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249 Late-Night Taxi Driver

 Tomorrow, the park would help promote his Haunted House, and Chen Ge could not afford to waste this chance. Director Luo had placed all his hope on him, so naturally Chen Ge did not want to let the man down.

After the expansion tonight, Western Jiujiang's Private Academy should be unlocked. Having a new two-star scenario will be beneficial for the plan tomorrow.

The second expansion might even get him a new unique construct, and Chen Ge was anticipating it.

The Midnight Ticket Counter can help me attract special visitors. I wonder, what will the use of the new construct be?

He continued to work after lunch break. At around 3 pm, the recorder Chen Ge ordered online finally arrived. This meant that he could call Xu Yin for help whenever he wanted.

It still feels weird bringing a recorder on my missions, but that is more natural than bringing a large tape recorder.

The Haunted House closed at 6:30 pm. With the increase in visitors, the closing time for Chen Ge's Haunted House slowly got pushed later and later. Looking at the darkening sky, Chen Ge removed the idea of visiting Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station. The place was far from New Century Park, and he did not want to rush into things, especially since he had not confirmed No. 10's identity.

After cleaning, Chen Ge entered the underground scenarios.

Tian Teng Medical School has strong playability and interactivity; that is one area where my Haunted House can improve. If I add more exploration and mystery, it should be able to draw the visitors deeper into the scenarios.

Chen Ge busied himself inside the Haunted House until 10 pm.

Xu Wan is responsible for Minghun, and I look after the underground Mu Yang High School and Third Sick Hall. This means that Murder by Midnight still needs someone to act as the murderer.

Chen Ge did not have that many people he could trust. Uncle Xu was too old to run around the Haunted House, and his personality was too kind to be a murderer. In comparison, Gu Feiyu was a much better fit.

The kid is not experienced, but Murder by Midnight has Xiaoxiao's family watching over him, so he should be fine.

Now, Chen Ge's worry was that Gu Feiyu might be scared by Xiaoxiao's family.

It's hard to find useable workers; my ghost employees are more trustworthy.

He returned to the staff breakroom to look over the information in his phone. The pictures that Captain Yan had sent him unsettled Chen Ge.

I'm now in the ghost stories society's crosshairs. If they mix into the visitors and make trouble at key moments, it'll ruin Director Luo's plan. I need to deal with them as soon as possible.

The patients from the Third Sick Hall would do anything. Unfortunately, Chen Ge would have a hard time identifying them if they mix into the sea of visitors. The only method to prevent that from happening was to capture them beforehand.

No. 12 is the DJ for Ghost Talk, and No. 5 is the show's producer. Should I start with them?

Chen Ge searched for Ghost Talk using his phone. One of the promotional pieces caught his attention. Normally, Ghost Talk started at midnight, but today, the show had been moved ahead an hour. The reason given was since Lychee had been on holiday yesterday, today she was going to accompany the listeners for an extra hour.

That does sound like a valid reason.

However, when Chen Ge saw the show listing, he was alerted. All five stories in the first hour were related to taxi drivers.

Is it a taxi driver special today?

Then again, why would they arrange all the stories to be before midnight? This looked like a set-up. Chen Ge tuned into the station and lay down in bed to listen.

At 10:55 pm, the woman's mellifluous voice appeared.

"We meet in the night but part before morning. However, our parting is to prepare for a later reunion. Good evening, I'm your late night DJ, Lychee."

The woman's voice was nice on the ears. She did not make use of any technique; her voice alone was comforting enough.

Such a waste of a beautiful voice.

Chen Ge continued to listen.

"Jiujiang is a historical city, and there are many old buildings left in the old part of the city. The most famous among them is a street called Huai Hua Street. However, the reason for its fame is not its history but several incidents that have happened there. The street is called Huai Hua street even though there is not a single Huai Hua tree. Even the older generation at Jiujiang have no idea why the street has that name."

The woman continued her story. Her style was hard for others to mimic. She started off gentle, like she was knitting a net to pull in her listeners. When they were dragged in, she would yank on the net all of a sudden to make all the scare points explode.

Lychee's first story happened at Huai Hua Street. A taxi driver picked up a customer at Huai Hua Street at midnight. The customer said that she had left something behind and wished for him to help her retrieve it.

After giving a rough address, the driver started to move. However, the customer was weird. The driver drove her to the destination that she listed, but each time, she said that he had gotten the place wrong. Just as the driver's patience was running thin, the customer gave her last address-The bus stop next to the crematorium.

The ending was rather shocking. The customer did find what she had lost. It entered the driver's body and left while the driver's soul got replaced in the ceremonial urn that she had lost.

The story is passable, mainly because it was Lychee who told the story. She told it like it was a real story.

Then Chen Ge thought about something. Could Lychee's story have been real?

After all, Huai Hua Street really did exist.

Could she have heard her story from other members of the ghost stories society?

Lychee started her second story. It also happened at Huai Hua Street, and the main character was still a late-night taxi driver.

"Something's off," Captain Yan had told Chen Ge on the phone that the cases related to the ghost stories society all fell on a Wednesday. The day seemed to have a special meaning for them.

"Ghost Talk has been moved earlier by one hour today, so before midnight, today is still Wednesday. Are they planning to do something tonight?"

After hearing Lychee's second story, Chen Ge's suspicion grew. Her second story also had the same ending-the ghost was reborn by sacrificing innocent humans.

"Huai Hua Street, taxi driver..." Chen Ge thought about it and grabbed his jacket. "Human lives are on the line. I should go take a look."

He put the recorder, tape, and ballpoint pen in his bag and dashed out of the staff breakroom. After his previous experience, when he passed the Props Room, he also shoved Doctor Skull-cracker's hammer into his bag.