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292 A Miracle Draw?

 The night rain slipped through his collar and chilled Chen Ge's skin. He stood at the fringe of the plantation and stared at the message on his phone. In the slot where he could choose the Trial Missions, there was a new option-Coffin Village!

A three-star scenario is still too difficult for me. The Third Sick Hall is also a three-star scenario. Without Zhang Ya, I would have died then.

Since the difficulty was three-star, this meant that the scenario possibly had more than one Red Specter. Based on the information Chen Ge had, the only source of threat to a Red Specter was another Red Specter.

The Trial Missions given by the black phone are more than just a mission. I need to consider the other variables both in real life and in the future. I cannot rush into this. Chen Ge hesitated. Well, I have a week to think. Perhaps Zhang Ya will wake up in a few days. If that happens, I will not hesitate to take the mission.

He came to the decision and glanced at his shadow before shoving the phone into his pocket. I'll decide in five days.

Coffin Village was a new choice, but ultimately, it was a choice. Based on the accident revolving around Jiang Ling and Zhu Xinrou, Chen Ge had a feeling that this three-star mission would be as dangerous as Third Sick Hall. The key problem was that the village at the foot of the hill was called Lin Guan Village, but the mission venue given by the black phone was called Coffin Village. Based on what the old man had told him, Chen Ge suspected that the real mission venue was that mysterious village hidden in the depths of the mountain!

After unlocking such a scenario, it would be a real attraction at the Haunted House. After all, there were not that many Haunted Houses that used an abandoned haunted village as the theme. Once unlocked, it would attract many new visitors. To be honest, Chen Ge was intrigued. However, he was also cautious.

Coffin Village was situated deep in the mountain, not near anything. The place probably would not have telephone signal. If something dangerous happened to him then, seeking escape alone would be difficult.

The villagers of Coffin Village are born with abnormalities, and each family prepares a living coffin. This place is probably hiding plenty of monsters. Those who escaped to Bai Family Village looked normal, but their attitude toward those with abnormalities was curious. It was like they wanted to kill all of them.

Why did these people escape from the mountains? Was it really because of an epidemic?

Chen Ge could not understand why, but he was certain of one thing. Before entering Coffin Village, he needed to make friends with Jiang Ling. The girl was definitely not as innocent as she looked.

Both Yin Xiaoxiao and Fan Yu seem to like me. Perhaps I'm more natural around children than adults. It shouldn't be too hard to make friends with Jiang Ling.

The peach trees rustled in the dark. The old man used the hoe to pry the hole underneath the tree open. His motion was soft, and guilt hung on his face.

Chen Ge wanted to help but was rejected by the old man. He removed his jacket and hung it over an overhanging branch like he was trying to keep the body from being ruined by the rain. The old man moved the soil away, and the female body started to slide. When Chen Ge saw the small arms that grew under her normal arm, he did not feel so good. She was born into this body, so why did the people around her fault her for it?

Chen Ge thought back to Zhu Xinrou's childhood that the old man had described. No matter the weather, she would need to be wrapped up tightly, and when her abnormality was discovered, she had to face the bullying and mockery from people around her, and she had to apologize to them for something that she could not control.

She must have loved the winter when she was young.

When he saw Zhu Xinrou's full body, the shock could not be described by words. However, compared to disgust and isolation, what Chen Ge felt was pity. He had seen many monsters and many people who had seen many monsters, so he could see it from a more subjective perspective.

"It's not your fault."

Chen Ge stood facing the wind to block the rain that threatened to pour into the hole.

Suddenly the black phone in his pants vibrated again. He took it out and the black phone said the affection Zhu Xinrou had for him increased from stranger to Slightly Favorable Opinion.

When I first saw Xiaoxiao, that was how she thought about me. Looks like this one also won't attack me for no reason.

Without a taxi, leaving the isolated Lin Guan Village in the middle of the night was difficult, but Chen Ge already had a plan.


At 3:15 am, the police arrived at the scene. As the one who found the body, Chen Ge requested to follow the police to the station to give his statement. At 5:30 pm, Master Bai and Chen Ge were in Inspector Lee's office.

Compared to the nervous Master Bai, Chen Ge was more relaxed. He even managed to get some shut-eye in the police car.

"Master Bai, just tell the truth, don't be afraid. Our Jiujiang's police are the best of the best; they will not purposely make things difficult for you."

When Inspector Lee walked into the room, Chen Ge was trying to teach the old man how to face the police like he was an experienced master. Inspector Lee did not even know how to react. "This kid looks more and more like our informant as the days go by."

"Uncle San Bao!" Chen Ge stood up when he saw Inspector Lee. "Tonight, we'll trouble you again. The police's work is never done, isn't it?"

The old man beside him nodded. He was an honest man. He realized that they had reported the case in the middle of the night, and the police officers had trekked into the mountain before daylight. They were indeed hardworking. "Thank you for all the trouble you've gone through, sir."

"It's our job," Inspector Lee told Master Bai with a smile then he turned toward Chen Ge. "Jiujiang is so big. Can you please wander out of our district once in a while? I beg you to leave the district for holiday-give yourself a break and give us a break."

"Inspector Lee, you're so nice to me. Don't worry, my body can still stand it." Inspector Lee looked at Chen Ge and wanted to stand up to smack him, but since an outsider was there, he held it in.

Inspector Lee rubbed his temples, and after taking their statements, he hastily called Da Yong to lead Chen Ge out. Da Yong, who had dark circles under his eyes, walked Chen Ge to the door. He gripped Chen Ge's shoulder as he said, "Brother, Inspector Lee is a straight shooter, don't mind him. But if you don't feel like going on a holiday, how about staying home to relax for a few days?"

Da Yong sounded sincere; he was really looking out for Chen Ge. Accepting the kindness from Western Jiujiang's police station, Chen Ge nodded and replied with sincerity, "Okay, I'll try my best."

Chen Ge jumped into a taxi and returned to New Century Park. The sun was just climbing over the horizon. Staring at the sun, standing before the Haunted House, Chen Ge suddenly took out the black phone.

I remember the effect of lucky draw during midday is not so good. They say a good morning is a good start to everything. Perhaps I might be lucky if I initiate the lucky draw now!

Chen Ge thought about and spent one hundred screams to spin the Wheel of Misfortune.