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245 No. 10s Identity

 Chen Ge did not answer the birdman's question. When the black hair wrapped around the birdman's neck, his ending had been written. Zhang Ya had never left a living person behind once she acted.

In the Third Sick Hall, she had dashed into the door just to chase after the thin monster. In the process, she had even injured the old director, who was a Red Specter. Zhang Ya after death was the complete opposite of who she had been in life. Thankfully, she seemed to have a soft spot for Chen Ge.

Chen Ge stood at the door obediently and pretended like he did not see anything. He picked up the weird tools that the birdman had left and started studying them.

There was a horrible scream coming from inside the room. The blood vessels on the man's face congregated to from a sharp-beaked raven. It attempted to fly out of the room. Its speed was fast, and it reached the door in the blink of an eye, but something else awaited it.

When the birdman was speaking earlier, the black hair had already spread through the room and sealed the entire corridor. The wave of black hair swallowed the blood raven and the birdman whole. Moments later, the blood raven disappeared, and only a crippled man was left on the floor. His eyes were unfocused, like his consciousness had been completely shattered.

After swallowing the blood raven, Zhang Ya still did not feel satisfied. The black hair crawled into all the rooms. She seemed to find something at the end because she started to pull back her hair.

"Did you find something?" They were at the base for the ghost stories society, so there were probably some important items there.

Zhang Ya titled her head to study Chen Ge for a long time. Without saying anything, she hid back inside his shadow. Chen Ge was frozen solid while being studied by Zhang Ya. He only dared to breathe when the blood completely disappeared from his shadow.

The affection level is rising so fast that Zhang Ya now refuses to return. If this continues, she might accidentally kill me in the future.

Thinking back to Zhang Ya's gaze, Chen Ge's scalp felt numb. The girl seemed to be considering killing him so that he could join her in death.

I didn't think I was so popular with girls before this! I didn't really do anything, but the affection level keeps climbing. I should stop bothering Zhang Ya in the future unless truly necessary.

Chen Ge walked to the birdman and took a look at his face. He had been possessed by the monster behind the door for so long that his face had become twisted.

I won't be able to gather any information if his face is ruined like this.

Chen Ge exited the room and walked to the end of the corridor. He pushed the last door open. The dining table sat in the middle of the room, but no one remained.

How did they leave? Where is the hidden exit?

Holding the cleaver, Chen Ge walked around the table. It was a normal table, and the chairs had numbers on them-1 to 10.

The chairperson is one of them, and using the power of the monsters behind the door, they created this society. This person mustn't be underestimated.

At that moment, Chen Ge stopped beside the chair for No. 10. When he first entered the room, No. 10 had said something. At the time, Chen Ge's focus had been directed at summoning Zhang Ya, so he had not paid it any heed. Now thinking back, No. 10 was suspicious.

The first sentence he told me was that he liked my mask. Why would he specifically talk about my mask?

Chen Ge was wearing Doctor Skull-cracker's mask, and those who had visited the Haunted House before would have seen it.

Could No. 10 be one of my former visitors? When the other nine voted to give up on me, No. 10 forfeited. His forfeit, in a way, was a vote of support, and he would not save a stranger for no reason.

There were many anomalies beyond that. For example, when the dinner was supposed to be served, No. 10 suddenly told the three new members that they could leave if they wanted to. Combined with what had happened earlier, that was probably meant for Chen Ge.

The meal for new members has its problem as well?

Chen Ge looked at the chair for No. 10 as he thought back to No. 10's every move.

Everyone's hands were hidden inside the black robe, but No. 10 placed his hands underneath the table.

Squatting down, Chen Ge looked under the table. Where No. 10 was sitting, there were several small words that had been carved out using fingernails. Chen Ge took out his phone and looked at them for a long time before he could recognize what they were.

Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station?

The name sounded familiar. He thought about it, and his eyes widened with shock. There were four letters inside the Third Sick Hall's director office, and the only addressed letter was to Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station!

The letter was addressed to Doctor Chen, so No. 10 is this Doctor Chen?

All the clues seemed to be connected, but none of them could be proved. A key piece was missing from the puzzle.

This is the first time I've worn the mask outside of New Century Park. He has seen my mask before, so he should be a visitor or a park worker. However, it hasn't been long since I got the mask, so could it be someone I met recently?

The body had been covered by the black robe, and No. 10's voice was weird. He had probably been faking his voice so that Chen Ge would not be able to identify him. The only thing that Chen Ge was certain about was No. 10 was a man.

Could it be a patient from Third Sick Hall and this is just a method to trick me?

The members of ghost stories society were definitely not normal; Wu Fei and the devil would likely be the most difficult to deal with.

Captain Yan has shown me the picture. The patients from Third Sick Hall were following me. They have seen me enter New Century Park from the pictures on the phones of Xu Tong and the patient with Phantom Limb Syndrome.

This bunch of crazies know I'm at New Century Park, so they have perhaps masqueraded as visitors before to enter my Haunted House, so it is normal for him to have seen my mask before.

It was the old director who wrote the letter to Linjiang New Schistosomiasis Control Station. The director chose to cooperate with the patients to extend his life, so it is to be expected that the patients know about this address.

He might seem to be helping me on the surface, but that might be because he sensed danger and was actually helping the society!

The most crucial clue was given by the birdman. He said that someone received a message from the chairperson and decided to leave in a hurry. I left, and the next minute, they escaped through the hidden exit‽ That cannot be a coincidence!

Chen Ge's gaze darkened as he looked at the carving under the table. He suspected that this was a trap. He had to be careful because all the patients who had escaped from the Third Sick Hall were mad. They could not be understood using normal logic.

He managed to react instantly once he realized that something was wrong. He controlled the situation from the dark. If No. 10 isn't someone whom I know, he's most likely the chairperson.

Two different speculations, two different results. One heaven and one hell.