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367 The Rag Doll Before the Door

 A dangerous glow appeared in Chen Ge's eyes. Since the chairperson gave him a sense of familiarity, it was all the more reason for him to expose the man. The five killings look like they're part of a ritual. The society has spent so long preparing this, so they should have started the moment after luring me out from the Haunted House.

The ghost stories society was afraid that Chen Ge might ruin the ceremony, and Cheng Ge was worried about his life. After all, at the time, Xu Yin had not awakened yet. He could only use those Specters that looked scary but were not at all harmful. But things had changed; Xu Yin had awakened. Even though his condition was a bit weird, he did raise Chen Ge's combat ability.

With the cooperation between Xu Yin and Yan Danian, they might stop the opponent's Red Specter. Then I will have the chance to stop the person behind all this.

Thinking about this, Chen Ge walked over to Captain Yan. "Captain Yan, I have an emergency back at the Haunted House."

"You'd better stay put until the killer is apprehended. Don't forget, you're one of their primary targets." Captain Yan did not agree to le Chen Ge go. He talked into the talkie-walkie, busy with the teams.

Returning to the chair, Chen Ge's eyes swept Captain Yan and the two officers in the room. Since he first met Captain Yan, he had never suspected this policeman that was filled with a sense of justice, but this time, his conviction swayed.

Two hours ago, it was Captain Yan who had personally called Chen Ge to come to the station. His reason was flawless, and he did sound like he wanted to protect Chen Ge, but the timing was too coincidental. It was about the time the society went to his Haunted House.

Looking further back, when the society wanted to snatch the door at Coffin Village, their preparation was so complete. They knew both Jiang Ling and Coffin Village very well, but where did they get that information?

Coffin Village was well hidden within the mountains, separated from the world. Those escaped villagers in Lin Guan Village had rarely communicated with the outside world as well. That was until half a year ago, when Jiang Ling's parents were poisoned, and this isolated village came under the police's radar. Captain Yan was also part of the investigation team then.

It was Captain Yan who entered Coffin Village, and it was his men that took care of Jiang Ling-that was undeniable truth. When Chen Ge saved Gu Feiyu at Fang Hwa Apartments, Captain Yan had also been there. It was Captain Yan who followed up on the cases from the Third Sick Hall. Now that he thought about it, there were reasons to suspect Captain Yan. Of course, these were merely suspicions. From how Chen Ge saw it, Captain Yan had no reason to do all this; it could just be a coincidence.

After Han Bao'er gets captured tonight, the society will only have the chairperson left.

Chen Ge made sure that Captain Yan was not looking at him when he sneaked out from the room and took a taxi back to New Century Park. Chen Ge arrived at the park at around 11 pm, and once he got out, he knew that something was wrong. There was a very light smell in the air. The stench was similar to the stench at the Third Sick Hall and Hai Ming Apartments but much lighter.

"It's that smell again." Chen Ge had noticed this smell when he first arrived at Hai Ming Apartments. At the time, he had asked Doctor Gao about it and realized that only he could notice this very weird smell. After greeting the park guard, Chen Ge entered the premises.

The more he walked through the park, the more he felt something was wrong. The attractions looked normal, but they looked suddenly old to Chen Ge, like they were covered in a layer of dust. Pressing the play button on the recorder, Chen Ge took out the hammer from his backpack as he approached his Haunted House.

The park was rather creepy at night, and Chen Ge moved slowly. This is weird. Could it be that the last member of the society hasn't left yet?

When he was thirty meters away from the Haunted House, the bushes nearby suddenly moved. Chen Ge narrowed his eyes and readied the hammer. Several seconds later, the leaves were pushed back, and a white cat poked out its small head. Its multi-colored eyes were obvious in the dark. When it saw Chen Ge, it jumped out and climbed onto Chen Ge's shoulders, feeling this was the safest place.

At least help the Haunted House when I'm away. All you do is flee.

Chen Ge touched the white cat's head. The cat looked spooked. Chen Ge continued to move forward until he reached the gate.

The lock is untouched, so the person probably didn't go through the front door.

He walked around the Haunted House and stopped at the toilet's window. Due to the incident with the mirror monster, the room had been sealed off, but now the window was open again.

He's here for that blood 'door'.

Chen Ge pulled the window opened and placed the cat on the windowsill. Seeing that the cat showed no response, Chen Ge jumped into the room.

Someone has moved the stuff in here.

The mop and brooms that should have been standing at the corner were on the ground, and the newly replaced toilet door was broken down. There were cracks on the mirror in the toilet, and the wooden boards on the toilet cubicle had all been removed.

Zhang Ya is sleeping inside my shadow, and Xu Yin has been with me. Other than them, who in this Haunted House can rival the people from the ghost stories society?

The chairperson would definitely have a Red Specter, and Chen Ge did not think that he had anyone at the Haunted House who could beat a Red Specter.

Did I miss something?

Chen Ge turned on the light in the toilet. He cleared away the trash and finally found something after removing all the boards. In front of the cubicle door sat a tattered rag doll.

It's her?

This scene was quite familiar. When Chen Ge did the Nightmare Mission for the first time, it was also this rag doll that had lain before the mirror to stop the mirror monster from coming out. He picked up the rag doll. After his parents' disappearance, the police had only managed to find two things, the black phone and this rag doll that Chen Ge made when he was a child.

After completing the third Nightmare Mission, Chen Ge had confirmed the rag doll's identity. It was a soul that protected the Haunted House and New Century Park; she was Director Luo's daughter.

The rag doll had many wounds on its body. There was a gash about the size of a finger on the back, and the cotton inside had been roughly pulled out. Chen Ge pushed the cotton back into the body and placed the rag doll on the counter.

After doing all that, Chen Ge turned to look at the cubicle door. The rag doll had blocked the way, so this meant that the society had not been successful. Their target was this door, but from its appearance, nothing had changed with this blood door.

Chen Ge was still worried. He pulled the door open, and when he did, he noticed a faded smell of blood in the air. He lowered his head to look. There was a painting of a weird Specter behind the door. It gnashed its teeth and was carrying many torture devices. The strangest thing was that the creature had ten eyes, and all of them seemed to be looking at Chen Ge.