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350 Triple the Happiness

 His eyes bulging out of their sockets, yellow hair felt like he was about to faint!

"Have you seen my hand?" Bai Qiulin looked down at him when his neck snapped, and his head fell to the ground. "Where is my hand?"


Zhang Lan's group, who were heading toward Huang Xing, heard the man's scream that came from the corner. The scream pierced through their ear drums. Just what had the man been through to make him scream like that?

"This is bad!" Hearing that, Zhang Lan's face changed. She told Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue, "Something happened to Huang Xing! I told you something is wrong with that Bai Qiulin!"

"Isn't it normal to scream inside a Haunted House? It probably has nothing to do with Bai Qiulin," Mr. Zhou said.

"If it was a prop, then he would scream continuously. There wouldn't be a brief shout like this," Zhang Lan analyzed as she walked forward.

"Understood." Mr. Zhou remembered what Zhang Lan said. "So you're saying that Bai Qiulin is a real mental patient?"

"Not necessarily." Zhang Lan's expression was serious. "Actually, I've been hiding something from you."

She stopped moving and turned to Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue. "According to internet rumors, this Haunted House is really haunted."

"Haunted? You're trying to say Bai Qiulin is a ghost?" Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue stopped together. "You're kidding, right? Who would believe that in this day and age?"

"I also don't think so. When a person is past their fear threshold, other than fainting, they might see illusions," Duan Yue said that, but it was obvious that she was afraid, too. She held Mr. Zhou's hand, and she looked panicked.

"Regardless, this Haunted House is scary. The boss knows psychology. Even if there's no ghost, he can make the visitors feel like there is one." Zhang Lan slowed down to walk beside Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue. The three turned the corner and saw the sedan at the end of the street. The curtains were open.

"Huang Xing and Bai Qiulin have been here." Zhang Lan did not dare go into the old home alone. For support, she dragged Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue with her. When she pushed open the front door, they saw Bai Qiulin coming out from the inner room.

"Stand there and don't move!" Zhang Lan screamed. "Where is Huang Xing? Weren't you two together earlier?"

"How am I supposed to know? We got separated, and I also just rushed here when I heard his scream." Bai Qiulin had his hand inside his pocket, and he seemed impatient. He was offended by the interrogation.

"Then what did you find?" Zhang Lan was very cautious. She did not take a step toward Bai Qiulin.

"I've searched the house inside out, but I cannot find him," Bai Qiulin said and walked toward them.

"Don't come any closer!" Zhang Lan warned him again.

"Xiao Lan, we're all visitors. There's no reason to do this." Mr. Zhou tried to ease the tension.

"You don't understand. I've seen the review that said the boss once had his worker join the visitors to 'play' with them! The man's insane!" Zhang Lan pointed at Bai Qiulin. "Something must be wrong with this man! You have to believe me; the most dangerous threat is often just standing next to you!"

"You suspect I'm a Haunted House employee?" Bai Qiulin chuckled. "Have you lost your mind?"

"If not, why do you keep your left hand inside your pocket? Is it because it's painted, or is it holding some remote control?" Zhang Lan had the support of the two visitors, so she was not afraid. "If you dare take out your hand and there's nothing wrong with it, then I'll take back everything I've said."

Bai Qiulin narrowed his eyes. "You sure?"

"Yes! I'm sure! You're definitely not a normal visitor!" Zhang Lan sounded confident.

"Fine, as you wish." Bai Qiulin pulled out his left arm; it was only an empty sleeve. "Can't a disabled person visit the Haunted House? Must you tear open my wound again? Now are you satisfied?"

Zhang Lan was stunned. She really did not expect Bai Qiulin's left sleeve to have nothing.

"Xiao Lin, you've crossed the line this time." Mr. Zhou came forward to try to calm everyone down. He smiled apologetically at Bai Qiulin. "This girl doesn't mean anything bad. I understand what you're feeling-I've been through something similar."

"This is just a misunderstanding." Duan Yue tried to persuade Zhang Lan. "Stop being so suspicious. Isn't it the biggest taboo to scare yourself inside a Haunted House?"

"No, I still think something is wrong with him. The two of you, follow me. We'll investigate the house together. I suspect he's lying to us." With Zhang Lan leading the way, Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue walked into the inner room. The paper money flew into the air.

"Not in this room." Zhang Lan walked into the bedroom. "The mattress has been moved; someone has been in here before. That Bai Qiulin was indeed lying! Mr. Zhou, you go and keep an eye on him outside. Don't let him out of your sight."

"Okay," Mr. Zhou promised. He left the room with Duan Yue.

"I'll need to inform Sister Mao about this." Zhang Lan took out her phone. She looked around the room before settling on the wooden bed, "The only place large enough to hide someone is under the bed."

The phone rang briefly before it was accepted by Sister Mao. "Xiao Lan, I was about to call you, what happened to Huang Xing? We could hear his scream from here. Did some accident happen?"

Zhang Lan squatted beside the bed. Her voice was urgent. "That Bai Qiulin is suspicious! Do you remember that mental patient that we ran into at the Haunted House overseas? I suspect either Bai Qiulin is an employee or a madman on a rampage!"

"Okay, I understand. Where are you now? We'll meet up with you."

"There's a sedan outside this old home..." Zhang Lan looked below the bed, and multiple red threads intertwined forming a web of sorts. In the middle of the web was a man covered with a red wedding dress.

"Huang Xing?"

"What's wrong? Xiao Lan, have you found Huang Xing?" Sister Mao asked on the phone. Zhang Lan was about to reply when a cold hand suddenly reached out from underneath the bed to grab at her!

Zhang Lan's phone flew from her grasp. She wanted to go grab it when she noticed a person standing beside her. The man's spine was twisted, his neck snapped, but his bloody face made Zhang Lan feel familiar.

"Bai Qiulin!" Zhang Lan was scared. She did not understand how Bai Qiulin walked into the room with Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue watching the door. She called out instinctually, "Mr. Zhou! Come help me!"

The chopped hand silently ended the call. Hearing Zhang Lan, Mr. Zhou and Duan Yue walked into the room. However, their looks had completely changed. All three 'humans' squeezed inside the room to give Zhang Lan triple the 'joy'.

"Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you."