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306 Disappeared

 This was not the first time Chen Ge heard the name Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station, but he had not had the time to go take a look.

"The time of death was last night?" What Chen Ge predicted did happen-the ghost stories society seemed particularly obsessed with the number three.

"The coroner believes the time of death is between 3 am to 4 am yesterday morning. Cause of death is still currently unknown. The victim is a worker, and he left work at 6 pm. However, at 11 pm, he sneaked back to this place. There is no camera inside the building, so no one knows what really happened. We only know that he didn't leave after he entered."

"The murders are very symbolic and ritualistic. Since the patients from the Third Sick Hall have selected this worker, he must have done something wrong in the past; we should investigate that."

"We did, and the man is squeaky clean. He doesn't have a criminal record, and the other workers said he's an honest man and doesn't have any enemies or bad habits."

Captain Yan's words confused Chen Ge. In his mind, the ghost stories society was very specific on their rituals, and rarely were they mistaken.

"Could that honesty be just a front? Perhaps he's a sinner within?"

"Our investigation hasn't reached that part yet, so temporarily, we cannot make any conclusions. However, one thing's for certain-this victim is slightly different from the rest. Not only were his eyes gouged out, a painting was carved into his back."

"Can I take a look at that painting?" Chen Ge's heart skipped. The crucial clue should be this painting.

"I have to follow the rules. Pictures of the crime scene mustn't be leaked. If you want to see it, then come here." Captain Yan did not agree to Chen Ge's demand. He made this call and gave Chen Ge all this information because Chen Ge was the only person who had interacted with the patients from the Third Sick Hall. He was the person who was most familiar with that group of crazies other than the police.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute." After hanging up, Chen Ge took out his phone and sat at the entrance to the Haunted House to think.

After I completed the Nightmare Mission for the first time, the mirror monster wanted to kill three people, and there was a corresponding number on the mirror that reflected the blood door. Is the ghost stories society related to the door in such a way as well?

Chen Ge soon reached Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station in a taxi. This was somewhere isolated, and people rarely came here. Chen Ge found the officer on duty and explained his purpose. The officer did not let him into the crime scene but led him to one of the adjacent buildings.

"Captain Yan, Chen Ge is here." The officer called out Chen Ge's name directly. He no longer needed an introduction.

"Thank you." Captain Yan waved for Chen Ge to come closer. He placed the photos on the table. "This is the most I can do for you."

Chen Ge scanned all the pictures before stopping at a bloody picture of the victim's back. The victim's back was torn open, and a half-open door was carved in flesh and blood. Unlike the blood door Chen Ge saw on the society's flyer, in the middle of this door stood a little girl. She poked half of her face out and had a bright smile on her face.

"Did you discover anything?" Captain Yan agreed to have Chen Ge come over because he believed that he could get some information from him.

"This little girl looks very familiar." Chen Ge did not sound like he was joking. He focused on that bloody picture.

"The blood hasn't even been cleaned yet. Can you really tell anything from these rough lines?" Captain Yan had studied every photo on the table for a long time already.

"Yes, very familiar." Chen Ge picked up the picture and when he leaned in, a sense of familiarity appeared in his mind like he had seen this image before. He tried this several times before it hit him. "Isn't this Jiang Ling‽"

Chen Ge focused on the girl's face that was exposed outside the blood door. It reminded him of Jiang Ling when she ran over to give him the spider.

"The little girl from Lin Guan Village's poisoning case?" Captain Yan was part of the investigation team responsible for that case, so he was familiar with the girl's new name after she moved to Jiujiang's Children's Home.

"That's right." Chen Ge passed the photo to Captain Yan. "Compare the face shape of the two children. Even though painting isn't that detailed, the general frame matches perfectly."

Captain Yan looked at it. Initially, the name Jiang Ling did not even cross his mind, but now that Chen Ge mentioned it, he also felt it could be her.

"We've investigated Jiang Ling and her family; they have no connection with the patients from the Third Sick Hall."

"They're a bunch of crazies who can do anything. They don't need reasons or connections." Chen Ge pulled out his phone to call the nurse. He wanted to make sure of Fan Yu and Jiang Ling's safety. The painting on the victim's back was hinting that their target was Jiang Ling. The girl was the only seed remaining from Coffin Village. Perhaps like Men Nan, she had once opened a door!

The phone rang twice before a slightly alert voice said, "Mr. Chen? Why are you calling so late at night?"

"Can you give the phone to Fan Yu? I have something to tell him."

"They're in the middle of counselling with Doctor Chen. If this is nothing urgent, can you wait several minutes?"

"As long as they're safe. Tell Fan Yu to call me back later." Chen Ge pocketed his phone. He looked at the photos and considered creating an ambush around Jiujiang's Children's Home.

"Captain Yan, I have a feeling that the murders are just a prelude. Most of the patients have been detained, and the remaining patients should be prepared something big."

"Indeed, things might get messy tonight." Captain Yan tapped his fingers on the table and turned to Chen Ge. "You will stay with us tonight."


"The real person they want to kill is you."

Thinking about it, Chen Ge realized that Captain Yan had a point. After all, it was no inconvenience for him; he only swapped a place to sleep. If that could help capture the remaining ghost stories society's members, it would be a good thing. Captain Yan nodded after he got Chen Ge's agreement.

They talked for another twenty minutes to discuss the details when Chen Ge's phone rang. He saw that it was from the nurse, so he picked it up naturally.

"Mr. Chen! Both Fan Yu and Jiang Ling have disappeared! I swear they were still inside the home this afternoon!" The nurse's urgent voice came through the phone. "I've already informed the president. Now everyone is looking for them!"

"Disappeared‽" Chen Ge's eyes turned serious. "Weren't they with that Doctor Chen? Get him to answer the phone!"

"Doctor Chen has also disappeared. Everything in the room is tidy and untouched, but the person has disappeared!"

"Wait for me, I'll be there in a minute!"