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187 Tian Teng Medical School

 After Xu Wan left, Chen Ge returned to the Haunted House alone. He still had many things to do. After fixing the Pen Spirit's pen, Chen Ge buried the chicken beside the Haunted House. Chen Ge had no clue what had killed the chicken. There were no wounds on its body, so he suspected that the killer came from behind the door. For the sake of security, Chen Ge did not leave the chicken's body anywhere else but chose to bring it back to the Haunted House to bury it.

After dealing with all the chores, Chen Ge entered the underground parking lot. The Third Sick Hall had been fully copied. Its size was double the size of Mu Yang High School, and it was placed opposite from the school. All the scenarios were joined together, and the paths crisscrossed. The shape of a Maze of Terror was already forming.

Chen Ge walked through the scenario, and after making sure that there was no danger, he installed a few of the cameras that were left from before at several key points before leaving the scenario.

Mu Yang High School came with two hidden missions, and the Third Sick Hall is a three-star scenario, so it should have more hidden missions. However, I've walked through the entire scenario, and there is nothing out of place. Looks like the trigger for these hidden missions isn't so easily found.

After returning to the staff breakroom, Chen Ge was about to lie down when he got the message from Inspector Lee. After thinking about it, Chen Ge gave Inspector Lee a call. "Uncle San Bao, I'm fine now. No need to worry."

"Well, at least you're optimistic." There were footsteps on the other end. Inspector Lee was walking to a secluded spot before he continued. "I've seen the footage from last night. When you saw the trapped victims, you should have called the police already."

"I understand. I'll more careful next time."

"There's still a next time?" Inspector Lee sighed. "So be it. I'm just trying to remind you to be careful. Also, two things to inform you. According to your statement, three individuals were involved in the trapping of the victims. All three of them are in the wind, so you have to be careful. They all suffer from mental illnesses and could do anything."

"Okay, I'll be careful."

"The second thing is related to Western Jiujiang's Private Academy." Inspector Lee sounded like he was flipping through some files. "I've inspected all the men who were related to the school starting from five years ago, and we've narrowed down the pool to 21 suspects. In less than a week, we'll be able to find the culprit who forced the girl to kill herself."

Zhang Ya was finally going to get her justice. Chen Ge exhaled deeply into the phone. "Inspector Lee, after you apprehend the killer, can I have five minutes alone with him?"

"We'll see about it later, but don't get your hopes up." Inspector Lee hung up, and Chen Ge looked at his phone, spacing out until he eventually fell asleep.


In the blood red room, Chen Ge sat in the bed. The blood vessels on his legs were surfacing. He looked around dumbly, and Men Nan's voice appeared beside him. "You don't have much time left."

He turned around and saw the boy standing the middle of the room. Red lines were coursing through his body.

"Men Nan?"

"You don't have much time left," the boy said expressionlessly. When he was about to repeat it the third time, the red lines went taut, and the boy's body shredded into pieces.


Chen Ge's eyes flew open, and he woke up from the nightmare, his forehead soaked with cold sweat. It was 3:40 am, and this coincided with the time he exited the 'door'.

Why would I have a dream like that? Did anything happen to Men Nan's main persona inside the door?

Chen Ge lost all interest in sleep. He took his phone, toolbox, and backpack and headed for the Third Sick Hall.

Chen Ge returned to this place at 5 am. The sun was coming up, but the buildings still looked quite creepy. Chen Ge jumped over the fence into the mental hospital. The police had broken down the locks to the Third Sick Hall, and Chen Ge headed for Room 3 immediately.

He pushed the door open, and everything looked the same as when he left it. His investigation came up with nothing. Chen Ge walked deeper into the sick hall as he contemplated. He retrieved the hammer and cleaver that he had hidden the night before and rushed to the director's office. Using the tools from his toolbox, he pried the four blood red nails from the corners of the dresser.

They look to be normal iron nails.

Chen Ge tore a piece off from the curtain, used it to wrap the nails, and placed it inside his backpack.

The day was starting. Knowing that he still had plenty of things to do, he exited the mental hospital, walked quite a distance, and eventually found a taxi. He returned to New Century Park.

After placing down his backpack, Chen Ge put up a sign for temporary closure and carried a bunch of stuff before hurrying to the city center.

"Sheng Yuan International Plaza's third floor." Chen Ge held the flyer in his hand as he waited for the elevator. There was a group of young men and women near him, and they were chit-chatting among themselves. They were very excited.

"I'm shocked that Tian Teng Medical School decided to come to Jiujiang! When they were stationed at Xing Hai last year, I was so ready to hop on a train to go visit them!"

"Sounds like you're exaggerating again. Su Su, I hear we also have a good Haunted House, and it's quite famous online."

"Don't buy into online rumors. The Haunted Houses we have only rely on cheap tricks; they're no competition for Tian Teng Medical School. You're not an aficionado like myself, so you wouldn't understand it."

The Su Su who spoke was a rather cute girl. She was about 1.6 meters tall, and her front was as flat as her back. Standing beside Su Su was a tall young man. He added shyly, "But aren't all Haunted Houses the same?"

"Most Haunted Houses are in it for the money, but Tian Teng Medical School is different; they're aiming for a real haunting experience. The two are leagues apart." The girl seemed to be a real Haunted House fan. "You won't understand it even if I explain it to you. Later, you just stick behind me."

The girl was quite interesting, and she had Chen Ge's interest. The elevator door opened, and all of them went up to the third floor. The elevator opened to reveal a hall that was filled with waiting visitors.

"Tian Teng Medical School is so famous?" Chen Ge had risked his life and energy doing all sort of promotion online, and he had barely gotten the popularity of his Haunted House up. In comparison, Tian Teng Medical School managed to attract so many visitors just from word of mouth alone. That was quite impressive.

"They are, of course, famous! They're the biggest moving Haunted House currently available on the market! They hired a professional Haunted House designer from Japan who had over ten years of experience. The make-up team and every set piece are custom-made." The girl called Su Su overheard Chen Ge and patiently explained to him, "Uncle, even though the price of admission is rather expensive, it is definitely worth your money! The scares utilize sound, light, electricity, and smell. It's the best Japanese-style Haunted House in the nation."

"Uncle?" Chen Ge's lips twitched slightly. The things he had seen yesterday were scary enough. After managing his expression, Chen Ge walked past the girl, mumbling, "I've not experienced a Japanese-style Haunted House before, but I wonder, compared to the Third Sick Hall, which is scarier?"