. After all, the man was special and had a brilliant case clearing record. He seemed to be the kryptonite of sinners.

After some communication, Lee Zheng found the information for all the tenants on the 23rd floor, and with the accompaniment of the owner, they went up to said floor.