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366 Chen Ges Method of Elimination

 "I was so scared that when I got home that I forgot to close the anti-theft door." Gao Ru Xue was still shaking, thinking about what happened then.

"Your choice was correct. The person trailing you had malicious intent." The phone spirit amplified the fear in Gao Ru Xue's heart to cause her to experience various illusions. No matter the situation, she would imagine it in the worst scenario, but that might have been the reason she was saved. ten minutes later, Chen Ge received the call from Doctor Gao, calling him to the building's surveillance room.

Chen Ge was worried about leaving Gao Ru Xue alone in the room in her current state, so he carried her in his arms as he moved downstairs. They entered the surveillance room where Doctor Gao and two security guards were stationed before the computers.

"Any discoveries?"

"Take a look at this." Doctor Gao had the guard replay the footage, and they saw something hair-raising. After Gao Ru Xue entered the safety door, a person wearing a large dark-colored raincoat followed behind her. He tailed Gao Ru Xue closely like her shadow.

In the next screen, Gao Ru Xue had already arrived on the 13th floor. She raced to her home and searched for the house key with her hands shaking. Even through the screen, one could sense her fear. The man in raincoat slowly crept up on her. When he appeared on the 13th floor, Gao Ru Xue was still fiddling with the door.

He picked up speed, and during that process, the wind blew the sleeve off. It could be seen clearly on the screen that he was holding a uniquely-shaped metal device that was covered in blood.

The distance between the two closed. When there was less than ten meters between them, Gao Ru Xue finally got the inner door open and ran into the room. The door was slammed shut, and the corridor became quiet again.

However, the man in the raincoat did not leave. He stopped at the door to Gao Ru Xue's room and slowly squatted down, hiding in the blind spot. If Gao Ru Xue thought the man had left and opened the door, the consequences would have been unimaginable. The time continued to move, but the screen felt like it had stopped. The killer kept himself frozen beside the door.

"Could this man be the culprit behind those eye-gauging cases? Is the sharp device in his sleeve the murder weapon?" When they were looking at the video, the surveillance room door was pushed open and in walked two policemen.

"We're from the station precinct. I'm sorry, but where is Doctor Gao?" Chen Ge was familiar with the man who asked the question. It was Lee Zheng, whom he had met at Fang Hwa Apartments, one of Captain Yan's trusted officers.

When Chen Ge recognized Lee Zheng so did Lee Zheng recognize Chen Ge. The next question out of Lee Zheng's lips was... "Has there been another murder?"

"Almost." Chen Ge did not think he would run into Lee Zheng, and he was surprised Lee Zheng seemed to know Doctor Gao quite well.

"If not for Chen Ge's help, my daughter would have been the victim." Doctor Gao was still coming down from his emotions. His daughter had almost died; anyone would need some time to process that worry.

Lee Zheng walked to the computer, and when he saw the person in the video, his expression changed. He immediately took out his phone to call a number. "Captain Yan! The suspect for the eye-gouging cases has been spotted at Xi Xia Hu residential area! It is similar to how the suspect was captured in other videos; the killer is wearing a dark-colored raincoat!"

After making the report, Lee Zheng asked for everyone's cooperation and to stay in the room. Ten minutes later, Captain Yan arrived with his men. After asking about the situation, he had the perimeter surrounded. "Don't worry, we have pinpointed the general location of the killer, there's no way he'll be escaping tonight!"

The commotion was much larger than Chen Ge had expected. With police cars and hounds, all the streets were sealed. It was obvious that this time the police had given it their all.

"The video shows that the suspect has left the third building in the last twenty minutes. Without the aid of a runaway car, the suspect should still be around the area." Captain Yan marked down several points on the map on his phone and sent it to the officers' phones. "Listen to me, comb the area inch by inch! Even if she's buried three feet underground, we'll find her tonight!"

With Captain Yan's order, the officers started to move like a well-oiled machine. After Captain Yan finished his order, Chen Ge sidled up to the man. "Captain Yan, the killer is completely covered inside the raincoat, and none of you have seen him before. Will he be able to escape by just walking out the perimeter?"

"Even though we have not seen her face, it doesn't mean that we cannot recognize her." Captain Yan followed the movement of the teams closely and explained to Chen Ge, "This killer is cruel and cunning. Her targets are totally random, and there is no rhyme or reason. This is an incredibly hard case for the investigation team, but the most cunning fox will eventually fall to a better hunter. She thought she had committed the perfect crime, but she's made some mistakes because she was in too much of a hurry to get the job done.

"We've pulled out more than one hundred cameras from the five crime scenes, and through digital reconstruction and the hair follicle and skin particles that we've collected at the crime scene, our criminal profiler has come up with this painting."

Captain Yan pointed at his phone, and on the screen was an average-sized woman that was impossibly gorgeous.

"The killer is a woman?" Chen Ge was rather surprised.

"Not only a woman, an impossibly beautiful woman." The walkie-talkie made a noise, and Captain Yan turned away from Chen Ge to focus on his work. What Captain Yan said repeated itself in Chen Ge's mind; he had a good idea who the real killer was now.

She was related to the ghost stories society, was incredibly beautiful, and had a mental illness; there was only one woman who fit the criteria-Third Sick Hall's Patient No. 6, Han Bao'er!

There was a comment on her patient's report-Just how harsh must God be to make a woman as beautiful as this?

Other than Wang Shenglong, this woman was the last patient at Third Sick Hall. After removing her, the completion rate would go over ninety percent, and Chen Ge would get the hidden reward!

It should be her. Chen Ge moved back silently. The real reason for gouging out the eyes should be related to the door at my Haunted House. This means that Han Bao'er is a member of the society. As long as she is captured or removed, the society will only have one member left.

After confirming the identity of Han Bao'er, another detail could be confirmed.

No. 10 was taller than Han Bao'er and a man, so No. 10 isn't Han Bao'er! If this is true, then that familiar No. 10 should be the chairperson!

In less than one week, Chen Ge had used his own method of elimination to discover the chairperson.

Quite a good hider, but it's useless before me. After Han Bao'er is captured, it's your turn next!