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330 Scared to Death

 The three slowed down. Before Master Bai could finish, the sound of a nursery rhyme came from behind them. Master Bai turned to look behind him. The two kids with red paint on their faces did not come close, like they were afraid of something. They just stood a distance away to look at Chen Ge's group.

"Talk as we move." Master Bai dragged Ol' Wei and Chen Ge to move forward. He combed his mind to come up with the stories that his father had once told him. "These kinds of villages deep in the mountain will be filled with various monsters at night. Other than the Pillar Ghost, Sedan Kids, Wall Spirit, the more difficult ones include the Pillow Ghost, Mummy Wraps, and Skull Lantern."

"Skull Lantern? Can you tell us specifically what these three look like?" Chen Ge and Ol' Wei had not heard of this before.

"In these villages, the pillows that people sleep on have to be burned after the person passes away. This is to prevent the formation of a Pillow Ghost. This kind of ghost is normally the lingering spirit of the dead person remaining in the pillow. If one falls asleep on these pillows, they will be tormented by nightmares and even hear the person whispering in their ears.

"If you're lucky, you might sleep until morning, but if you're not, you might wake up in the middle of the night and find someone lying beside you, sharing the pillow, and that person will be the Pillow Ghost." The senior did not have a talent in storytelling; the description was rather dry. However, Chen Ge made a not of the details of this Pillow Ghost-perhaps he could use it in his Haunted House in the future.

"Pillow Ghost cannot stray too far from the pillows, so as long as we don't enter these houses, it should be fine. The things that really concern us are the Mummy Wraps and Skull Lantern," Master Bai said carefully. He was worried these thing might really appear in real life.

"Mummy Wraps are more difficult to deal with compared to Pillow Ghosts. These are the clothes that villagers put the dead person in when they carry out the burial. There are taboos and traditions to abide by for the clothes that dead bodies are buried in. If they are not followed closely, it might form the Mummy Wraps. They will wander the street when the Yin energy gathers. They look like a person, but it is actually only a layer of cloth.

"They will attack by wrapping themselves around the body of a living person. They make the living person wear the clothes of a dead body and use it to control the living human. If you see someone wearing a new set of clothes but they smell weird, remember to stay away from them because they might be wearing a dead person's clothes."

Master Bai looked around him. The ceremony was still ongoing, and the streets were empty. Only the two Sedan Kids trailed behind them with hesitation. Master Bai hugged Ah Qing's baby and sped up. He continued to explain, "The skull lantern is the scariest ghost from all the stories my father has told me.

"No one knows how they're formed, but people have seen them inside abandoned villages or places where high concentration of resentment gathers. Those rushing in the night would see lights inside a village. They rushed over, thinking it's human activity, but the light kept moving away from them.

"They called for the light to stop, and it did. When they got close, it was actually a floating head, and it was biting a lantern with its teeth. According to legend, Skull Lanterns are spirit trying to seek help, so they float about with the lantern."

After Master Bai finished the last story, he realized that neither Ol' Wei nor Chen Ge replied. "What's wrong with the two of you? I still know quite a bit of this village folklore."

"Master Bai, you said the Mummy Wraps look just like normal people?" Ol' Wei looked at the street behind them.

"Yes, they look just like humans because the clothes will take on the shape of a human. However, they have no face or hands; they are only clothes." Master Bai had a very bad feeling.

"Then did you father tell you what to do if we run into Mummy Wraps?" Chen Ge grabbed the hammer and similarly looked behind Master Bai. Master Bai did not dare turn back, but his face paled. "My father said, if we come across these things, we need to run."

Xu Yin was digesting the bride, so Chen Ge grabbed hold of the hammer and thought about it. "Looks like we have to change a different route."

The three of them turned down a different street. Behind them, them old sets of clothes with weird smell stood in the middle of the road. The nursery rhyme beside their ears did not stop, and new things appeared. As the ceremony continued, more monsters woke up from the night. The number was unimaginable.

This is the real three-star scenario! Chen Ge compared Coffin Village and The Third Sick Hall. When he arrived at Third Sick Hall, most of the patients had already left, like the Devil and Wu Fei. The craziest ones had joined the ghost stories society; only those normal ones were left behind to watch over the blood door. This was the biggest difference between Third Sick Hall and Coffin Village. In other words, this was the first time Chen Ge had entered an actual three-star scenario.

Various monsters were crawling out from their hiding spots, gnashing their sinister teeth.

This village has all sort of monsters. If they're fully replicated inside the Haunted House, the visitors will be scared to death!

Chen Ge was quite excited. Coffin Village was different from the Haunted House theme that was currently popular on the market. The style was unique and would be one of a kind if Chen Ge had it inside his Haunted House. The key was, the scenario would be three-star, and it would be enough for the visitors to explore it for a long time.

Chen Ge scouted ahead. He followed the complicated roads that was mapped out on the cloth. They walked for some time when bits of light appeared before them. The old lady in the two-story building had warned him to evade the bright lights. Master Bai's story also had similar effect.

They stopped where they were as the monsters slowly surrounded them. The lights swayed in the wind and formed blurry human faces. Ol' Wei and Master Bai did not look so good. They had not encountered scenes like this before, so they involuntarily turned their attention to Chen Ge.

"What should we do?"

Holding the hammer, Chen Ge felt the pressure. "We have no other choice but to power ahead. Stay close to me and try not to get separated."

The three of them had just confirmed the route when a loud boom occurred at the western part of the village. It was much louder than the sound Chen Ge had made earlier.

"A fight has happened? The ghost stories society is fighting with the ceremony?"

Coffin Village's peace was completely shattered. The night thickened. As long as they survived this, dawn would not be far away.

"Chen Ge, should we avoid the eastern exit and take a longer detour?"

"We don't have time! Let's charge out of this place first!"