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273 Xiao Gu, Run!

 The interrogation room door was pushed open at 11 pm. Two officers walked into the room and placed two printed files on the table.

"Wei Wu, real name Zhang Wu, male, 36, works at a pharmaceutical company. He has been spotted going out late at night for the past six months and has been using his fake identity to rent many underground storage rooms. Investigation is still ongoing for his properties."

"Kong Xiangming, real name Kong Yin. A wanted man on the run. Xing Hai police suspect this man is related to two homicides."

Looking at the information on the table, Chen Ge sat up straighter. Things were even more successful than he thought. Kong Xiangming was a wanted man. He did not even have to say much to prove his innocence.

"See, I'm not lying to you, am I?" Chen Ge raised both of his hands. "I'm sorry, but what is the reward for capturing a wanted man? Xing Hai is a bigger city than Jiujiang, so the reward money should be higher, right?"

"Reward money is decided by the department of public security; it has nothing to do with locality." Captain Yan had the man beside him uncuff Chen Ge. He then personally poured a glass of water for Chen Ge. "Tell me, how did you discover these two?"

"I've told you. I'm the victim!" Chen Ge pouted. Listening to him, the few policemen in the room felt their scalps numb.

"We believe you, but everything needs to be based on the evidence." Since no one had any sign of saying anything, Captain Yan stepped forward. "Don't mind it too much, but if there's a next time, try to take a lighter hand. If you accidentally take someone's life, things will be very complicated."

Captain Yan did not know why he would say that, but he had a feeling this was only the beginning.

"Okay, I'll try."

"I'll personally go ask about the reward money for you tomorrow, so now can you tell us about these two?" Captain Yan was familiar with Chen Ge's personality, so he threw out the reward money as bait.

"Told you, I'm really the victim." Chen Ge's voice turned serious. "You guys still remember how I accidentally came into the group of madmen detaining live hostages at the mental hospital, right?"

"Yes." Captain Yan seemed to remember something. "The group of madmen had a picture of you entering the New Century Park, so do you mean these two people were sent by them to the Haunted House to disturb business?"

"Disturb my business?" Chen Ge shook his head and sighed. "They were sent to kill me."

The interrogation room became quiet after he said that. Based on the investigation and their years of experience, the officers believed Chen Ge was right.

"This is part of their revenge against me."

"Just because you exposed their secret at the abandoned mental hospital? That made them want to kill you?" a young looking officer at the table asked.

"They're all mental patients; their worldview is different from us." Chen Ge thought about it, and he prepared to tell Captain Yan the things that he could reveal to prevent the police from having unnecessary sacrifices. "After a short interaction, I realized these people's hearts have been fully twisted. They use their own twisted views to understand the world, and the scariest thing is they believe they are right and it is this world that is wrong. You cannot apply normal logic to them; they are extremely dangerous."

"Mental patients going around killing people with a twisted worldview?" Captain Yan tapped lightly on the table. This was something he would subconsciously do when he was in deep thought.

"What I'm saying is the truth. You have to be very careful; they're different from normal mental patients."

"Different how?"

"During the day, they can act incredibly normal. Only when after midnight or when they're alone will their side that is ill be shown." Chen Ge was giving Captain Yan's team a warning. This group of madmen were different from normal, and most of them were smarter than normal people.

"I understand. Most serial killers have deficiencies in terms of mental and spiritual health." Captain Yan wanted to say something more when Chen Ge's phone rang.

"Xiao Gu?" Chen Ge glanced at his phone and was quite surprised. "Why is he calling me?"

He was detained inside the interrogation room, so he asked Captain Yan, "Do you mind if I answer this call? It's from my employee."

"You can answer it here." The few officers placed their absolute focus on Chen Ge. They perked up their ears to listen. Chen Ge picked up the call, and before he could move the phone to his ears, Gu Feiyu's scream at the top of the lungs came through. "Brother Chen! Fang Hwa Apartments' third building! Uncle Wong has already..."

The voice suddenly stopped. Xiao Gu's phone sounded like it was slapped away by something and knocked into the wall. There were only running footsteps that could be heard in the call.

"Fang Hwa Apartments' third building?" Chen Ge did not end the call. He paid full attention, hoping to get more information. The sound of footsteps soon disappeared. It was unclear whether Xiao Gu had run to another floor or tragedy had befallen him.

"Chen Ge, what was that about?" The few officers leaned forward.

"It's at the third building again." Chen Ge's eyes were rather scary. "The bunch of crazies have reached out to attack my employee. They're inside Fang Hwa Apartments' third building!"

The interrogation room was silent for a second before everyone mobilized. "Call the local station! Get them moving instantly!"

If this was before, Chen Ge would not have told the police. After all, Captain Yan would not have chosen to help him capture the members of the ghost stories society based on his few words. But things were different now. The police had confirmed that the two members that Chen Ge had caught were involved in many crimes. Chen Ge was not lying.

"Captain Yan, can you drop me off at New Century Park first? I need to go get something important."

"Ol' Wu, you drive Xiao Chen." Captain Yan seemed to morph into a different person. He walked out of the interrogation room and yelled, "Stop dawdling! Get moving!"

"Wait a minute." Chen Ge chased after the man. "Captain Yan, don't make too big a commotion. I fear this is a premeditated plan."

"Don't worry."

After getting the promise from Captain Yan, Chen Ge took Ol' Wu's car to return to New Century Park. He grabbed the recorder and ballpoint pen, and since the police were coming with him, he did not take the hammer.

The ghost stories society targeted Xiao Gu mainly to get to me. They want to lead me there with Xiao Gu as bait. Chen Ge did not plan to take a big risk. He sat inside the police car and thought about it carefully. Since you have set up such a big plan, there has to be a trap. Conservatively speaking, I suspect there will be at least four members at Fang Hwa Apartments.

Chen Ge looked out the window at the night sky, and his finger traced the play button of the recorder. But they won't be expecting me to come with the police.