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333 Chaos

 The members of the ghost stories society were surprised by Chen Ge's sudden appearance, but when they saw the stampede following Chen Ge, they had difficulty calming down. One Chen Ge was not that scary, but a whole village of angry ghosts was. There were so many of them!

The two members had chills run up their spine. The ghosts led by Chen Ge rushed at them like tsunami; the whole process only took several seconds. They were not even sure whether the ghosts were following Chen Ge or chasing after him.

As an outsider, the two naturally treated Chen Ge and the ghosts behind him as enemies. The monster that was sewn together from six thin monsters forced Zhu Xinrou back as it tried to return to the black robes. However, it was just one monster, so it was powerless before the wave of angry ghosts. Only a Red Specter could suppress a whole village of ghosts!

The black robes knew this fact well. They shared a quick word, and the one who had been staying back sighed lightly as he took out his hand from his sleeve. He was holding a wooden box in his palm. When the black robe showed his hand, Chen Ge's eyes narrowed. The blood in his body sped up, and he was reminded of the Wednesday meeting. "Very fair skin, tapered fingers, I've seen this hand before-the owner of this hand was just next to me!"

The familiar event appeared in his mind, and Chen Ge couldn't control himself anymore and shouted, "No. 10! You're ghost stories society's No. 10!"

When Chen Ge shouted out the number, the hand shook before it quickly recovered. The black robe was not affected by Chen Ge and opened the wooden box. The box was similar to the box Zhang Ya had snatched from the devil; there was a piece of black blood left on the edge.

As the box opened, the ghost baby in the Zhu woman's arm seemed to sense something. Its body started to leak blood like it was ready for battle. However, since the member dared to take out the wooden box, they had naturally come prepared. They did not mind the ghost baby but put their focus fully on the box. "Xiong Qing, you can come out now. Your wish will be fulfilled."

Chen Ge's heart shook when he heard that. "Wasn't Xiong Qing injured by the police and is currently hospitalized?"

He remembered this patient with hemi syndrome. Half of his face was covered with wounds, and the other half was normal. When he was at the Third Sick Hall, Chen Ge had chased this Xiong Qing throughout the building. The black robe continued to call, and the black blood at the edge of the box slowly dissipated as a strong stench leaked out from the box.

The blood vessels crawled out from the box and knitted themselves together to form a man in a red patient's garb. Half of this man was no different from normal while his other half was made up from pulsing blood vessels. It looked like the one half of the man had been torn apart when he was alive. The blood vessels tried to coagulate several times, but they failed.

Just how much pain was he in before he passed away?

Xiong Qing suffered from hemineglect, so his worldview was different from others. From how he saw it, the whole world was slanted, and only he had the means to fix it. He had once been the doctor at the Third Sick Hall and tried to do that to his patients. Now it appeared like he was trying to fix himself.

His eyes slowly open, and his bloodshot eyes fell on Chen Ge. Xiong Qing's resentment toward him was palpable, and even after his death, he wanted to kill Chen Ge!

What's going on? Didn't Inspector Lee say Xiong Qing has been captured? Then why would his soul show up here? And in the form of a Red Specter?

Rushing toward a Red Specter was the last thing Chen Ge thought to do, but now he had no other choice. If he ran in any other director, the ghosts behind him would follow him, and the members of the society would discern the problem.

The chance was slipping. For Chen Ge, his only chance of survival was to make the ghost stories society and the ghosts at the village fight one another. He yelled Xu Yin and Yan Danian's names as he rushed at the black robes!

Leading the innumerable ghosts, Chen Ge charged at Xiong Qing with the hammer. Xiong Qing was completely different from when he was alive. When he smiled, half of his lips raised slightly, but the other half broke to his ears. This was probably the most 'correct' image in his mind.

Many blood vessels curled out from the left side of Xiong Qing's body. It seemed like he was going to bind Chen Ge and slowly pull him into his body. The blood vessels blocked his way like a carnivorous flower, waiting for Chen Ge to jump into it.

Shielding himself with the hammer, Chen Ge aimed for the spaces between the vessels. He tried to jump through them, but Xiong Qing expected that, and the blood vessels knitted themselves together.

Chen Ge was charging right into a beast's mouth and tried to squeeze through the gap between the teeth. He had zero point something seconds to do this, but Xiong Qing did not give him the chance. The smile on his face was filled with malice. Xiong Qing started to pull the vessels back; he was trying to pull Chen Ge into his body!

The vessels closed, and the road ahead narrowed. Chen Ge only managed to reach one of his arms out when the blood vessels almost consumed him. However, at this time, the comic in his pocket moved on its own, and a heavy sigh escaped from it.

The uncle hiding in the corner raised his pen and took up the comic. He flipped to an empty page and sketched Xiong Qing's face. When he was finished, Xiong Qing, who was now a Red Specter, stopped for a second like he was knocked in the head. A force tried to pull him away, but it only took Xiong Qing one second to undo the force.

However, with this one second, Chen Ge managed to squeeze through the blood vessels!

He held the hammer and rushed ahead without turning back to look. He did not have any intention of fighting the black robes, so he picked up his pace.

When they saw this, the two black robes understood something. Chen Ge was not there to fight them but use them as the scapegoat!

Chen Ge had survived certain death and charged ahead. He only dared to stop after putting some distance between them. Behind him, Xiong Qing, who had been stumped by Yan Danian, was angered, and he got into a battle with the ghosts from Coffin Village.

The Zhu woman also realized this was a great chance. She had the ghost baby and Zhu Xinrou ambush the black robes. The three-sided battle was complete chaos, and there were screams everywhere.

Yet, the instigator of this battle hid in the corner and watched the battle like a spectator. Hugging the hammer, Chen Ge's shirt was drenched.

That was too close!

The Red Specter suddenly paused... this is Yan Danian's power‽

Chen Ge flipped the comic open to thank uncle in person, but he was in a low mood. Tonight's experience had completely shattered the hope toward life that Yan Danian had just regained. The uncle seemed to lose all hope and pick up his pen to draw circles in the corner.

Chen Ge looked at Yan Danian in the comic seriously. "Uncle, please cheer up! I promise you, tonight is really an accident! Your choice to follow me is really the correct one!"