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338 Where Did the Cat Come From?

 The small, fair hand pressed on the cold, antique coffin lid. When Jiang Ling touched the red coffin, all the kneeling monsters stopped mourning, and the twisted, scary faces started to rise.

"Come help me!" Jiang Ling screamed shrilly. Her face had lost the usual cuteness, and her expression looked scary.


The solid coffin lid fell to the ground, and everyone turned to look inside the coffin. A woman was lying inside the large red coffin. Wet dark hair stuck to her slim body. Her skin was pale, and her face was handsome. Chen Ge would not describe her as pretty, but there was definitely something unique about her.

"Help me buy some time." Jiang Ling walked into the red coffin and stared at the woman in the coffin. The villagers all stood up. They were conversing in a local language, and they looked so happy.

"How do you expect me to buy time?" Chen Ge turned to look at Jiang Ling, and he got another surprise. Jiang Ling lifted her hair back, and there was a bone missing from the back of her skull. Her head curved inwards. This is the only deformity on Jiang Ling's body?

Walking forward, Jiang Ling rubbed her own blood on the woman's hand and then placed the hand on the back of her head. The blood vessels reached out from the woman's palm and crawled into Jiang Ling's head through the depression.

What is she doing now? Has she reincarnated into Jiang Ling, or is she just possessing her body?

When the villagers saw the woman sleeping in the coffin, they charged at her like a bunch of crazed animals.

"This is why I hate children!" Chen Ge took out the hammer from his backpack and shielded himself before the red coffin. He felt himself being the target of a mob. Seeing the group of monsters charging at him, Chen Ge was flustered. The only thing he could do then was give it his best and call for Zhang Ya to appear.

When the crazed monsters had almost reached Chen Ge and the red coffin, laughter came from the blood fog. "If the female ghost doesn't come out to save you at a time like this, she must really be in a slumber."

A red wave made from faces blasted through the fog, knocking Chen Ge and the villagers away.

The society's Red Specter!

Chen Ge was just brushed by the monster, but his face felt frozen. He looked at his chilled left hand. In the urgency of the moment, he raised both of his hands to shield his head, and his elbow brushed up against the Red Specter.

"I've been tailing you for this particular moment." The faces coagulated to form the monster again. A black robe walked out from behind him. The man stopped beside the red coffin and turned to look at Chen Ge. "Surprised to meet again so soon?"

The black robe said the last sentence in a different voice. He was mimicking the voice of the investigator.

"So, it's you." Chen Ge still had a trump card on him-Yan Danian's power-but he could not use it willy-nilly because his opponent had seen this power before, and they might have prepared for it already.

"Two birds, one stone. You're one of our targets. You're too dangerous; we cannot let you leave this place alive." The black robe took out a small vial from his sleeve. It was half-filled with blood. He swirled it lightly, and the liquid parted to form individual vessels. "Enjoy your last few moments of freedom. In a bit, it'll be your turn."

The face monster had stopped the crazed villagers, so the black robe did not waste time and opened the cap, pouring the vial over Jiang Ling's head.

"These blood vessels were found behind the 'door'. They're extremely precious and extremely useful. They also hide the biggest secret with regards to Red Specter." The situation was in the black robe's full control. He stared at the vessels that crawled out of the vial with extreme focus. "As long as they're touched by these blood vessels, even Red Specter won't be able to escape."

Chen Ge stared at the vial as the vessels slid down its wall and touched Jiang Ling's hair.

"If the ceremony between Jiang Ling and the woman is interrupted, it's over for me." Chen Ge patted his backpack and surreptitiously tapped the white cat's head. "It's your time to shine. Snatch that vial away. Remember, it's that glass thing in the man's hand!"

Chen Ge pointed at the black robe's palm. He did not know whether the white cat understood him or not. The blood vessels might affect the Red Specter's psyche. If the female ghost was controlled by the black robe, then there was definitely no chance for Chen Ge to survive the night. This was his last bet. He was going to use everything he had to protect Jiang Ling and the woman in the coffin.

Chen Ge did not have much time left. He was not one to hesitate. Just as the vessels were about to crawl into Jiang Ling's head, he grabbed the hammer and charged at the black robe!

"Such incompetence." The black robe did not move and maintained his posture. When Chen Ge was two meters away, the face monster burst through the village and blocked Chen Ge with a weird laugh.

"Yan Danian!" The uncle in the comic knew if he did not do anything now, he would also be affected, so he picked up his pen to draw the face monster in his comic. When he finished, the Red Specter stopped, and Chen Ge charged at the black robe. This was the chance he was looking for!

"We will not fall for the same trick twice." The black robe used his empty hand to send a bunch of paper dolls flying at Chen Ge's face. The paper dolls screamed and cried as they tried to climb on Chen Ge.

Chen Ge's movement was affected, and the Red Specter had already recovered. His situation was dire, but Chen Ge was exceptionally calm. He grabbed his backpack and threw it at the black robe.

"So god damn stubborn." The black robe used his free hand to grab the backpack, but when he did so, a white shadow flew out from within!

Even though he had created many ghost stories, he was stunned. "What was that?"

The distressed white cat did not really understand what Chen Ge told it. It just thought there was something special about the vial. It opened its jaw and bit the vial. It then bounded away from the black robe and climbed onto the roof of one of the buildings.

"A cat‽" The crazed villagers, the black robe, and Chen Ge were all looking at the white cat. Its pure white coat was a great contrast to the blood red world.

"Well done!" Chen Ge cheered, but what happened next stunned him.

The white cat looked at the people underneath it as the vial dangled from its lips. Its little head swung left and right, and the blood vessels that were at the mouth of the bottle slid down its throat.

The white cat did not seem to realize the vial was empty. It blinked several times like it was trying to find Chen Ge among the crowd.