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336 The Start of the Nightmare

 "She's inside the well. She just hasn't awakened yet." The Zhu woman did not get scared off but stood firmly, shielding the two children.

"In that case, I'll go look for her myself." The black robe waved at the Red Specter beside him. The ghost that was just faces crawled into the villager's body. In less than one second, the villager collapsed to the floor, dead.

"Looks like it's not him." The black robe raised his head. "She was forced to her death by the villagers, so even if her ghost form might disperse, she would not possess a villager, then who could it be?"

Instead of contemplation, it sounded more like the black robe was trying to see the Zhu woman's reaction. Before entering Coffin Village, the ghost stories society had gathered a lot of information, but it was vague and needed confirmation. Hearing what the black robe had to say, the Zhu woman was anxious.

"She hates the villagers, but there is one lady by the surname Zhu who is the sole exception." The black robe called the Red Specter to return. His finger stroked the creature's hair gently like he was treating his lover. "If I were that woman, I would leave my spirit with the person I trusted the most."

He patted the Red Specter's forehead lightly, and his tone changed as he pointed at the Zhu woman. "Kill her!"

The crazy man was still talking about something else the last moment, but the next second, he turned aggressive. The Zhu lady did not expect this turn of events. During the crucial moment, the jewelry that she took out from the red coffin changed. Each of the jewels was hiding a half Red Specter; this was the woman's last trump card.

She whispered something to Jiang Liang before turning to focus on controlling the ghosts to deal with the man's Red Specter. Jiang Ling and Fan Yu heard what the woman had to say and slowly retreated.

The Red Specter with faces elicited a creepy laugh. This Red Specter was different from others; it was more like a coagulation of people's resentment, and it had most likely come from behind the 'door'. The ghosts that came out of the jewelry were torn apart, and all the faces on the monster made the same small action-they opened their mouth to bite at the Zhu woman.

The black robe seemed to have been waiting for this moment for a long time already. His voice was shaking. "We're going to consume a top Red Specter. This was unimaginable in the past!"

The man finally said the real reason the society came to Coffin Village. They had managed to find out there was an injured powerful Red Specter in Coffin Village through some means, and their plan was surrounding this Red Specter. After consuming a powerful Red Specter, the society would have their own powerful Red Specter.

The mouths bit on the woman's body. After two to three seconds, the face monster stopped.

"She's not on here?" The black robe was surprised as he moved his gaze to Jiang Ling and Fan Yu. "This is rather troublesome. In that case, we'll just need to slaughter everyone."

The face monster charged at Jiang Ling while the black robe stood where he was. He seemed to already know the result, so he did not care about the rest and started to do his own stuff. He reached into his robe to search for something. He took out a handful of paper dolls, and each of them had a pained expression on their face.

"All 34 villagers of Lin Guan Village are here. According to their answers, all the villagers that escaped from Coffin Village decade ago had some connection to the Zhu woman. It even included her own progeny." The man slowly stood up and looked at Jiang Ling. "Of all the deserters, only that little girl wasn't made into a paper doll by me. In that case, there's a very good chance the ghost is in her body."

Fan Yu grabbed Jiang Ling's hand as they raced into the village, but how could the two kids outrun a Red Specter? As the face monster approached then, Fan Yu suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from the corner ahead. "This way!"

Chen Ge shoved the hammer and comic into his backpack. He stood before them with both of his hands empty. He looked like he was ready to run.

"Chen Ge?" Fan Yu slowed down. He was surprised, and this was also the first time he had said Chen Ge's name.

Before he reacted, Chen Ge grabbed them off the ground. "How rude! Call me big brother!"

One in each arm, Chen Ge raced down the village. The same thing happened several minutes ago, but this time, the burden on Chen Ge increased, and the thing chasing him was a Red Specter.

Chen Ge called Xu Yin, Zhang Ya, and the uncle's name. Zhang Ya gave no response; Xu Yin wanted to help but could not. When Uncle Yan saw the Red Specter, he hid himself immediately.

To drag the time until dawn, Chen Ge purposely ran through the dangerous spots that he could remember. The map given by Ah Qing was immensely helpful. Chen Ge ran through all the spots that were marked by a red cross, but even so, the distance between them and the society's Red Specter did not increase.

"I cannot run anymore! Is there anything you want to tell me‽" Chen Ge felt like there was a ball of fire in his chest, and his legs were getting numb.

"Uncle, put us down. We can walk on our own." Fan Yu's voice lost its usual coldness.

"If you cannot do this anymore, run to the western side of the village and go into the third house on the left." Jiang Ling's voice appeared the same time as Fan Yu. However, it startled Chen Ge because the girl's tone was completely different from before. She sounded like a young woman talking.

The society is right? The Red Specter is hiding inside Jiang Ling? This thought flashed across Chen Ge's mind. He had been hiding next to the well, so he knew what had happened.

"Okay! We'll go that way!" He changed direction and raced to the third home. "What now‽"

"Go in the house and place me before the door to the left bedroom." Jiang Ling's voice was becoming weird.

Chen Ge kicked open the wooden door to enter the inner room. There was no coffin in this home and no furniture either. Even the walls were peeling. There was no time for Chen Ge to consider why. He placed the girl on the door of the left bedroom and then collapsed to the ground. He had raced throughout the village with all his might. Even if he was made of steel, he could not run anymore.

A wicked laugh echoed outside the house. The faces squeezed through the front door. The Red Specter had arrived.

"I know who has been kind to me. After we deal with this thing, I'll thank you personally." Jiang Ling looked at Chen Ge as she bit on her thumb. She allowed the blood to soak her palm. "I just want to be a human, why is that so hard?"

She leaned lightly against the wooden door. When her body touched the door, the simple door started to get covered with a thick layer of blood.

"It was me who left this layer of blood; this home was the start of my nightmare."

Jiang Ling pushed the wooden door open, and there was a blood red world behind it.