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231 I Forgot I Have on Make-up

 The three were entangled with one another. This was the first time Chen Ge had happened across something like this in his Haunted House. "Call 911? There's no need. I'll help you myself."

Using his feet to place pressure on Song An's back, he pulled on Xiao Du's arm. "Brace yourself!"

He leaned back to pull Xiao Du out from the mess.

"Ow! Ow!"

After a long time, he finally managed to separate the three of them. Looking at the three who were collapsed on the floor with pale faces, he could not help but sigh. "The physical condition of my recent visitors sure has been weak."

Wearing the doctor's outfit, holding the hammer, Chen Ge got no response from his visitors. For them, this day was going to be forever sealed in their hearts, becoming a 'precious' memory that they would never forget.

"Can you still walk on your own? I'll lead you out." Chen Ge picked up the female mannequin's head and placed it beside her body. Then, he helped the few exit the director's office.

At the entrance of the Haunted House, the visitors were separated into two groups. One group consisted of the real visitors; they were seated at the resting tent, being busybodies. The other group consisted of Tian Teng Medical School's fans; they were anxious to see the result.

"Manager Xu, it has been almost forty minutes, why aren't they out yet?"

"We've received SOS calls! Manager, are you sure nothing will go wrong?"

Uncle Xu stood outside the Haunted House to sell tickets. Surrounding him were four young men and women. If Chen Ge was there, he would definitely have recognized them. These were the other workers from Tian Teng Medical School.

"This... I'm sure it'll be fine." Uncle Xu was covered with sweat. To be honest, he had no idea. The normal visitation time was twenty minutes, and once they went over that time, something bad was bound to happen.

"You've wiped your sweat at least ten times within two minutes. Boss, you're making us worried!" The man who shouted had the surname Lin. He was the dead body who had hidden under the baby crib. Without his make-up, he looked even paler in person.

"Don't worry." He might have said so, but Uncle Xu was more nervous than they were. When Fei Youliang came to visit last time, he had been delayed by eight minutes before he was let out, and he had been sent directly to the hospital. This time, the delay was twenty minutes! This was bad!

Uncle Xu did not dare think of the possible reasons. In fact, he had called the park's medical team ten minutes ago; stretchers were already ready at the resting tent.

"Let's wait a little longer. Perhaps they're having too much fun."

Another minute passed, and the curtain was finally pushed open. A sexy woman ran out of it. There was no color in her face, and her short hair was stuck to her face and her forehead. The moment she saw the light, she crumbled the ground. Her chest rose and fell violently like she had just finished a marathon.

"Someone is out!"

"It's Ye Xiaoxin!"

"Isn't she the country's most professional Haunted House reviewer? How did she end up in this state?"

"This proves that you cannot believe everything on the internet. After all, she wasn't a professional from Tian Teng Medical School, so it's understandable that she is this scared."

Seeing Ye Xiaoxin manage to run out of the Haunted House, Uncle Xu sighed in relief.

Thank God!

He opened the gate to go to help Ye Xiaoxin when the curtain was opened a second time.

Guo Miao looked so much older. He knocked into the wall before collapsing out of the entrance. There was no life in his eyes. Seeing Ye Xiaoxin on the left, he very instinctively collapsed to the right. Kneeling under the sun, he doubled over like he was about to vomit.


The other workers from Tian Teng Medical School all rushed forward. Looking at how distressed their boss was, the shock in their heart could not be described. The fans outside the Haunted House were speechless as well.

"It was only a Haunted House visit, right? How come it feels like he went on a roller-coaster?"

Not long after that, the thick curtain was pushed back again. Song An limped in front while Chen Ge followed behind him with the two other visitors. He did not remove his mask, so his appearance caused some in the crowd to scream. Even Uncle Xu was shocked by Chen Ge. He was a coward, so he had never entered Chen Ge's Haunted House before.

"Nothing serious, they're just spooked." Chen Ge dropped Xiao Du and Su Luoluo at the front door. He saw the other workers from Tian Teng Medical School. Before they interrogated him, Chen Ge said, "You're here in support of Tian Teng Medical School, right? Don't worry, in ten minutes, I can arrange for you to visit the Haunted House."

The words that they wanted to say were stuck in their throats.

"If there's nothing else, I'm going back. There's still one visitor I haven't found."

The workers from Tian Teng Medical School looked at one another. They were all in the same business, and they knew of the surprise accidents, but what exactly did he mean by that last sentence?

Entering the Haunted House again, Chen Ge pulled up the surveillance for the Third Sick Hall to look. Han Qiuming was struggling within the pool of mannequins before being dragged into one of the sickrooms.

Chen Ge returned to Third Sick Hall to find Han Qiuming. Pushing open the wooden door, he found Han Qiuming fainted on the floor. His glasses were hanging on his face, and around him were numerous mannequin parts.

"You guys even helped him find his glasses. Nice job, very polite."

Chen Ge placed his finger under Han Qiuming's nose. There was still breathing. He looked okay on the surface, but whether or not he would leave with an emotional scar that would make him scream in the middle of the night while hospitalized like that Fei Youliang, Chen Ge could not tell.

Holding Han Qiuming's arms, Chen Ge dragged him to the door. When he was moved, Han Qiuming slowly opened his eyes, regaining his consciousness. When he saw he was being dragged by a bloody doctor, he instinctively started to struggle. Chen Ge was not saving him but was pulling him somewhere to get butchered.

"Don't move, I'm here to help," Chen Ge told him kindly, but Han Qiuming's consciousness was fraying. He could not understand Chen Ge and kept mumbling, "Ghost... ghost..."

"What ghost? Are you hallucinating?" Chen Ge did not know what happened to Han Qiuming, but according to his design, even if they triggered all the traps, they should not end up in Han Qiuming's state.

"How are you a Haunted House designer if you're so easily scared?" Chen Ge released the man, and Han Qiuming pulled on the mattress on the floor and tried to crawl toward the corner.

"What are you so afraid of? I'm here to lead you out. I'm one of the workers here."

Han Qiuming refused to listen to Chen Ge. Out of options, Chen Ge grabbed Han Qiuming by his shoulders and removed his skin mask. "Look at me, I'm the Haunted House's boss."

Han Qiuming was forced to turn his head to look at Chen Ge. Underneath the skin mask was a face without life.

"Dead, dead, dead people..."

Looking at Han Qiuming who had fainted once more, Chen Ge touched his face and suddenly realized that he had applied the dead people's make-up before putting on the skin mask.