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232 Wednesday

 Then again, this is not bad. At least I don't need to explain myself anymore.

Dragging the unconscious Han Qiuming, Chen Ge exited the Haunted House and very naturally headed for the resting tent. "Where are the doctors? This brother here might need a little aid."

"Chen Ge!" Uncle Xu rushed over in a hurry. He was not surprised when he saw this. He had prepared plenty of emergency rescue kits in the tent outside of Chen Ge's Haunted House. "The stretcher is at the corner! Stop dragging him! Let him lie down naturally. Make some space, give him some air!"

The park doctor who stood ready quickly ran out to help Han Qiuming. "His physical condition is fine, and there are no obvious wounds. It was not because of physical trauma or sickness that he fainted." The more he inspected, the more curious the doctor became. "The reason of his fainting was probably because he was put under high pressure, continuously causing his brain to shut down. This is the human body's natural self-defense mechanism. He will wake up on his own in a while."

"Doctor Liu, will he end up with some kind of side effects?" Uncle Xu asked worriedly.

"It's hard to say. After all, cases like this aren't common." Doctor Liu peeled Han Qiuming's eyelids back; his pupils were not concentrated, his mouth was agape, and his body temperature was low. "Just what kind of experience did he go through to end up like this?"

When the other workers saw Han Qiuming, they were also scared. "Boss Chen, Mr. Han became like this when he was visiting your Haunted House. You have to give an explanation."

"Actually, I'm also quite curious myself. All of you went to visit the place together, so how come he's the only one who became like this?" Chen Ge shrugged. They moved to Guo Miao and Ye Xiaoxin. "Don't worry, our Haunted House is very experienced dealing with things like this, and there will definitely be a satisfactorily explanation."

"Very experienced?" The other workers followed Chen Ge dumbly. For some reason, this Boss Chen's words unsettled them. Ye Xiaoxin and Guo Miao each occupied the left and right side of the stairs, and they were still recovering.

"Boss Guo, Han Qiuming entered the Haunted House with the rest of you. You should be clearest about what happened to him." Chen Ge tossed the question to Guo Miao.

"I have no idea, we were separated." Guo Miao looked at the smile on Chen Ge's face, and his scalp went numb. He grumbled internally,

Why did he end up this way? Shouldn't you know?

"Then I'll change the question. In which corridor did you get separated, and what was he doing at the time?" Guo Miao did not understand the purpose of Chen Ge's question. Staring at the unconscious Han Qiuming, he did not know what to say. Han Qiuming had gloated proudly that he wanted to ruin Chen Ge's Haunted House, but in the end, he had disappeared two minutes after saying that.

That was the truth, but Guo Miao felt it was embarrassing enough. If he said that before their workers and fans, how was he going to survive in this business in the future? Compared to what Chen Ge did at Tian Teng Medical School, Guo Miao clutched his heart, feeling the pain originating from it.

"Mr. Han might be a Haunted House designer, but he is not that courageous; he was probably spooked by some prop." Guo Miao forced a smile to end this topic as soon as possible.

"Boss, isn't Mr. Han not afraid of anything, not even the curse of the dead?" The female worker called Ah Rui wanted to say something more but was warned off with a dead gaze by Guo Miao.

"We can talk about this when we return."

He pointed surreptitiously at the gathering fans, hoping that she would take the hint.

They helped each other up, and when they looked toward the resting tent, Han Qiuming was already being carried away by the doctor and park workers. The stretcher passed through the crowd, and the people parted to let him through. The man had fainted, so he did not know anything, but his fainted image with the white foam on his lips was forever seared in everyone's mind.

"My Haunted House's scenarios are delineated into different levels. The Third Sick Hall is a three-star scenario, currently my scariest. Most of you haven't fainted, so that's already very impressive." Chen Ge's voice was not loud, but it was loud enough to be heard by the nearby visitors. "Normally, if you experienced the scenarios one after another, you would be able to get used to the terror, and it would be a lot simpler."

The workers from Tian Teng Medical School had been used as teaching material, and this shamed their fans. Some of them had silently moved into the line, also wanting to experience Chen Ge's Haunted House.

"Some of the props are ruined, and I have half an hour to fix them. In the meantime, you can visit the Minghun scenario." Chen Ge returned to the Third Sick Hall to fix all the mannequins and replaced them in Mu Yang High School. "Stop running about! The doctors and patients can handle the other scenario just fine."

Chen Ge closed the door to Third Sick Hall. Based on how things were going, it would be some time before any of his visitors could challenge this scenario. He continued his work. During the lunch break, Ye Xiaoxin sought out Chen Ge to do an interview, saying that she wished to help Chen Ge promote the place. After answering a few simple questions, Chen Ge sent the girl away and prepared to work the afternoon shift. The Haunted House closed at 6:30 pm. After cleaning the bathroom, Chen Ge lay in the staff breakroom alone.

This is not a bad life, scaring people in the day and counting money, toying with cat at night.

Chen Ge called for a take-out. Before he could even dig in, a phone call pulled him back to reality. "Captain Yan? You're looking for me?"

"We've checked the surveillance around Hai Ming Apartments, and we didn't find anyone suspicious. I need you to tell me where you got this clue."

When the monster left Wang Shenglong, he had heard weird noises from the corridor. It sounded like someone was walking backwards. Chen Ge suspected at the time that it was due to the patient from Third Sick Hall and so he had called Captain Yan to report it.

He told Captain Yan everything honestly, and after a drawn-out silence, Captain Yan replied, "We have heard about this from one of the neighbors from another case. I hope that you will stay out of this from now on."


"I've also found something related to this ghost stories society." Captain Yan's tone became serious. "They're very dangerous, and they're related to many cases."

"What kind of cases?" Chen Ge was intrigued.

"Don't ask, I'll explain those that you can know, but for those you cannot know, you will not get me to say anything."

"I understand." Chen Ge did not mind. After all, he had plenty of secrets of his own.

"For the sake of your safety, I'll reveal some information to you. All the cases related to the society happen on Wednesday. This day seems to have some significance to them, but currently, we still don't understand why."

"Wednesday? Meaning I'll need to be careful on every Wednesday?" Chen Ge looked at his phone; it was a Tuesday.

"Take care of yourself."

Hanging up the phone, Chen Ge lost his appetite. He pulled out the flyer from his pocket. Instead of waiting, he preferred to be active in his pursuit.

"What is the purpose of this society?"

When he was thinking, his phone rang again. This time, it was from Inspector Lee.

"Chen Ge, come to Western Jiujiang's police station immediately! We found the killer who forced the girl from Western Jiujiang's Private Academy to commit suicide four years ago!"