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359 The Phone

 Chen Ge had run into two ghost stories society's members at Coffin Village. This meant that one last member remained in Jiujiang to toy with the police. Initially, Chen Ge thought the cases were related to Coffin Village, but it looked like the society's real target was him all along.

Zhang Ya and Xu Yin were both asleep, so the only Specter Chen Ge had left was the Lesser Red Specter Yan Danian, but technically speaking, Uncle Yan could only use support skills. The society realized my limit at Coffin Village. They now know that Zhang Ya is asleep; this situation is very bad for me.

Chen Ge looked at the map on the table silently. The situation was bad for him, but it was worse for the ghost stories society. Wu Fei had been killed by the ghost inside the door, but the black phone did not show that he had died. This was probably due to the detail where the ghost appeared to be quite excited after she picked up the black robes that Wu Fei wore.

After some consideration, Chen Ge suspected that Wu Fei had hidden a part of his consciousness on a scapegoat and then placed that scapegoat somewhere else. The female ghost was so happy after she found the black robe, which meant that the robe was hiding something important. If it was a scapegoat then, falling into the hands of that female ghost would be a fate worse than death for Wu Fei.

The society's plan at Coffin Village had failed completely, and they had lost a member. There were two members left. One of them was under great investigation by the police, and the other had gotten into a fierce fight with Doctor Chen at Coffin Village. Chen Ge knew that the days of the ghost stories society were numbered, but he was afraid that they might do something drastic when cornered. After all, these were crazies; they would do anything.

"Five murders surrounding New Century Park, this isn't an accident. You might be their next target." Captain Yan put the map aside. "We've found the killer and will capture him in about three days. During this time, you'd better not stay at the park at night."

"Understood." Chen Ge realized this was the real reason Captain Yan called him to the station-he wanted to protect him. Captain Yan asked Chen Ge some questions, and during that process, the captain kept releasing information on the cases consciously and subconsciously. Chen Ge remembered these details in his heart. Captain Yan allowed him to leave at 9 pm.

When he exited the station, Chen Ge took out his phone; there was no record of a call or message from Gao Ru Xue.

I've made her wait for so long, but she didn't once call me. Did something happen to her?

Chen Ge felt like the Gao Ru Xue on the phone had acted rather weird. He hopped into the taxi and rushed to Jiujiang Medical University. Inside the cab, Chen Ge called Gao Ru Xue. Similar to before, there was no answer the first two times, and it connected on the third ring. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"I'm at the old education block. Come quick, my roommates are getting more and more abnormal." Gao Ru Xue's voice sounded urgent like she was running to find a place to hide.

"If you're running into any danger, I advise you call the police immediately. The police will be able to do more for you than me." Chen Ge urged the driver to drive faster.

"My worry is my roommates are being possessed. Do you think the police will believe that? My two roommates are not who they were." Gao Ru Xue seemed to know many things, which was obvious from her tone.

"Put the police on speed dial and go somewhere crowded. I'll be there in half an hour."

After hanging up, Chen Ge grabbed the phone and started to think. Whenever I call Gao Ru Xue, it'll be put through on the third ring. Also, on the phone, she was somewhere quiet. If she was in danger, why would she purposely go somewhere quiet?

Sitting inside the taxi, Chen Ge called Doctor Gao and He San.


At 9:30 pm, Gao Ru Xue looked at the self-study room that had become increasingly deserted, and she called Chen Ge one more time. "I'm sorry, but the number you're calling is currently busy..."

This was the twenty-third time that she had called Chen Ge, but every time the line was busy. Did something happen to him?

Gao Ru Xue borrowed her friend's phone to make the call, but there was still no answer, like the number was cursed.

"Last night, when the three shadows came in, I called everyone, and only Chen Ge's reply was different, but how come it has turned around completely today? Everyone else's number is fine, but only his is busy. Who is he on the phone with?" Gao Ru Xue was spacing out holding the phone when someone patted her on her shoulder.

"Xiao Xue, let's go. It's time to go back to the bedroom." Liu Xianxian called Gao Ru Xue to come with her. She looked just like normal, be it her mannerisms or actions; even her tone and habits were perfect. However, this was the thing that scared Gao Ru Xue the most. She knew for a fact that this was not her roommate.

"You can go first. I still want to stay back to study." Gao Ru Xue pocketed her phone and flipped through the book on the table.

"You look so distracted lately. You really have a new boyfriend, don't you?" Liu Xianxian sidled up to Gao Ru Xue, a familiar action-even the joke was similar to how the girl would do it normally. Her best friend sat beside her, but when Liu Xianxian neared Gao Ru Xue, her body froze involuntarily.

"Then, go back to the bedroom when you're done studying. I'll go back first." Liu Xianxian grabbed her book and left. When she disappeared from the room, Gao Ru Xue sighed in relief.

"I cannot stay at the bedroom tonight." Gao Ru Xue took out her phone to call Doctor Gao. "Dad, are you home tonight? I want to come home for the night."

"I'm still at the hospital. I'll probably reach home at 12. Why are you suddenly coming home?"

"My roommates have been acting strange recently. I'll tell you all about it when I reach home."

"Okay." Gao Ru Xue grabbed her book and water bottle as she left the room. She saw Liu Xianxian and Ma Xin talking at the stairs. It looked like they were waiting for her. Avoiding them, Gao Ru Xue took the stairs at the other end of the corridor. She did not return to the bedroom but hailed a taxi to head home.

This is weird, how come only Chen Ge's number is unavailable? Gao Ru Xue took out her phone and called Chen Ge for the twenty-fourth time.

"I'm sorry, but the number you're calling is currently busy..."