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258 Unwanted Guests

 Changing room? Costumes?

Chen Ge reread the information on his phone. The new feature surprised him.

The visitors can pick the identity that they want to increase immersion-that, I understand, but what is this one percent chance of triggering the extreme experience?

Chen Ge would have to see it in action to know what it did. After all, it was only after Fan Yu's appearance that Chen Ge truly understood the effect of the Midnight Ticket Counter.

Based on previous experience, the reward provided by the black phone should be safe, but just to be extra sure, I'd better be careful about it. Chen Ge thought about it and soon came to a decision. I'll limit the number of people using it. To use the changing room, the visitors have to pay an extra 20. I'll just call it a costume renting fee.

Those with a small heart naturally would not spend money to find more trouble for themselves. The Ghost's Changing Room's main audience were those veteran Haunted House visitors. The more authentic the experience, the greater the fun they would have. Using the black phone as a guide, Chen Ge headed under the first floor staircase. There was a small partitioned cubicle outside of the Night of the Living Dead scenario.

Murder by Midnight has already taken up a part of the Night of the Living Night, and now the changing room has made it even smaller. Looks like I'll need to move things around soon.

Chen Ge entered the cubicle, and two doors greeted him. They were marked with the male and female symbols. He pushed open one of them, and Chen Ge saw plenty of costumes hanging on the wall. However, different from reality, all of the costumes had blood stains on them, and some were torn or wrinkled. It was not that hard to imagine what the original owners of these costumes had been through.

I guess I understand why this place is called the Ghost's Changing Room.

The costumes on the wall had probably been left behind by the ghosts and monsters' actual victims. Putting them on would put the visitors in the despair once felt by the victims.

Pick their identity and then challenge the increasingly difficult scenario. The first to clear every scenario will get the 200,000 reward. This system will probably last for quite a while.

Chen Ge exited the changing room and clicked on the black phone to read the second message.

"A new two-star scenario, Western Jiujiang's Private Academy, has been unlocked. You can manipulate the props inside the set freely, using the interface available on the phone!"

Looks like the failure to unlock before was due to a lack of expansion. This means that each expansion only allows me to add three new scenarios.

Chen Ge opened the wooden boards that led to the parking lot. With instructions from the black phone, he entered deep into Mu Yang High School. The new Western Jiujiang's Private Academy was adjacent to Mu Yang High School. Its size was slightly smaller than Mu Yang High School, but it added more junctions and corners. The place could already be called a small maze.

The combination of a couple of two-star scenarios and a one-star scenario takes up almost half of the parking lot, so how big will the completed four-star School of the Afterlife be?

Shaking his head, Chen Ge realized that it was not yet time to think about that. I should take it slow.

To ensure there were no security threats, he entered the Western Jiujiang's Private Academy scenario alone. There were two individual mini scenarios, one was the Hanging One, and the other was The Stink.

With the aid of the recorder and the ballpoint pen, Chen Ge used five minutes to clear the scenario with a bunch of highly interested mannequins watching. When he exited the scenario, his expression was weird. There were two real spirits inside the scenario, but it was unclear what had happened to them. Their spirits were weak, almost disappearing.

The weirdest thing was, when they sensed Chen Ge's entry, they started to run and hide as if knowing that something very scary was approaching them. Chen Ge basically used four of the five minutes to look for them. After he found them, Chen Ge realized that these two could not be considered baleful specters, and they had been tamed.

As long as they're not dangerous.

Chen Ge returned to the first floor and waited until 8:55 am before opening the Haunted House's gates. The sun filtered its ray down on him, and several meters away from the Haunted House's front door was the large banner. There were park workers waiting under the resting tent. Everything was ready.

The day was not a holiday but there was already a long line waiting outside the park. The park officially opened at 9 am. The moment it did, the visitors all surged toward the Haunted House. The amount was several times bigger than normal. The reward of 200,000 combined with the heavy promotion by the park, the popularity that Chen Ge had earned through his livestreams and videos, and the verbal promotion among the visitors had finally led to this.

"Boss, they're all here to visit our Haunted House‽" Xu Wan stood beside Chen Ge, unable to believe her eyes.

"Of course, but this is just the beginning. More people will come visit us in the future." Chen Ge's hands were shaking, he was actually more excited than Xu Wan. "Quick, go and put on your make-up. It's time for work!"

Xu Wan was responsible for Minghun, and Gu Feiyu was running Murder by Midnight. Uncle Xu, who came to help, stood outside to sell tickets, and Chen Ge monitored everything.

"All the visitors who have visited Murder by Midnight and Minghun, please gather over here! We have scarier and more exciting scenarios waiting for you!"

Some of the visitors gave up directly after visiting the one-star scenario, but some of the braver ones chose to continue to challenge the two-star scenario. Among them were visitors who had visited the Haunted House several days ago. They had formed a chat group to discuss the guide to clearing the Haunted House.

"Don't rush. Please wait at the resting tent. We'll open the scenario when we have ten people in a team!"

Western Jiujiang's Private Academy and Mu Yang High School were linked together, so the place was big enough to let a team of ten enter at the same time. Uncle Xu cut through the crowd to find Chen Ge. He had received a call from Director Luo, who said that there would be reporters coming to help the promotion and wished for Chen Ge to pay attention to that.

Chen Ge did not think that Director Luo had such influence, but since this was a good thing, he naturally did not reject it. There were visitors running out from the Haunted House. Some had given up halfway through the scenario, and some forced themselves to finish the whole tour and came out with their legs shaking. Others even planted themselves under the sun and refused to budge.

About one of every four visitors managed to survive the one-star scenario and continue to challenge the two-stars scenarios.

Twenty minutes passed, and only seven people wanted to challenge the two-star scenarios. Chen Ge decided to make an exception for them and send them underground.

His gaze swept over these seven visitors, and when he saw the seventh one, Chen Ge paused. The visitor looked very normal, but Chen Ge felt like he had seen him before. Then he remembered-it was in the surveillance picture at Hai Ming Apartments that also caught No. 5.