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243 Four-Star Trial Mission

 After removing Zhu Xiu from the elevator, Chen Ge did not leave. He returned to the elevator. Zhang Ya followed behind him, not willing to leave his side. "Since you're out here, why don't we go and create some chaos?"

Chen Ge looked at Zhang Ya behind him. This Red Specter seemed to have grown stronger. The dress that she was wearing seemed to have been knitted from red threads; it looked very real. Zhang Ya kept her head lowered. She stuck close to Chen Ge, her fluttering hair occasionally caressing Chen Ge's arm. There was something that looked like blood lines coming out from underneath the dress, and they seemed ready to drill into Chen Ge's body.

It looked quite scary, and Chen Ge did not expect such a large change would happen to Zhang Ya. In reality, when he had held Zhu Xiu's lips shut, there was an alert on the black phone. Zhang Ya's affection level had broken through Gripped by Passion and was close to reaching the next stage.

Like an overflowing vase, Zhang Ya's minor actions exemplified her affection toward Chen Ge.

Do you like ghosts? If you don't, I'll turn everyone you like into one, including yourself.

The blood vessels and black hair gently curled around Chen Ge's blood, and it chilled the man to his core. He turned to look at Zhang Ya, but Zhang Ya pretended like she did not know anything, just following behind him.

I can feel the murderous intent. I need to distract her somehow.

Chen Ge pressed the button for 23rd floor. He had decided to return to the 24th floor. Actually, he did not want to act so rashly, but he was reminded of an issue.

Normally, Zhang Ya would return to his shadow on her own, but this time, it did not seem like Zhang Ya had any interest in returning!

He was afraid that if he did not find something for Zhang Ya to do, he would be her next target. Love and hate were extreme emotions. The way Zhang Ya looked him made him feel uncomfortable; it was like she was hesitating over turning him into a doll as well. That way, they could be together forever.

The door slowly closed. Chen Ge's hair rose on the back of his neck. He suddenly wished to be back in the room with the rest of the members. He felt safer with them. It was complicated getting back to the 24th floor. Chen Ge hid himself in the corner and took out the black phone when Zhang Ya was not looking.

"Resolving her last wish, Zhang Ya's affection level has reached Gripped by Passion!

"Specter's Favored, congratulations for completing Zhang Ya's Bloody Heart Mission with a hundred percent completion rate!

"Choice of Reward One: Unlocking three-star scenario, Western Jiujiang's Private Academy! The scenario includes seven mini scenarios: White Valentines, Red Dancing Shoes, Cursed Love Letter, Female Dormitory, Crying Chairs, the Hanging Man, and the Stink!

"Warning: After you select this reward, Red Specter Zhang Ya will be confined to the scenario!

"Choice of Reward Two: Remove all scenarios related to Zhang Ya, leaving only the Hanging Man and the Stink. This will downgrade Western Jiujiang's Private Academy to a two-star scenario, but Zhang Ya's movement will be unlimited!"

The message surprised Chen Ge. He did not expect that Western Jiujiang's Private Academy would be a three-star scenario and Zhang Ya would be related to five mini scenarios!

The Third Sick Hall was judged a three-star scenario probably due to the ten patients and the creatures behind the door, but Western Jiujiang's Private Academy was judged as three-star simply due to Zhang Ya.

She's scarier than I thought!

After swallowing some of the creatures and the old director in the Third Sick Hall, Zhang Ya had grown stronger, her malice increasing, the blood in her dress glowing brighter.

If I pick the first reward, I'll get a complete three-star scenario, but I'll lose Zhang Ya's aid whenever I'm out of the Haunted House.

Chen Ge turned back to sneak a look at Zhang Ya. He thought long and hard before selecting reward number two. He was not afraid that if he picked reward one, he was not going to leave the elevator alive. Furthermore, he felt like he was the only person Zhang Ya could rely on. He felt like giving as much warmth as he could to someone who had suffered so much in her life. He clicked option two, and a new message appeared.

"Are you sure you want to select Reward Number Two?"


"Congratulations for unlocking the two-star scenario, Western Jiujiang's Private Academy! This scenario is a gift from completing the Bloody Heart Mission, so it has no hidden missions and no security threats!"

No security threats? Meaning I can allow my visitors to explore the place to their hearts' content?

Since the black phone had said so, it should be fine. This meant that Chen Ge had been gifted a two-star scenario, so he was quite happy. Then another message appeared.

"Specter's Favored, congratulations for completing Zhang Ya's Bloody Heart Mission with a hundred percent completion rate! Successfully triggered the Trial Mission for four-star scenario-School of the Afterlife!

"Warning: four-star scenarios are extremely dangerous! The Trial Mission for School of the Afterlife is comprised of eight side missions and one final mission. The active time to complete them is three months.

"Currently, you have completed seven side missions at Western Jiujiang's Private Academy and Mu Yang High School. After completing the 8th side mission, Eternal Life, you will unlock the final mission!

"Side Mission 8: Eternal Life (In an undisclosed underground morgue, there's a group who seek eternal life). Mission Venue: Western Jiujiang's Medical University.

"Final Mission: Currently locked."

Chen Ge pocketed the phone when he was done reading it. Every increase in the star of a scenario would double or triple the difficulty. When he conducted the Trial Mission for the Third Sick Hall, he would have died if he had faced the thin monster alone. If Zhang Ya had not been there to help him, he would not have had the chance to enter the blood door.

Looking at this from a different perspective, Zhang Ya herself was the reason Western Jiujiang Private Academy was a three-star scenario. How scary Zhang Ya was equaled to how scary a three-star scenario was.

I should just ignore the four-star mission for now. Three-star missions already have the presence of Red Specter, so the four-star mission probably has something worse.

Chen Ge tried to understand that world, but the more he found out, the more confused he became.

The active time for clearing School of the Afterlife is three-months. I still have time. The most immediate concern is to deal with ghost stories society and solve the hidden mission inside the Third Sick Hall.

Chen Ge followed the introduction on the flyer and returned to the 24th floor, but this time, he did not enter alone.