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209 Why Are You Here Again?

 After losing the grip on it, the white shadow retreated. Its speed was fast.

"Don't run!" This was such a perfect opportunity, so naturally, Chen Ge would not let it run away so easily. He raised the cleaver and chased after the white shadow. Without the woman's control, the white shadow's presence continued to weaken. Its face became blurrier, as did its body.

The monster felt threatened. It scurried to the black suitcase and grabbed something from within before dashing out the front door. Chen Ge did not have a good look of what it was, but since they were enemies, he knew he had to keep what the white shadow was attempting to take.

The cleaver managed to do some damage to the white shadow. With the decision made in his mind, Chen Ge shifted the target to the thing the white shadow tried to carry away with it. He saw the opportunity and made a slash. As the white shadow evaded, Chen Ge grabbed at the thing it was holding.

In their tussle, the thing was torn apart. Half of it fluttered to the floor. In its hurry to escape, the white shadow did not stay to grab it. Chen Ge chased it to the door. There was nothing in the darkened hallway. He thought about it logically. Without the Tape Ghost's aid, he might not be able to fight the white shadow if cornered.

Chen Ge thus gave up on the chase. Chen Ge closed the front door and turned on the lights of the living room. The scene that he saw made his eyes twitch. On the cold floor, the woman's limbs were twisted at a curious angle, and her eyes bulged outwards. She screamed violently, and her hairless face showed an expression that confused Chen Ge. It felt like pain, but it also felt like release and joy.

"Is it painful?" How to deal with the woman was the Tape Ghost's business. His mission was to find this woman to help the Tape Ghost complete his wish. He turned around to pick up the torn piece of paper that had fallen to the floor.

It looked like an advertisement flyer. The actual content was on the other half that was taken by the white shadow. Chen Ge's half only had three red words and a small slogan.

Ghost stories society? Sharing a real ghost story every week?

This half-torn flyer caught Chen Ge's attention not only because the white shadow insisted on bringing this thing with it but also because the background for the flyer was a half-opened blood red door!

It's about the world behind the door?

The flyer belonged to Patient No. 2, and she had been behind the door before.

Could it have been set up by the escaped mental patients? But what does it mean by one horror story every week?

Looking at the roughly made flyer and curious introduction, Chen Ge realized that even those flyers on the telephone poles advertising loans were more detailed than this.

The members have to tell actual ghost stories, so what would happen if they have no story to tell? Fake one? How will they know it's real or fake?

Chen Ge pocketed the flyer. If he told people the things that had happened to him recently, he would probably be able to scare plenty of people. Of course, the premise was people. If his audience consisted of ghosts, then it would be hard to tell who would be scaring who.

The screams in the room slowly stopped, and in their place was a robotic female voice repeating, "So painful..."

"The woman was forced inside the tape?" Chen Ge walked to the woman's side. Her gaze was dull and lifeless, like her soul had been sucked out of her body. Chen Ge had no clue what the Tape Ghost had done to the woman, and he did not care; this was between the Tape Ghost and the woman.

Placing the woman on the sofa, Chen Ge turned off the recorder. As he pressed on the power button, the black phone vibrated. A new message had arrived.

"Congratulations for completing Xu Yin's wish. His impression of you has improved greatly. Would you like to employ the Tape Ghost as a member of the Haunted House?"

The Affection Mission is completed just like that?

The Tape Ghost was more powerful than the Pen Spirit, so in comparison, the Tape Ghost's affection mission was more dangerous than the Pen Spirit's.

"Would you like to employ the Tape Ghost as a member of the Haunted House? No answer within twenty-four hours means that you have forfeited the choice."

"Yes!" Chen Ge clicked on the screen. Normal person would not even imagine how excited he was.

"Congratulations, Specter's Favored, you have hired a special-type baleful specter-Xu Yin.

"Xu Yin (Baleful Specter): He has a very unique voice (Can temporarily control lingering spirits and disturb other baleful specters. Unless on a Red Specter, useable once per week).

"Note: Xu Yin feeds on the visitor's frightful screams. The visitor's fear will improve Xu Yin's power, but if you keep Xu Yin isolated and depressed, he might decide to leave you."

Reading the information, Chen Ge was satisfied with Xu Yin. This was a special-type baleful specter similar to the Pen Spirit; they each had their own special power.

Not bad, for future Trial Missions, I have another trump card.

Removing the tape from the recorder, Chen Ge placed it next to the ballpoint pen.

The only downside is the Tape Ghost will only appear when the tape is played. Looks like I need to go to the flea market to find myself a portable recorder.

After doing everything, Chen Ge realized that there was another 'victim' lying inside the bathroom. He ran into the bathroom and realized that Gu Feiyu had completely fainted.

I bet this will scar the young man for life.

Chen Ge dragged Gu Feiyu out of the bathtub and used the uniform to cover his body. He hid his cleaver at the bottom of his backpack and sat in the living room, waiting for Inspector Lee to arrive.

Twenty minutes later, Inspector Lee came with the landowner. To contain the chaos, they did not make too much noise.

"Chen Ge!" As he stepped into the room, Inspector Lee saw Chen Ge, who sat in the middle of the room. "Are you injured? Where's the suspect?"

"Already tied up. The victim is the security guard; he's still unconscious."

Inspector Lee entered the room to inspect the crime scene. He frowned and asked Chen Ge, "The female one is the culprit, and the male is the victim?"


"Why are you here? What is your role?"

"I..." Chen Ge blurted out, "Actually it's quite a coincidence. There's a girl on the 14th floor who suffers from depression, and I was here to help her. I came tonight to check up on her condition; if you don't believe me, you can go up and ask her mother."

"Meaning you ran into this murder case completely on accident?"

"I suppose so." After he said that, Chen Ge realized the eyes of the few policemen who looked at him changed. "I'm not joking; it's all a coincidence."

"You don't need to explain, I believe you," Inspector Lee reassured.

"Ah Yong, call the ambulance. We need to get the victim to the hospital for treatment and examination. The rest of you, deal with the crime scene and collect the fingerprints, but don't touch the drinks on the table. Females are naturally physically weaker than males, so they normally depend on poison, so we have to carefully preserve the crime scene."

Inspector Lee was very experienced. With just a glance, he managed to predict part of the case. Chen Ge stood to the side quietly and did not say a word, holding the half-torn flyer in his hand.