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253 A Hammer to the Face


It was the middle of the night, and they were in the countryside, so there were no cars on the road. Ol' Zhang remembered the last message that he had seen before he jumped out of the car. He did not run into the forest by the road but ran down the middle of the road. The wind gathered in his ears, and after several meters, Ol' Zhang realized that there were no running footsteps coming from behind him, so he turned to look.

"You won't be able to run!" The face that grew on the back of the head had become severely twisted like it was trying to crawl out of the passenger's head. The passenger was only half a meter away from Ol' Zhang.

It wants to drill into my head.

Ol' Zhang didn't know why he would have that thought, but he knew that he needed to focus on escaping. He did not dare turn back to look again. However, certain things would not just disappear simply because one did not look at them.

There was a needling pain coming from the back of his head, like a sharp knife was slowly poking into it.

"Help!" he screamed, but the only reply was silence. His neck turned cold, and he did not even have the energy to turn back to look. His speed slowed down, and the oxygen in his lungs ran dry. He could not run anymore.

"You'll get used to it." An eerie smile came from the back of his head. Ol' Zhang forced himself to move forward. The road was lined on both sides by woods, and since there was nothing but a crematorium in front, people would not normally use this road at night.

His head felt like it was being peeled open. The pain was insufferable. Ol' Zhang's eyes rolled upwards as he started to faint.

"So painful!"

That was the only thought in his mind. That and...

Will I become a monster with a face on the back of my head when I wake up?

A chilliness entered his brain, and his memory was muddled. Ol' Zhang reached his limits and collapsed to the floor. There was a chill on his back like a venomous snake was slithering on it. There was nothing he could do to stop it. The pain on the back of his head grew intense. Ol' Zhang wanted to scream, but he had lost his voice. He shook his head, trying to shake the thing off, but it was pointless.

"So painful..."

He did not make any noise, but there was a sound that entered his ear. "Was that me who was talking?"

Ol' Zhang's consciousness was fraying as he turned toward the noise. The only source of light in the dark was car headlights. The trees on the side rustled. Something was coming down he road.

"So painful, so painful!"

The sound continued to speak. Ol' Zhang's face was white as ash when he realized the sound did not come from his lips.

Another monster is coming?

Ol' Zhang tried to keep his eyes open. All he wanted to do was earn a living for his family; he did not expect something like this to happen to him.

Will someone operate on my body to investigate after I die?

Weird thoughts appeared in his mind. The chilliness on his back started to dissipate, but the pain on the back of his head did not decrease. Hearing that voice, the passenger also sensed danger, and he started to increase in pace.

How come the monster feels like it is afraid?

Before his eyes closed, Ol' Zhang saw a taxi coming his way. He wanted to warn the man about the danger, but his lips would not move. The car door flew open, and the mental patient he had seen several times exited with his backpack.

Why is he here?

The mental patient dropped the backpack on the ground and he pulled out a creepy looking hammer from it before dashing at Ol' Zhang.

Looks like I'm definitely going to die this time.

Despair swallowed up Ol' Zhang, and the precious memories of his life started to play. When the man was about two meters away from him, he raised the hammer and aimed at the back of Ol' Zhang's head!


The pain disappeared instantly. Something that looked like a person tumbled backwards and rolled on the road. The sound of skull cracking resounded in his ears, and his sight was covered by a screen of red. Ol' Zhang turned his head with difficulty. When he saw the mangled body of his passenger, he could no longer hold the fear within his heart. The terror gripped his mind, and he fainted fully.

"Don't be afraid!" Chen Ge gasped for air. He arrived just in time. Ol' Zhang had fainted, so he naturally did not hear him. The other driver also got out from the car then. When he saw the fainted Ol' Zhang, he screamed.

"Ol' Zhang! Ol' Zhang, wake up!" The peace of the night was shattering. When the passenger saw Chen Ge, he quickly climbed up from the floor and ran into the woods.

"Call the police immediately! Tell them the culprit is an escaped patient from the Third Sick Hall!"

After giving that order, Chen Ge followed the man into the forest. The passenger ran, and Chen Ge chased. Both of their speeds were affected by the woody terrain.

They continued this for several minutes before the passenger's physique started to weaken. His body tumbled left and right. Half of his shoulder had been shattered from the hit earlier, and his step seemed to be going to break his body.

"You're not going to run away!"

Chen Ge would never let this man go. Be it for the hidden mission or another reason, he had to make the ghost stories society a part of history. Listening the taunt from Chen Ge, the passenger gritted his teeth. A few minutes ago, he had said the same thing.

The passenger accidentally tripped, and his already imbalanced body crumbled to the ground.

"Not going to run anymore?" Chen Ge, of course, would not let go of such a good opportunity. He closed the distance, and the scary hammer expanded in the passenger's eyes.

There was a weird panicky feeling in his heart. The passenger crawled on the floor, trying to hide deeper in the forest. Chen Ge found him several seconds later. The hammer went flying at the passenger's leg, and at the last minute, the passenger used his elbow to forcibly move his body away.


The hammer fell on a tree trunk, causing the entire tree to shake violently. The passenger's face was white; he looked paler than a dead person.

"Don't force me!" The face on the back of his head started to move, and blood vessels began to seep out from underneath its skin. They started to reknit themselves. Several seconds later, the face on the back changed into a face that looked suspiciously like Chen Ge.

"You're definitely from behind the door if you can control these blood vessels."

Before the monster could finish his transformation, Chen Ge rushed forward. He would never hold back against these monsters.

"I've been waiting for you!"

When Chen Ge got close, the passenger suddenly jumped up to grapple him. He used every ounce of his energy to grab Chen Ge. The face that looked like Chen Ge revealed a sick smile as it leaned toward Chen Ge's face.

He had planned this when he saw Chen Ge, but he had forgotten something important. In the small space between the two Chen Ge's faces, a blood-curdling scream erupted.


Painful, so painful!