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334 Losing

 After a long day of consolation, Yan Danian finally found the courage to face the world again. He told Chen Ge it was his power that paused the Red Specter earlier, Spirit Drawing. There was a chance for him to drag the ghost that was seen into the comic, but for a Red Specter, he could only delay them for less than a second.

Temporarily, Chen Ge did not know what kind of limitation this power had, but he realized there were not many empty pages in the comic, so the number of ghosts that could be stored was limited, and the success rate of the power was low. This power was not enough for Yan Danian to become a Lesser Red Specter; that hidden power was the most exciting for Chen Ge.

However, no matter how hard Chen Ge tried to convince Yan Danian, he did not reveal any information; it felt like he himself did not know he had that power. Xu Yin and Zhang Ya were asleep, so he still needed the uncle's help today. Therefore, Chen Ge did not press any further. After comforting the uncle, he put the comic away.

"Uncle Yan is not bad, just a little withdrawn." When Chen Ge was trying to console Uncle Yan, he felt like he was speaking the truth. "The things that happened tonight caught you by surprise, but after experiencing this several times, you should be able to get used to it."

Looking at the rampaging ghosts and Red Specter around the well, Chen Ge nodded slightly. "This kind of scenery is only visible if you stay with me. Perhaps in the future, you will understand my intention."

When he recovered, Chen Ge took the comic and hammer to circle around the outside of the battle. He called out his employees from the comic to have them pull the stragglers into the corner. Chen Ge believed that he was a reasonable person. He would have his employees beat the ghost until they were almost dead before asking whether they would join the Haunted House. If they were willing, it was a win-win situation as the ghosts entered the comic. If they were not willing, they would be food for his employees.

I will need quite a number of ghosts from this village if I want to complete the three-star scenario. I'm doing this for the sake of the visitors.

Initially, the employees in the comic did not know how to cooperate, but with Chen Ge's guidance, they slowly learned what to do. In the end, without Chen Ge's intervention, they would drag the isolated ghosts to their corner.

"Very talented." Chen Ge was satisfied with his employees' performance. He held the hammer and hid in the corner as his eyes narrowed on the two black robes.

"No. 10 is probably someone who knows me in real life. The chance of him being the chairperson is very high. If I can knock him unconscious, Xiong Qing will be somewhat affected." Xiong Qing was a hurdle that he had to take down if he wished to harm the members. Therefore, Chen Ge's gaze returned to Xiong Qing. When he arrived at Coffin Village, he had received the call from Inspector Lee saying that Xiong Qing had been captured around New Century Park.

However, two days later, Xiong Qing had appeared before Chen Ge as a Red Specter. The conditions to form a Red Specter were very harsh. This was observable from Xu Yin. They had to be tortured at the time of their death, filled with ire and resentment, and be highly aggressive.

Half of Xiong Qing's body was almost torn apart. If this is how he was when he died, then it's quite obvious how much pain he was in, but the key question was, why did he wander around New Century Park alone? Was it a coincidence that he was captured by the police? Where were the other members of the society when he was captured?

With these questions, some speculation appeared in Chen Ge's mind. Was it the society's plan to abandon Xiong Qing from the very beginning? To make him lose the last bit of hope and then slowly torture his body? Then, using his pain and resentment and the black blood inside the wooden box, they would create a Red Specter?

The ghost stories society had retained access to a blood door for as long as five years, so they knew about more secrets than Chen Ge. Creating a Red Specter could be one of them. They purposely abandoned Xiong Qing to make him lose all hope? But how did they complete the rest of the transformation after Xiong Qing was captured? How did they gain access to Xiong Qing inside police detention?

This confused Chen Ge. He looked at Xiong Qing, whose body was breaking apart, and his gaze darkened. Did the society rely on ghosts, or is someone cooperating with them?

Regardless of the process, it was an undeniable truth that Xiong Qing was now a Red Specter. The society had managed that, and they had to have a bigger reason for coming to Coffin Village. What is their plan?

While Chen Ge was deep in thought, the scenario at the well started to change. The ghosts attacked everything in sight, their resentment exploding. A Death Funeral was very common at Coffin Village. It had been a tradition for many years, and no one dared to disturb the Death Funeral. However, that day, not only did someone interrupt the ceremony, he even smashed their coffin!

This was an offense that they could not stomach; all the ghosts were in a frenzy. The two members of the ghost stories society who were trapped by Chen Ge were angry as well. They felt seriously wronged. The boss of the Haunted House had done something horrible to provoke the entire village of ghost, but they were left to face the consequences.

If possible, the black robes wanted to reason with the ghosts to call for a truce so that they could work together to deal with the most horrible individual. However, the Zhu woman did not give them the chance. When she saw the village ghosts tangle themselves with Xiong Qing, she had the ghost baby crawl over to deal with the two black robes.

The members of the society were familiar with human psychology, at least better than the people trapped in this isolated village. When Chen Ge led the group of ghosts, they already anticipated this, so they called the special thin monster back to block the rampaging ghosts and had Xiong Qing deal with the ghost baby.

The two Red Specters fought, and their battle was different from normal Specters. Similar to other ghosts from the society, Xiong Qing used the blood vessels that came out from half of his body to change into different shapes to try to consume the ghost baby.

The ghost baby's tactic was weirder. His baby started to leak blood, which formed tadpoles that swam toward Xiong Qing. They tried to crawl into his body. Both of them were fast, but they purposely avoided the well during their fight.

The situation was worsening for the society. The thin monster was slightly stronger than Jiang Ling's sister, but it was ultimately not a Red Specter. Facing the village of ghosts, it was slowly losing.