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329 Sedan Kids

 In the blink of an eye, Chen Ge was surrounded by several shadows. They had different expressions; some were curious, some harsh, some cunning, and some quivering with fear. The ghosts filled up the courtyard, and the old home became several times scarier than before!

Chen Ge put the comic back and pointed at the groom. The situation changed instantly as the shadows surrounded the poor man. "It's time for dinner."

Chen Ge picked up the hammer and charged ahead. The battle was not fair from the beginning. The groom was slightly more powerful than normal ghosts, but he could not fight so many of them. The wounds on his body increased, and his body started to fade. When he was almost at his limits, the groom tried to lean toward the bride like he was trying to get his wife to help him.

However, the bride was locked in the battle with Xu Yin and did not have the time to deal with him. Chen Ge saw this opportunity to attack. The groom had already been injured by Xu Yin earlier; one of his arms had been torn off, and he could not even fight back. The ghosts tore him apart. He wanted to run, but the door was sealed. He had nowhere to escape to.

There's still an advantage in numbers. Chen Ge took a step back after making sure his workers could handle the groom just fine. Ten seconds later, the groom who acted as bait was consumed by Chen Ge's workers.

"Don't just stand there, go help Xu Yin!" Chen Ge ordered again, but only the fatty marched obediently forward. The rest of them jumped back when they saw the heated battle between Xu Yin and the bride. "Stop wasting time! Attack together!"

Xu Yin had been cruelly murdered by his loved ones, so he had a great amount of dissatisfaction and resentment to begin with. He had consumed so many ghosts, but he only fought to a stalemate with the bride.

The bride has a very powerful special power, and she is herself quite strong. If only she could become a worker at the Haunted House.

Realizing how fitting the bride was to the Minghun scenario, Chen Ge's interest was piqued. However, he thought about it from a different perspective. The bride was filled with resentment, and it was probably caused by her desire to take revenge for her family. That meant killing the Red Specter that jumped into the well.

That was too much to handle for Chen Ge.

The Haunted House workers have to be completely obedient so that they won't hurt the visitors. This particular one is too unruly, and her wish cannot be fulfilled. Even if I forcibly take her back, it'll only cause more problems. Chen Ge never suffered from hesitation. He called the other ghosts to help Xu Yin.

"Rest in peace. Actually, if you didn't attack me in the beginning, this wouldn't have happened."

The red strings were soaked with Xu Yin's blood. With the aid from the other ghosts, Xu Yin finally found the break he was looking for. A blood-curdling scream echoed through the old home, and several minutes later, everything returned to normal.

Afraid that they might influence Xu Yin, Chen Ge held the other ghosts back. The bride was consumed fully by Xu Yin. The red strings on the ground lost their color, and the bright wedding dress turned old and dusty.

Chen Ge anticipated the change to Xu Yin, wishing that he would turn into a Red Specter in that instant. Standing in the middle of the room, the wounds on Xu Yin's body recovered, but the blood that drenched his shirt did not recede. He raised both of his hands to look at his palms before turning to look at Chen Ge. His body slowly faded as he returned into the tape. "So painful..."

The recorder's play button bounced back. Xu Yin seemed to have exhausted all of his power to deal with the bride.

"Wait, something's wrong. If Xu Yin also slumbers..." Chen Ge looked at the shadows that might even be afraid of himself, and his lips twitched. "What am I supposed to do tonight?"

After collecting the ghosts into the comic, Chen Ge grabbed the hammer and raced out of the old home. "I need to leave this village as soon as possible."

He ran out of the front door and saw Ol' Wei and Master Bai. They were walking around a sedan, talking among themselves.

"Let's go, we must leave this village immediately." Chen Ge took out the map given by Ah Qing and started to study it. "Follow closely, don't wander off. This place is getting more and more dangerous!"

You have the map. We've been following you!

Before Ol' Wei and Master Bai could say that, Chen Ge hollered, "This way."

According to the map, they were still quite far away from the perimeter of the village.

The three prepared to leave when the sedan at the door started to shake. Two kids appeared beside the sedan, and they were humming some kind of lullaby. Their faces were painted with something that looked like blood, and they were wearing clothes that were black and red.

Hearing the song behind him, Master Bai turned to look. He rushed forward from the back, holding Ah Qing's baby. "Quick, run! Those are Sedan Kids!"

Chen Ge and Ol' Wei did not even turn back to look and raced down the street. The sedan shook, and the two children smiled happily. They clapped their hands and danced some weird dance.

"Master Bai, that's a dead-end! Stop!" Chen Ge pulled Master Bai. "It's safe now. The two kids didn't chase after us."

"Good..." Master Bai sighed. As healthy as he was, the strain on his body was becoming clear. "Thankfully, we ran fast. If we're haunted by Sedan Kids, it's over."

"What do you mean? Those children are that scary?"

"These are stories I heard when I was small. Sedan Kids hide under sedans and wear masks and uniforms from Chinese opera. They show up whenever there's a ceremony. It's okay if you don't run into them, but if someone exposes them, they will find said person's home and use different faces to play with you." Master Bai felt better after the short rest.

"But didn't you call out their names earlier?" Ol' Wei was worried.

"Yes, I regretted it right after. Who knew things from legend will appear in real life!" Master Bai gave himself quite a fright.

"Master Bai, where did you hear these stories from? Do you know other stories? Why don't you share them with us so that we can be prepared?" Chen Ge held the hammer. Now that Xu Yin had returned to the tape, he had lost a powerful trump card.

"My father told me those. He was a wandering doctor, so he had been to many places and heard many things. He shared these stories with me. I thought he made them up, but who would thought I would run into them one day‽" Master Bai laughed bitterly. He felt like the night was a dream.