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308 I Want to Go Take a Look

 "Since he still had time to draw, this means that both of them aren't injured. They probably left on their own since they sensed danger coming." Chen Ge had never treated Fan Yu and Jiang Ling as normal children.

"What are you looking at?" Ol' Wei and the nurse wandered over. They saw the writing on the paper. "Going home? What does it mean?"

"Before they became orphans, they had their own home." When he saw these words, the first thing that entered Chen Ge's mind was Lin Guan Village; that was the place Jiang Ling grew up. "Brief the situation here to Captain Yan; tonight, we might be heading to somewhere remote."


Chen Ge turned to look at the fourth drawing that was at the very bottom. It was a broken home drawn in black, and something that looked like a coffin was leaning against its left wall. The third picture is entering the door, and this last picture is a home. Fan Yu is trying to tell me the door's location?

He folded the last drawing and pocketed it. Based on his speculation, the 'door' that Fan Yu and Jiang Ling entered should be hiding inside this old home with a coffin. Last time I entered Lin Guan Village, I didn't see anyone placing coffin outside their door. The home in Fan Yu's painting should be referring to Coffin Village inside the mountains.

The people had disappeared, and the only way to clarify this speculation was to go Coffin Village personally. Chen Ge took a deep breath. I have to find them as soon as possible. After entering the door, it will be difficult for them to leave!

"Mr. Chen, do you think anything will happen to Jiang Ling and Fan Yu?" the nurse asked with worry. Chen Ge looked at the nurse and placed the drawings down. There was another question that needed answering.

None of Fan Yu's four drawings featured Doctor Chen!

What kind of role did the doctor play in this disappearance? If Doctor Chen was a member of the ghost stories society, why did the thin monster in Fan Yu's drawing come from outside the window and not from Doctor Chen's back?

Based on Chen Ge's understanding of the ghost stories society, after the ghost possessing someone was torn open, the human would suffer mental pain and faint, but Doctor Chen could not be found at the scene.

The guy is not simple; I have to be careful.

After consoling the nurse, Chen Ge and Ol' Wei left Jiujiang's Children's Home. "I've already reported what happened here to Captain Yan, where are we going now?"

"Back to New Century Park first, I need to go grab some tools." The society had lost three quarters of their member in a week; they had been forced to jump the gun, so naturally, Chen Ge would not be careless. Ol' Wei did not question Chen Ge; the order that he had received from Captain Yan was just to protect Chen Ge.

When they arrived at New Century Park, Chen Ge rushed into the Haunted House to grab the hammer, the recorder, Pen Spirit, and Xiaoxiao. Then he took the comic from Western Jiujiang's Private Academy and invited the boy with the stench and the hanging student to join him.

If Zhang Ya was here, then this wouldn't be so troublesome.

Chen Ge looked at the bulging backpack and sighed. "I still don't feel safe!"

He glanced at the white cat that was laying on the table biting its tail. He thought about it and picked up the cat. "There's a saying in the countryside that ghosts are afraid of cats."

With the white cat looking at him with confusion, Chen Ge placed it in another bag. "Having fed you for so long, I'll depend on you tonight."

Before the cat could react, Chen Ge rushed out of the Haunted House carrying the two large bags.

Inside the car, Chen Ge opened the bag for the cat to breathe. "Ol' Wei, start the car. Today, we're going to Lin Guan Village at the edge of the mountain."

Ol' Wei's face turned with curiosity when he saw Chen Ge enter the car with the two large bags. He thought Chen Ge had overreacted. After all, from a normal person's perspective, between looking for missing children and the group of murderers going around gouging people's eyes out, the latter obviously was more dangerous.

"What are you carrying? Why do I hear a cat meowing?" Ol' Wei started the car. He had been on the same team as Captain Yan for the poisoning case, so he knew the village's location.

"My cat can protect us from curses."

"Whatever you say."


At 10 pm, they finally arrived at Lin Guan Village. As the car stopped, Chen Ge jumped out of the car and raced into the village with the white cat trailing behind him.

"Wait for me!" Ol' Wei parked the car, and when he looked out, Chen Ge had already disappeared. Chen Ge took out Fan Yu's drawing and compared it to the buildings inside the village.

There was a road leading to Lin Guan Village, but it was a halted project. It ended at the entrance to the village. The surrounding buildings were abandoned, and all the houses were locked.

It's only just gone ten, but the village is already completely dark.

Similar to his last visit, Chen Ge could not see another living person inside the village.

"Don't wander around like this; you're going to cause unnecessary misunderstanding." Ol' Wei finally caught up to Chen Ge and quickly rushed over to drag him out of the village.

"Then what do you suggest we do?"

"How about we find someone to ask?" Ol' Wei knocked on one of the doors. Initially, the man had a bad attitude, but after Ol' Wei showed his badge, the villager obediently opened the door and welcomed them in.

"Did you see a middle-aged man around thirty leading two kids into Lin Guan Village today?" Ol' Wei asked directly.

"A child-kidnapper?" Their host was an honest farmer.

"Just answer the question."

"No, people rarely come to this place anymore." When they were talking, Chen Ge looked around the room. There was a small shrine, and on top of it was a black-and-white picture of an old day. Other than that, the place was a normal farmer's home.

"Look at this drawing, does this village have something similar?" Chen Ge placed Fan Yu's drawing before the farmer.

He scratched his head. "What is this? Is that a shelf beside the house?"

"That's a coffin." Chen Ge said and this caused the other two to go silent.

"Who would leave a coffin by the door. We don't have that here." The farmer sneaked a look at Chen Ge. For some reason, he felt afraid of the man.

"I'll ask you another question, do you know Coffin Village inside the mountain?"

When Chen Ge said Coffin Village, the farmer's eyes twitched, and he grabbed the water to hide his panic. "Why are you asking that? The place was cursed by an epidemic. Those who didn't die escaped. None of the villagers here dare bring up that name lest we too get cursed."

"Looks like you do know about the village. Do you know where it is?" Chen Ge spoke calmly, but his gaze was scary. "I want to go to take a look."