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197 The Visitor Is Still Inside?

 Looks like Xu Zhenzhen is hiding inside the female body prop.

Staring at the prop that hung at the entrance, Chen Ge felt a chill inside his heart. Who would have thought this prop hanging by the door was hiding a real ghost? Every visitor entered the Haunted House under her watchful gaze, and some of the visitors had probably even touched her.

Now I have to answer another question. Why does the Tape Ghost want to find Xu Zhenzhen? Is there some kind of relationship between them, or was the Tape Ghost merely hungry and wanted to ingest another ghost?

Chen Ge had no clue whether Xu Zhenzhen was a baleful specter or a lingering spirit. He knew the woman had treated Tian Teng Medical School as her home, and it was because of her that Tian Teng Medical School had their current popularity.

"When Tian Teng Medical School was operating at Xing Hai, there were no accidents or injuries, so this Xu Zhenzhen is probably not hostile toward humans." Chen Ge had the mind to let Xu Zhenzhen be, but he did not have the power to control the Tape Ghost.

The male screams echoed around the hanging female body. The body kept shaking like she had felt the incoming threat. Several second later, the prop was twisted by an unknown force into a weird angle, and a leg was directly pulled off.

The Tape Ghost is trying to swallow Xu Zhenzhen?

Perhaps he had imagined it, but Chen Ge saw a painful expression on the mannequin's face, and when that expression appeared, the Tape Ghost's scream suddenly stopped.

The man has transferred his pain to another ghost? Or has something happened here?

While Chen Ge was confused, the other leg of the mannequin was yanked off.


The lines of visitors were chewing each other's ears. The proprietor looked at the flat lines on screen, and his face was dropping. The Haunted House did not have brilliant sound insulation, and there had been screams, but they were all female screams.

It was a male visitor who entered the Haunted House, but they were female screams that came out of it. This was also the first time the proprietor had come across something so curious.

"So close." He looked at the peak of the line that represented Chen Ge's heartrate. It had risen to 96 at its highest, so close to 100.

"Boss, how long will this activity of yours go on for? We've been waiting for almost thirty minutes already."

Some of the visitors started to complain.

"Please be patient. Give it another five minutes. I'm sure the guy will be out soon."

The proprietor did not have confidence in what he said and grumbled to himself, "There's a hidden plot for brave visitors. He's also the owner of a Haunted House, so he has to have discovered it. What's the holdup?"

Just as the proprietor was mulling over this, the sound of rushing footsteps came out from the entrance.

"He's coming out! Based on the rapid footsteps, it sounds like he is quite scared." The proprietor nodded in satisfaction upon hearing the footsteps. He looked at the screen again and consoled himself. "I knew that no one could maintain their heart rate below 100 when they visited a Haunted House. Something must be broken with the machine."

He took out the loudspeaker and turned to the crowd. "Our first visitor is coming out soon. We can compare how he was before he entered and how he is now, and then we'll ask for his thoughts."

Everyone's gaze was pulled toward the entrance. The footsteps came closer, and finally, there was a loud bang as the thick curtain and wooden door of the exit were pushed open.

"Someone's out!"

She was wearing a large patient's outfit, and her black hair stuck to her neck. Cold sweat ruined her make-up, and from afar, only her eyes that bulged from fear could be seen.

"Wait, isn't that a woman?" the visitor closest to the door questioned. "This transformation is too huge!"

"Ah Rui?" The proprietor forgot to turn off his loudspeaker and yelled out the female actor's name. The visitor had gone inside the Haunted House, but it was the actor who played a ghost that came out first?

Following behind the appearance of the female actor, there was another set of footsteps. This time, without the guidance from the proprietor, everyone's gaze was turned toward the exit. The curtain was pulled back, and a male actor covered with fake blood rushed out. He was running very fast like he was running for his life. The moment he exited the Haunted House, he collapsed to the floor.

"What's going on?"

"Is this another activity organized by the Haunted House?"

The proprietor did not even have the chance to get over his initial shock. "Why is there another?"

Looking inside the Haunted House, the darkened entrance had no light, so the people outside had no idea what happened inside. The proprietor walked down the stage and ran to the exit. He wanted to ask the two actors what was going on. However, before he reached his destination, the wooden door at the exit was slammed open again.

This was the loudest one yet. Three actors, two guys and one girl, spilled out at once. The three of them were wearing ghost make-up, but they looked very worse for wear. The smallest female actor had tears in her eyes, and half a broken hand and a model of a spleen were poking out from her uniform.

"What's going on?" The proprietor asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Boss Hu, there's a ghost inside! Really, Xu Zhenzhen has returned!" The only one still standing was the security ghost. He ran toward the boss with the walkie-talkie in his hand. "Listen to the sound. Both Brother Lin and Ah Rui have seen her. Even Xiao Ye has heard her; it's real!"

"That's not important." The proprietor pushed the walkie-talkie aside. He looked at his workers who were collapsed on the floor. "All of you are out here, but where is the visitor?"

"The visitor?" The security guard turned back to look, and he said uncertainly, "The visitor seems to still be in there?"

"Still inside‽" The proprietor felt like fainting. He had been in the business for almost a decade, and this was the first time that all of the actors had left the Haunted House while the visitor was still inside experiencing his tour.

"Wait! All of you are out here, but the visitor is in there alone. Is that because he thinks the real ghost is our actor‽"

"That should be it. Xiao Ye said that the visitor has been following the ghost."

The proprietor felt like fainting. What kind of monstrosity had he attracted this time‽

"Boss Hu, what should we do now? Call the cops?"

"Call the cops on our opening day? You want us to close down that quickly‽" The proprietor glared at the security guard. "Bring your stuff and come back with me! All of you, get up from the floor! We need to go look for the man!"

The few actors were forced to stand up. The proprietor in his smart suit, holding the loudspeaker, led the team of 'ghosts' carefully into the Haunted House.