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230 Surprise!

 "Was it this room?" The few visitors entered Room 3, but the place was empty.

"Are you sure you're not mistaken?" Song An held Guo Miao to look around the room. There was no hiding place in sight.

"There was a face! He was wearing a doctor's outfit, and his face was sewn together. He shook and then disappeared back into the room." Su Luoluo was very sure of herself. Everyone else had their attention turned to Room 10, but she had been paying attention to things behind them.

"Never mind, stop looking," Guo Miao said weakly, his legs still weak. "Let's go out now."

"Impossible, I was staring at Room 3, and the face hasn't appeared again. He should still be inside this room." Su Luoluo grabbed Xiao Du's arm. "You were also in the corridor earlier; did you see anything?"

"Maybe, I'm not sure." Xiao Du's answer was too vague. The few of them stayed in the room for a while before retracing their steps and preparing to leave.

Leaving just like that?

Chen Ge exited the secret tunnel and followed behind the group of visitors.

So be it. Their fans are waiting for them outside; I'll save them some face.

He entered Room 10.

When the hidden mission was triggered, they were inside this room.

Everything in the room was normal; only a few footprints were left on the mattresses. Chen Ge walked over to inspect the footprints and noticed the small changes in the human face. He squatted down, reached into the face's mouth, and pulled out a flyer from within.

Looks like they found this.

Chen Ge pocketed the flyer and entered the toilet opposite from the electrotherapy room. He carried a female mannequin out from it. He put the faceless nurse's uniform on the mannequin, preparing one last surprise for this group of visitors.

Exiting Room 10, Chen Ge could hear some noise coming from the third corridor. He glanced in that direction and saw the person, but he did not expose her. After turning the corner, he leaned against the wall and waited quietly. Several seconds later, there were soft footsteps coming from the corridor. The person who was following him was very cautious.

The sound of footsteps was adjacent to the wall. In the darkened corridor, danger could come from anywhere. Only the sturdy wall could bring her the security she needed. The two parties got close, the corner blocking their sight of one another. The person was afraid that Chen Ge was still around, so she did not turn the corner instantly but committed to the same pose as Chen Ge-her back against the cracked wall, her legs tensed as she leaned her upper body forward. She bent over and silently moved her face toward the corner.

"Are you looking for me?"

The pair of eyes met, and Ye Xiaoxin's breathing stopped. Her heart was racing, and blood rushed to her eyes. Her ears were numb, and she could not hear anything!

Her body temperature was dropping, and her body shook involuntarily. Chen Ge looked down on the short-haired woman, and his sewn face was slightly twisted. Without a second word, he raised the hammer in his grasp!


The hammer connected on the wall that was two meters above the girl's head. The wall chipped, and the debris fell on her face; this made Ye Xiaoxin realize that she was not in a dream. Her composure was shattered, and blood drained from her face. She turned and dashed toward Room 3.

"Wait, don't run!" Chen Ge maintained his distance. He did not catch up to her, but he did not slow down. The hammer scratched the wall, creating a sound that chilled Ye Xiaoxin's heart. She did not dare turn back to look; there was only one thought in her mind-Run!

She dashed into Room 3's secret passageway, and Chen Ge followed closely behind her.

One ran, and one chased.

They passed through the tunnel in the blink of an eye and exited at the director's office.

In the corridor outside, the other visitors did not know what happened, but they could hear the weird noises coming from the surrounding sickrooms.

"Boss, I'm worried. It feels like something is coming." Song An held Guo Miao and kept turning his head about.

"There are so many of us. If something is really coming, we don't need to worry." Guo Miao tried to keep the morale high, but before he could finish, a disheveled woman burst out of the director's office. It was Ye Xiaoxin. She saw the group of people that she had stunned and yelled, "He's coming to get us! Run! Run for your lives!"

Her face was red from a lack of oxygen, a different person from the calm reviewer that walked in.

"He? Who is he?"

Ye Xiaoxin ran after she gave the warning. About one second after that, the half-open door to the director's director was cracked open by brute force!

The door slammed against the wall, and it shattered into pieces. The thing that came into the visitors' sights was a blood-stained hammer!

Chen Ge, in his bloodied outfit, exited the director's office. He was chasing after Ye Xiaoxin but came into Guo Miao's group instead. His body blocking the only exit, Chen Ge turned to look at the few visitors. "This is such a coincidence."

The emotionless eyes sent chills down the visitors' spines. Before Chen Ge could make his next move, Su Luoluo and Xiao Du at the back of the group screamed and ran back into the deeper part of Third Sick Hall.

"Hold your ground..." Guo Miao was about to say, but he reached out to grab air. Song An, who had been holding onto him, had abandoned him to rush after Su Luoluo and Xiao Du. He was already several meters away.

"It's wrong to abandon your friend no matter the situation." Chen Ge made the decision and ran past Guo Miao to chase after the escaping three. The smell of blood blasted past him, and Guo Miao slowly slid down the wall. He looked at Chen Ge's rushing figure and took in a deep breath before crawling toward the Haunted House's entrance. "The truth mustn't be suppressed. Someone has to escape this place alive..."

The deepest part of the fourth corridor was a dead-end, and this was also the place where Chen Ge had laid the most traps. This group of visitors had been scared before they even reached the fourth corridor. They did not really inspect the fourth corridor, so this meant that many scare points that Chen Ge had hidden were not activated.

Chen Ge chased after them, giving them tons of pressure. When the three reached the dead end, their minds collapsed.

"There's no way forward." Xiao Du punched on the wall covered with blood vessels, and the fear he was feeling could not be put into words.

"We're trapped." Song An's face was equally filled with despair.

Of the three of them, Su Luoluo was the calmest. "There should be a hidden passageway. Don't you remember? I said I saw a face inside Room 3, but we couldn't find anyone, so I suspect there's a secret passage there."

"Room 3?" The three looked at one another and decided to gamble. They ran toward Chen Ge, and when they were about to meet, the three snuck into Room 3.

"There's really a secret passage!" When Chen Ge was chasing after Ye Xiaoxin, he had forgotten to close the passage embedded into the wall, so the visitors discovered the hidden passageway easily.

"We're saved!" Before they could be relieved, Chen Ge appeared at the door. "Hey!"

"Run!" Su Luoluo was the first to crawl into the tunnel; Xiao Du and Song An followed closely behind her. The dark tunnel was large enough to allow one person to pass through at a time. Su Luoluo saw the exit that was approaching, and her heart was in her mouth. The escape was imminent!

She crawled faster, and when she was about one meter away from the exit, a face covered with bandages appeared on the other end of the tunnel!

She was wearing a bloodied nurse uniform, and Su Luoluo could hear a woman's giggle coming from the nurse. "What is this‽"

Su Luoluo felt like cursing. She forced herself to stop, but the momentum still sent her careening into the monster. The realistic head fell into her chest. The bandages loosened, and the curiously beautiful face was revealed. Then the scariest thing happened. Due to the physical trauma, the nurse's facial features fractured, and the face shattered before Su Luoluo!




She tried to crawl backwards while Xiao Du and Song An were mindlessly charging forward. The three rammed into one another, and the collision could be heard miles away. The three tripped, and due to the small space of the tunnel, they got entangled in one another and were unable to escape, lodged in the middle of the tunnel.

Seeing this, Chen Ge chuckled as he moved closer to them with the hammer. "Why are you doing this to yourselves?"