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326 Dangerous Roads!

 The woman's voice circulated around their ears, and it made them panic. The harder they tried to ignore it, the sharper the sound became, as their brains tried to figure out what the female voice was saying. Bloody handprints appeared on the wall. The street that Chen Ge's group was going down seemed to have been the setting for one heavy tragedy before this.

"Don't listen to it! Move!" Chen Ge felt something was chasing after them. With his trusty hammer in hand, he stood at the back of her group, carrying the backpack. These tortured souls did not want to be tormented by the female ghost anymore, and this was their only chance to escape her control.

Invisible rain seemed to fall from the sky, and there was moisture in the air. A light smell of blood touched their nostrils as the street turned complicated. The woman slowly approached, and her voice changed; it overlapped with a voice in their memory. She called after them like family calling them home.

"That sounds like my daughter?" Master Bai tried to turn behind him to look. "Is that real or fake?"

Chen Ge grabbed his shoulders. "Do not turn back! Do not answer!"

He had just told Master Bai that when Ol' Wei screamed at the front of the group, "Look up at the house on the left!"

Ol' Wei kept his hand on the holster, his emotions running wild.

"Look up‽" Chen Ge looked up, and his pupils narrowed. There was someone squatting on the top of the building!

The man's body was very thin, and his arms very long; he looked like a monkey.

"What was that‽" Chen Ge had not seen a monster like that before; it did not look like a ghost.

"I've heard my father tell stories about them before-they're called Eaves Ghosts." Master Bai's face was white. "They will lie in wait on top the eaves at night. After the home owner falls asleep, they will crawl in through the window to steal the owner's belongings and suck their blood dry. It's a common rumor in villages, but no one has really seen them."

Chen Ge moved his gaze away from the monster. As long as it was not a Red Specter, there was nothing he was afraid of. "Ignore it, we'll run past him!"

The group ran past the Eaves Ghost carrying the baby. The thing on the eaves seemed to be particularly interested in living humans. Its elongated arms grabbed the pillar as it swung downward. It moved between beams as it chased after Chen Ge's group. The thing was very clever; it maintained its distance, staying not too close and not too far. It was biding its time. Soon, a second Eaves Ghost appeared. Their appearance was different from a living human. Their skulls protruded outward, their eyes were small, and their mouths were filled with sharp teeth.

"Chen Ge, we cannot just keep running blindly!" This was the first time Ol' Wei had seen something like this. If given a second chance, he would never follow Chen Ge to come to this isolated village.

"Ignore everything, just focus on running." Chen Ge did not mind those Eaves Ghosts. The only thing he was afraid of was the Red Specter and the voices that circulated around their ears. The danger that they could see was not really dangerous; what they could not see was the real fatal threat.

They ran for several meters, and when they about to turn the second corner, the Eaves Ghosts who were tailing them finally got impatient. However, they were cunning and careful. They did not attack the living humans directly but placed their focus on the backpack Chen Ge was carrying.

Several thin hands reached for the backpack, and Chen Ge finally lost his patience. He swung the hammer to smack the Eaves Ghosts' arms away and pressed on the recorder.

"Let's get this over with quick!"

When Zhang Ya was asleep, Xu Yin was Chen Ge's biggest combat power. This young man would pursue his target relentlessly when he was let out. Chen Ge was afraid that Xu Yin might be led away, so he did not summon him until the last moment. He wanted to keep a trump card for him. However, the incessant provocation from the Eaves Ghosts had erased his patience.

After releasing Xu Yin, Chen Ge grabbed Ol' Wei and Master Bai's shoulders to tell them to slow down. When the two Eaves Ghosts saw Xu Yin, they turned and ran. With red in his eyes, Xu Yin grabbed one of them and tore it into pieces. When he finished his meal, the other Eaves Ghost was already several meters away. Xu Yin was in a bloodlust; without waiting for Chen Ge's order, he leaped forward to chase after his dinner.

The tape in the recorder continued to play. Chen Ge's group had to leave the village before the ceremony ended; the time was limited, so they could only force themselves to move forward. Master Bai and Ol' Wei followed Chen Ge's instruction. They covered their ears to ignore the woman's voice carried by the wind and focused on running forward.

The distance was slowly pulled away. Neither one of them discovered the faces that appeared on the wall before them. The expressions on the faces were all different. They looked like mural and were inconspicuous in the dark. They chose to strike when their targets were close enough by reaching out their hands from the wall!

"The baby!" Master Bai's first reaction was to use his body to protect the baby. He exposed his back to the wall. The many arms reached for the old man; all of them wanted to take over his body. Due to the great number, it felt like the arms were trying to tear Master Bai apart.

"Watch out!" Due to desperation, Chen Ge slammed the hammer into the wall without thinking twice. The hammer made contact with the wall, creating a loud noise that echoed throughout the village.

"We're definitely exposed now. The villagers of Coffin Village and the hidden members of the ghost stories society will definitely confirm there are other outsiders in the village," Chen Ge said calmly; there was no panic in his eyes. "Since we're already exposed, there's no need to hide anymore."

He aimed the hammer crazily at the wall of faces. The faces cried for mercy. "Don't stop, keep moving!"

Regardless of whether the monsters inside the walls reached out for them or not, whenever Chen Ge saw a wall with human faces, he would greet them hammer first. The man's madness stunned even Master Bai and Ol' Wei. Master Bai used his palm to cover the baby's eyes.

Chen Ge turned to yell at Master Bai, "Are you alright‽"

"I'm fine. Those looked like Wall Spirits. In other words, people who died close to walls. Their power is limited; they just look scary." Master Bai waved his hands repeatedly. He was worried about the Wall Spirits.

The three continued to move forward. By then, Xu Yin had returned, and he had two more small blood stains on his shirt. The tape in the recorder made some white noise. This time, Chen Ge did not tell Xu Yin to return to the tape. He had made the decision to level Xu Yin up to a Red Specter that night!

"The whole village of malicious spirits, if we fight our way out, it should be enough to dye your whole shirt red!" They continued to move forward as paper money fluttered on the street.

The old house's front door was blown open, and a voice floated out from within. "Help me, my death is so unjust..."


The old wooden door was kicked open by Chen Ge. He rushed into the house with the hammer and Xu Yin!

"Where are you‽ I'm here to deliver your justice!"