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199 Fang Hwa Apartments

 "Even you can't find information on these few patients?" Chen Ge was shocked. "Can you tell me which three persons they are? Maybe I can provide you with more clues."

"You still remember stuff that happened four or five years ago?" Chen Ge had given Captain Yan many surprises. Since Chen Ge had helped greatly in the Ping An Apartment case, Captain Yan was willing to reveal some information to him. "These three patients were respectively patients of Room 7, 9, and 10 inside the Third Sick Hall."

Chen Ge memorized what Captain Yan said and compared it to the information provided by Doctor Gao. Patient No. 7 suffered from Cotard's Syndrome or the Walking Corpse Syndrome. He believed that he was already a dead man, telling the doctors that his organs had all decayed.

According to Doctor Gao's analysis, the patient had been confirmed dead, but that was what he had read from the hospital records. No one had seen his body, so this information could be fake.

Patient No. 9 was Wu Fei, the individual Men Nan's main persona warned him to be careful about. Patient No. 10 was the individual whom the doctors and patients dubbed the Devil. There was no information on this patient, but it was certainly related to the old director. After all, he had managed the entire center, and he was the one responsible for managing this information.

Alas, the old director had been torn apart by Zhang Ya already, and only his head remained behind the door. It would be hard to get information from him. Chen Ge's mind turned. After Xu Tong and the patient with the Phantom Limb Syndrome died, his mission completion rate had risen by 5 percent, and this pointed a way for Chen Ge.

Does this mean the capture or death of all the escaped patients will continue to increase the mission's completion rate?

There was indeed such a possibility. After all, the patients had received a new life from the door inside the Third Sick Hall. They had been branded by the Third Sick Hall, and technically, they were part of the Third Sick Hall.

Realizing that Chen Ge had remained silent for a while, Captain Yan continued. "We wanted to interview the doctors and nurses who once worked at the Third Sick Hall for information on these three patients, but we came across with something horrible."

"What is it?"

"The doctors who knew about these three patients have all died mysterious deaths, some from accidents, others suicide." Captain Yan paused as if gauging whether he should continue.

"Captain Yan, I promise to not leak anything you tell me."

"I'm not worried about that. I don't want to scare you." There was a shift in Captain Yan's tone. "The most unique case was a female doctor. She moved away from Jiujiang with her boyfriend, but she couldn't escape fate. None of the deaths seem connected to each other, and the murder locations were completely different. There wasn't a pattern to the occurrence of these deaths either, so the police didn't link them. But once the connection of the Third Sick Hall surfaced, we looked over the cases again, and new patterns emerged. Taking out the accidents, about ninety percent of the deaths were detailed murders!"

Captain Yan was trying to warn Chen Ge that his situation was very dangerous.

"This bunch of people sure is brave." After giving a dry laugh, Chen Ge headed for the exit. He wanted to leave this place and return to New Century Park as soon as possible.

"They are a bunch of crazies. Their way of thinking is different from normal, and they will stop at nothing. The scariest thing is they think what they're doing is not wrong, and that is most difficult to deal with." Captain Yan also had a hard time dealing with these people. "In any case, be careful. If you find out anything, remember to contact me."

"Okay." Before Captain Yan hung up, Chen Ge said, "Captain Yan, other than these three patients, you also have the information on the other patients, right? Can I take a look at them? After all, I'm the only one who has interacted with them before."

"I'm warning you, don't do anything stupid."

"You misunderstand me. I'm just curious. Since you already have the information on part of the patients, why don't you capture them now and then interrogate them for more information?" Chen Ge could not be too careful since this involved his life. "Is it because you're afraid of alerting the rest? Do you plan to capture them all at once?"

"If only things are that simple..." Captain Yan did not go into the details, but it sounded like they had come into some trouble. "The information is not supposed to be leaked to the public, but since you're one of the victims, I'll pick some of the files that you can see and send them to you."

After a few more words, Captain Yan hung up and sent the files to Chen Ge. Each patient had their assigned number, and all the information had been compiled into files. What Chen Ge was reading was the information that had been arranged by the police.

"Patient in Room 1, Wang Shenglong..." The first page was the information on Wang Shenglong. The information on him was the most detailed, including where he had been treated in the past few years, how many times he moved over the past five years, and the people he had interacted with. The police had everything on him.

The second page was on a woman. The woman looked perfect, practically flawless. However, there was an uneven feeling about her like she did not think the face belonged to her. Chen Ge had some memory of this second patient. Doctor Gao said that this woman suffered from Dorian Gray Syndrome. She was particularly afraid of aging, had undergone plenty of plastic surgeries, and relied on a large amount of make-up. According to the police's information, the woman had disappeared half a year ago, and the last place she was seen was at Fang Hwa Apartments.

When Chen Ge saw the name of the location, his heart shook. Everything was revolving around the same place, which could not be a coincidence. Chen Ge hurried down the corridor and passed all the scenes until he found the exit.

There was light at the end of the tunnel. Just when he was several meters away from the exit, he saw a group of six or seven huddled together moving forward slowly with a bitter expression on their faces.

"What are you guys doing?" Chen Ge walked toward them with the tape recorder.

"Wait!" the proprietor yelled at Chen Ge through the loudspeaker. "Are... are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be? Do you think I'm possessed or something?" Chen Ge walked past the proprietor and his workers with a shrug. "Your Haunted House is now safe, but let me remind you, the money earned on the back of ghosts could be cursed."

The light was rather blinding when he left the Haunted House. Seeing Chen Ge, the crowd's gazes all turned toward him. This was the first person who had entered a Haunted House but managed to scare all the 'ghosts' out. They were all visitors, but Chen Ge had managed to do something they could not.