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343 Look Behind You

 When Chen Ge ended the call, Gao Ru Xue's call came in. He San had probably contacted her. "Is it that urgent?"

Chen Ge answered the call, but before he could say anything, Gao Ru Xue's purposely suppressed voice came through. "I'm not wearing earphones, and my roommate is just outside the corridor, so don't raise your voice."

Gao Ru Xue did not sound like she was in a good state-Chen Ge could hear uncertainty and anxiety in her voice. "I just heard from He San that your roommate is possessed?"

"It's scarier than that. I feel like she has changed into a completely different person."

"Is it because of change in habit?"

"She acts like normal, but I can feel that it's not her!" Gao Ru Xue sounded confident. "Listen to me. This is related to legend at our school. There's a stone statue underneath the old education block whose eyes can bleed. According to legend, as long as you can find it before midnight, you can ask it a question.

"I have two roommates. One of them is Ma Xin, and the other is Liu Xianxian. That night, they went out together."

"Why did they want to go look for that statue? Just out of curiosity?" Chen Ge interjected with a question.

"Liu Xianxian has fallen in love with a man that she shouldn't. She has been wondering whether she should get together with him or not. She comes from a single-parent family, so she lacks security. She would fall for anyone who treats her slightly better. We've tried to advise her, but she refused to listen.

"She stubbornly thought the man also loves her deeply but cannot be together with her due to multiple reasons. She wanted to have a clear answer, but she was afraid to ask the man, so she thought to ask the statue to see whether the man's love for her is sincere or not."

Chen Ge was inexperienced in the field of relationships, so he did not comment. "Then what about the other girl?"

"Ma Xin has a big sister, and she managed to get into Jiujiang's Medical University five years ago. However, during her second year, she disappeared while she was on the way home and has remained unfounded to this day. She wants to find out about her sister's location, her whole family do. When she heard about this rumor, she yearned to give it a try."

Gao Ru Xue was halfway through when another female voice came from the corridor. It sounded like it was rushing her. After she answered, Gao Ru Xue spoke faster into the phone. "The two wanted to find the statue, but they're both scared, so they dragged me with them.

"We departed last week and entered the old education block's underground rooms at 11 pm. The place was filled with so many abandoned materials, so it was hard to find a statue. We searched the majority area on the first night but didn't find anything.

"On the second night, I thought they would give up, but they dragged me with them again. Since we've been roommates for so long already, I didn't have the heart to reject them, so I followed them underground a second time. However, this time, things were different. We didn't walk too far into the place before I heard something laughing.

"I asked them about it, but both of them said they didn't hear anything. I had a feeling something was wrong, so I forcibly dragged them out with me. I thought it would end then, but on the third night, they told me they still wanted to go.

"That was the first time I realized something off about them. I warned them if they insisted on doing this, I would report them to the school and dormitory security. Realizing I was serious, they unwillingly went back to bed.

"The real event that sent a chill down my spine happened on the morning of the fourth day. When I opened my eyes, both of my roommates were already awake. They lay in their beds, looking at me, with smiles on their faces.

"On the fourth night, they didn't show any signs of going out, but I just felt something was not right. I lay in bed and pretended to fall asleep. At 2 am, they sat up simultaneously and sneaked out of the room like this was something planned.

"I didn't dare chase after them. They returned at 3:30 am. They went back to bed like nothing had ever happened.

"The same thing happened on the fifth and sixth nights, but last night, things changed. They also left at 2 am and returned at 3:30 am, but when they returned, three of them returned-not two!

"The light in the bedroom was off, so I could not see clearly, but it felt like all three of them were dressed similarly. They walked to the three beds and lay down, and the strangest thing happened!

"There were only three beds in the room, so this meant that one of them crawled into my bed. I didn't dare move throughout the whole night. I used my hands that were hidden inside my bed to call and send messages. You might not believe me, but this is the truth.

"All the replies, no matter who it was, was-Look behind you. Only when I messaged you did the system reply normally. The additional person should have been lying behind me, and at the time, I could only message and call you, but you were unreachable.

"I stayed put until morning. When I looked behind me, there was nothing on the bed. One hour ago, my roommates woke up, and they acted like normal, calling me to breakfast and class, but..."

"Aren't you ready yet?" There was another female voice on the phone, and it sounded like a door had been opened.

"Coming, just talking with a friend on the phone." Gao Ru Xue's voice changed; she sounded calm.

"You rarely talk so much even to us; this isn't like you. You sure it's just a friend?" The other girl commented with a laugh. "In any case, don't just chat on the phone. Today's autopsy class is quite important."

"Okay." Then Gao Ru Xue spoke into the phone. "If you have time, why don't you come over for dinner tonight? This is the first time I'm inviting someone over, so you'd better think about it."

"Hurry on to your class. I'll be over tonight." Chen Ge sounded magnetic on the phone like a confident, mature man.

After hanging up, Chen Ge's expression changed. Gao Ru Xue asked me to meet her in person tonight, looks like this thing has really spooked her. Then again, why could only my contact be reached normally?

He placed both of his phones in his palm, but he could not figure it out.

Statue, the additional person, phone message...

Actually, Chen Ge wanted to ask Gao Ru Xue if that underground room had anything to do with a morgue or not.

No. 10 was carrying a body on his back. Could that body be related to the underground morgue at Jiujiang's Medical University?

Chen Ge examined all the clues in his mind, and the dots started to line up.