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276 Just a Little More

 The man with the ruined face felt pressured from being targeted by the Red Specter. Compared to the manic gaze standing amid the pool of black hair, his cruelty and madness paled in comparison. He could feel the enmity directed his way.

"Stop her!" The two boys controlled the blood vessels, trying to stop Zhang Ya, but they were powerless before the waves of black hair. The two of them could barely protect themselves.

"Useless!" The ruined man's face twisted. He was not powerful enough to face Zhang Ya. His main source of power was the two Red Specters that were made from the souls of his two children. Berated by their father, the two boys started to scream. Their bloated heads squeezed out more blood vessels, and they used their bodies to block Zhang Ya's path.

Ravaged by the black hair, the two boys' bodies were torn apart once more. The blood vessels seeped through the black hair, but the boys' rate of recovery had slowed down conspicuously.

"It's impossible for there to be such a powerful Red Specter! How many baleful specters has she consumed already‽" The man was in throes of disbelief. After so much planning, the cooperation of so many members were unable to deal with Chen Ge!

There was regret crossing his eyes. He saw his two boys being torn apart again, and his heart was bleeding. "Just a little bit more..."

Both Room 3239 and the room opposite from it were set up with traps. As long as Chen Ge had stepped into either one of them, he would have been killed instantly. There would not have been a chance for him to summon his ghost. When the boys were squeezed until they popped for the fifth time, the scars on the man's ruined face throbbed violently. There was a sensation that had not appeared in his heart for a long time-Fear.

The man grabbed his arms. His fingers dug into the scars, and blood dyed his fingers red. "This is such a horrible experience."

The wounds were torn open, and blood leaked out. The man seemed to be acting up. His hands kept tightening. "What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?"

The two boys were squeezed until they exploded. They recovered and rushed forward again. They tried everything they could, but they could not stop Zhang Ya.

She was getting close!

The blood trailed down her fingers and landed on the floor. The man with the ruined face felt like retreating. He glowered at Chen Ge, who stood behind Zhang Ya.

"Looks like I'll have to sacrifice that thing." The man plucked out his fingers from his open wound. His blood formed a trail in the air. He took out a wooden box from his pocket; the interior of the box was left with an inky black blood stain.

The few baleful specters showed signs of losing control-the black blood stain seemed to be highly attractive to them!

The man gave some orders silently, and then he grabbed the wooden box and ran down the corridor, abandoning the two boys. The black hair slithered on the ground like snakes. There was greed in Zhang Ya's gaze like a glutton spotting their favorite food.

After tearing the boys up for the seventh time, Zhang Ya lost her patience. All the black hair rushed toward the man. The blood vessels from the carcasses of the two boys morphed into blood globules, and they moved behind Zhang Ya with a speed that was observable to the naked eye. Their speed was very fast, and soon, the blood gathered together. A monster that looked like conjoined twins was reborn behind Zhang Ya.

"Not good!" Chen Ge ran down the staircase behind him without hesitation. The man with the ruined face had made his last bet. He was going to use himself as bait to create the chance to kill Chen Ge!

"We've... found you!" The conjoined twins crawled at Chen Ge with surprising speed. Chen Ge had greatly underestimated the power of the Red Specters. They had been limited by Zhang Ya's black hair earlier, so they did not have the chance to display their true power.

With its ability to morph into blood vessels and be reborn as well as its high mobility, if Chen Ge faced this thing alone, his chance of survival was zero.

"Xu Yin! Chen Yalin!" Chen Ge called out all the ghosts that he could manage to buy time for himself.

A girl with a purplish face and a man wearing half a red shirt appeared in the corridor. They stood side by side, blocking the conjoined twins. To Chen Ge's despair, the monster completely ignored Xu Yin and the Pen Spirit. Its fingers covered with blood vessels seemed to cut through their bodies like a knife.

His wounds opened, and Xu Yin was knocked into the wall. One of his arms was torn off. The Pen Spirit also suffered grievous wounds when she was touched by the blood vessels. Her body faded like she was about to disappear. However, they were not the conjoined twin's target. After damaging the two baleful specters, it charged at Chen Ge without decreasing in speed!

There were no other ghosts he could summon. Chen Ge realized how few employees he had at his Haunted House. The conjoined twins' heads were radiating with a horrible stench. Their facial features were shifting. The crooked lips hung open, and the completely unrecognizable faces were staring at Chen Ge. "We've found you!"

When they were about one meter away, the conjoined twins suddenly slowed down. Its bulging eyes turned to the side. The male ghost with one of his arms torn apart was using his remaining arm to hold onto the conjoined twins' leg!

A blood red hand reached for Xu Yin's arm. The conjoined twins picked Xu Yin up from the floor, aiming to tear him in half. His body split open down the middle. The wound that was left behind by his beloved leaked out blood. "So painful, so painful!!"

Xu Yin ignored his half-torn body and tried his best to bite at the conjoined twins. The cruelty of the battle between baleful specters could not be put into words. Chen Ge knew that the current Xu Yin was no match for the Red Specter. He was only trying to buy him time.

"I need to meet up with the police immediately!" He ran out the corridor. When he was almost at the stairwell, a bespectacled man ran up the stairs. When Chen Ge saw the man, his heart skipped a beat. It was not the police but Manager Huang.

"What's going on? Quick, follow me!" Manager Huang gasped for air with his hands holding onto the railing. He extended his hand toward Chen Ge like he was going to bring Chen Ge to safety.

Looking at that hand, Chen Ge took a deliberate step back.

The night when he entered the ghost stories society, Manager Huang had also been inside the third building. When he reached the lobby, Manager Huang had been lecturing Xiao Gu. The other suspicious point was the additional number on the elevator. A 24th floor that did not exist, the manager of the residential area had to know about it, but he did not do anything to remove it. Removing the number from the elevator would not have taken too much time.

Furthermore, Fang Hwa Apartments was the gathering place for ghost stories society, but there was no trace of them on the surveillance. Someone might have helping them from the dark, and that someone was probably related to Fang Hwa Apartments.

Sensing Chen Ge's suspicious gaze, Manager Huang knew that he had probably been exposed already. He removed his disguise and slowly turned around to reveal the blood face on the back of his head. "I don't want to do this, but after joining the society, I too have become a monster..."

While Manager Huang was lamenting his face, Chen Ge took out the walkie-talkie that Captain Yan had given him, and he pressed the button and shouted, "23rd floor! All four killers are on the 23rd floor!"