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335 Wu Fei

 "Ever since we ran into that guy, everything started to derail; this cannot be a coincidence."

No. 10 was looking at the corner that Chen Ge had disappeared to. His face was hidden inside the robe, so no one could tell his expression.

"Who can tell for sure?" The black robe standing beside No. 10 laughed. "I have something I forgot to tell you, but I suppose now is as good a time as any."

"If it's bad news, then you can spare it. I've heard enough recently." No. 10 squeezed on the wooden box until it had a noise.

"Several days ago, when I used my scapegoat to escape Fang Hwa Apartments, I was spotted by the man."

"I've already warned you to not do unnecessary things." No. 10 turned around. His voice was raspy and throaty. Even with his accomplice, he was using a fake voice.

"That's where you're wrong. That scapegoat had a worthwhile death because I got some valuable information from his mind." The black robe's voice was laced with laughter. Even though the situation was looking bad, he did not seem worried.

"What information?"

"That door at his Haunted House is currently unoccupied. This means that the door-pusher has already left."

"The door-pusher left? He's not the one who opened the door?" There was a discernible change to No. 10's voice, but it returned to normal seconds later. "Why did you wait until now to tell me such an important thing?"

"The Red Specter in his shadow is not weaker than the female ghost haunting this village. The difficultly is almost the same; that's why I didn't tell you anything." The mention of the Specter in Chen Ge's shadow ended the cheeriness in the black robe's voice. He turned to look in the direction Chen Ge escaped. "However, he has just revealed several details, and this, I feel, is a chance."

The black robe's voice turned chilly. "The people that we sent to kill him haven't returned. All the Specters should have been consumed by the Red Specter in his shadow already."

He took in a deep breath and turned to look at No. 10. "Including the Devil's two Red Specter children."

No. 10 understood immediately. "Overconsumption of Specters will lead to hibernation. However, no Specter dares to consume so many things at once. Have you considered the possibility that Devil's two children have been made into puppets and the Red Specter in his shadow isn't asleep? This could just be a trap for us to walk into."

"You have a point. He does feel like someone who would do something like that." The black robe made a fluttering laughter. "Actually, I admire the man. He's wicked, cruel, and cunning but manages to disguise himself so perfectly and live a harmless life under the sun."

Regarding Chen Ge, the black robe gave a very good comment. No. 10 nodded and agreed, "The enemy is too cunning, so we have to be careful. Actually, I also wanted to take him down, but you saw it yourself. Earlier, when Xiong Qing wanted to kill him, he suddenly stopped. Only a Red Specter can affect a Red Specter. No matter whether the Red Specter in his shadow is asleep or not, the man is hiding yet another Red Specter!"

"So, are you willing to give up? If we can control all of them, then we can get two doors." The black robe was very persuasive.

"This is not a question of whether we're willing or not." No. 10 glanced at the black robe coldly. "Several days ago, the society still had twelve people, but how many of us remain today?"

An answer appeared in the black robe's mind. He was silent and did not answer.

"Only three of us remain, and he only taken five days to do that. Therefore, we cannot afford to be too careful when dealing with this man." No. 10's heart was bleeding. Each of the numbers was a living person, a valuable 'patient' that they had handpicked from the society.

"Then, we shall proceed according to plan."

"Let's move on before things change again."

"Okay." The black robe moved his neck. Ignoring the ghost baby and Xiong Qing as well as the rampaging ghosts, he walked toward the well.

"Jiang Ling, have your sister stop him," the Zhu woman said. Jiang Ling, who stood behind him, called for her sister, and after a while, the wounded Zhu Xinrou rushed at the black robe.

"Do you think I'm afraid of you?" The laughter in the black robe's voice increased. He pulled off the robe, and a blood red monster made from faces appeared!

"I don't think I'm that clever, but people around me are too dumb." He pointed at Zhu Xinrou, and the faces monster blocked her way.

Chen Ge saw this, and his heart shook. "The society has another Red Specter!"

When he heard what the black robe said earlier, he had a good guess as to this man's identity. This black robe was most likely Wu Fei from the Third Sick Hall. Jiang Ling's sister was already wounded, and she was facing a Red Specter, so the battle was concluded before it even started.

Wu Fei and the Devil were the most dangerous patients of the Third Sick Hall, and both of them carried Red Specter. No one dared stop him as he walked toward the well. He looked in and took out another wooden box from his chest. He opened it to reveal the black blood stain. Several minutes later, the water in the well did not change. The man smiled. "No Red Specter can resist this black blood. They cannot remain calm like this. It is as I suspected-the female ghost has already left the well!"

He closed the wooden box and turned to look at the Zhu woman. "If she's not inside the well, where can she be?"

The man's eyes were cold and icy; they felt like the eyes of a scorpion. He slowly walked toward the ceremony procession. The Red Specter that was covered with faces had completely apprehended Zhu Xinrou; they were not on the same level.

"We've been investigating this village for half a year. The ghost has already left the well; you've been lying to the villagers." The black robe glared at the Zhu woman, his gaze sharp as knife that stuck into one's heart. There was no chance of lying before him.

Hearing that the ghost had left the well, the first to speak were the deformed villagers. They were stunned before they got angry for being lied to. One of them wanted to demand an explanation from the Zhu woman, but before he could say anything, the Red Specter with faces dragged him away.

"I don't like to be interrupted." The black robe's voice lowered dangerously. He walked up to the Zhu woman. "You have to know where the ghost in the well has escaped to, right?"