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196 Swaying

 "If you have not done anything wrong, there is nothing to be afraid of. At the end of the day, you want to use Xu Zhenzhen to make money."

Chen Ge understood everything now. Originally, Tian Teng Medical School wanted to use a fake ghost to create an eerie atmosphere, but they had inadvertently summoned the real thing.

"Stop, don't come any closer!" the woman screamed, but it was immediately swallowed by the male screaming that continued to pour out of the recorder.


So painful! So painful!


The man's voice rang again, but this time, the three people in the room froze.

"Brother Lin, am I mistaken?" The woman's arm was shaking. "Has that voice escaped the recorder?"

The man was dumbfounded, too. He was sure that the scream earlier did not come from the recorder. The two actors looked behind Chen Ge with their bodies shaking, and this unsettled Chen Ge. "There's something behind me?"

He reached into his pocket to curl his fingers around the ballpoint pen, and the muscles in his legs tensed.

"Not behind you..." As they answered, the actors retreated to the corner of the corridor, maintaining a distance of three meters from Chen Ge.

"If it's not behind me, why are you all running?" Chen Ge squeezed the question through his teeth. These people sure knew how to abandon him when an accident happened. Whenever anything happened at his Haunted House, whether it was a real ghost or fake ghost, Chen Ge would be the one leading the way.


So painful, so painful...


Something even scarier happened, the source of the man's voice filled the room!

The sound seemed to be moving forward like there was a wounded man dragging his broken body forward.

After it disappeared for two seconds, the man's voice suddenly appeared before the woman!


Pain, so painful!


The woman's scream almost shattered Chen Ge's eardrums. She did not expect this to happen, and without turning around, she ran down the corridor before her.

"Ah Rui!" The man did not dare make any sudden movements. He leaned against the wall. When there were two of them, he had been afraid, and now he had been left alone. Chen Ge picked up the recorder, and the play button was still shining like a red eye ball. The tape was still rolling, but the man's voice had escaped into the corridor.

It has left the tape?

Based on his previous experience, Chen Ge managed to gauge this baleful specter's power. Lingering spirits and the lowest baleful specters could not leave the things that they possessed. For example, Xiaoxiao had never left the ragdoll. Stronger than Xiaoxiao was the mirror ghost and Pen Spirit. They could leave their possessed item occasionally but needed to return soon.

Above that would be the thin monster inside the Third Sick Hall. They spent most of their time squatting on living humans' shoulders, but they could survive even if they were not attached to a human.

The most powerful was naturally the Red Specters. They did not need to attach themselves to anything; they were technically the 'real' ghosts.

The thing inside the tape should be between Pen Spirit and the thin monster.

The man's horrible screams kept echoing everywhere. He seemed to have no purpose. He did not target the male actor, who was frozen at the wall, or the female actor, who had run down the corridor.

This ghost acted very curiously like he was looking for something.

All the screams talked about pain. What happened to him before he died?

After winning the weeping tape, Chen Ge wanted to hear what the baleful specter had to say; that was the easiest way to get to know the specter. Due to a lack of a useable recorder, Chen Ge had not had the chance to communicate with the tape ghost, and this was technically their first meeting.


So painful, so painful...

" The man's voice stopped inside the corridor before slowly moving toward the Haunted House's entrance.

Did he find something?

Chen Ge's eyes suddenly glowed. The tape ghost probably had found the real ghost hiding inside the Haunted House!

This thought flashed across Chen Ge's mind, and he picked up the recorder and ran out of the room. The actor also heard the sound leaving, so he pulled out his phone and yelled into the chatroom, "The ghost is heading your way! Run! Run out from the entrance!"

The few actors at the front few scenarios had not been so afraid in the beginning, but after hearing the man's urgent screams, they started to panic. They were all workers at the Haunted House, so there was no reason for the man to trick his own colleagues.

"Quick! Run! The thing is coming your way!"

After he shouted that into the phone, the man ran the other way from the baleful specter. In his hurry, he did not even have the time to see his colleague's reply.

"What is the point in screaming?" Chen Ge chased after the specter, maintaining a distance of two to three meters. When he passed the cart in front of the nursery, a small girl suddenly ran out of the room that carried the mountain of fake organs. She had just pushed the door opened when the baleful specter screamed, "

So painful!


The gut wrenching scream sounded at the door. The girl looked at the empty corridor before teetering several steps back. She tripped on one of the props and fell into the pile of fake organs. "Who's there? Come out!"

Her small voice was choked with tears. She held her phone and asked for help in the employee chat group, but there was no reply.


So painful! So painful!


The baleful specter's voice entered the room. The girl could only hear the screams but not see the person, and the make-up on her face was ruined from tears.

There was nothing around her. The girl shrunk deeper into the pile of mannequins. She piled the mannequins around her and planned to bury herself deep within the mountain. Chen Ge followed closely behind the specter. When he walked into the door and saw this, he was shocked by what the girl was doing.

Chen Ge yanked the girl out from the pile and said, "Inform your people to leave through the entrance."

Feeling the temperature from Chen Ge's palm, the girl recovered. She stumbled out of the room. The baleful specter did not give chase after the girl. It roamed the room before entering the autopsy room. Chen Ge was now confident that this ghost was looking for something.

There was the sound of gears turning coming from the corridor. The girl had informed the other actors, and they were all leaving. Chen Ge was probably the only living human left inside the Haunted House.

Let me see what you are exactly looking for...

Chen Ge held the ballpoint pen and the tape recorder as he followed the voice to the entrance of Tian Teng Medical School.

In the narrow corridor, a green light continued to flicker. It made the corridor look scarier than it was, and at the end of the corridor, a dried 'female body' swayed left and right.

"So painful..."

The baleful specter's scream stopped beside the female body. Chen Ge walked to mannequin as well. Looking at the mannequin that hung in the middle of the corridor, a twinge of fear curled around his heart.

When he entered the Haunted House and helped the man inside the box stand up, he had felt something touch the back of his head. When he turned around to look, he had discovered that it was the swaying 'female body'.